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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Who run the WORLD

Tue 2 Aug
Report written by Michael

The weather was very different tonight, but with it still being so muggy (good word) the little rain that we got was very much welcomed.

Tonight, the Women of Cardiff goodgym took to the streets to help out the 'Forget-Me-Not' group with their raised beds.

The beds are used by the group and the local community and the task at hand;

  • Raking of leaves,
  • Removing the weeds, and
  • Encouraging plants to shake their thang releasing SEEDS.

We all already know my feelings about the term weed, but he ho lets go........As the wonderful Björk said:

It's wet in the middle
With a shell around it
It's called "life"
It goes wherever it wants to
Don't try to predict it
Then you'd offend it
It's meant to surprise

Nature's Great

We worked hard, and it could clearly be seen at the end of our 30 minutes volunteering. A few of us also got the gift of forget-me-not plants to take home. Mine have already been planted and hopefully have survived the run home.

We will return to help again soon, the time of the buddleja is getting close - our annual cut back of what is now a skyscraper of a plant.

Watch This Space

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

How mushroom can we paint?

Tue 26 Jul
Report written by Michael

Another stunning evening, and we took to the roads but a little longer than usual to on a Samye task. We added some km for our journey to the mission, and the entire group made great time.

Upon arrival we made our way straight to the water to rehydrate before getting into our volunteer groups.

Tonight's tasks

  1. Paint the back room
  2. Weed the front area

We got ourselves into groups, three stayed outside to get some more weeding done and help to keep it looking tidy. Whilst, the rest of the group made their way to the painting task. The colour of choice - Mushroom, but three walls were going to be a little lighter and so we added some white paint for just that reason.

Tape was put up around the room, painting began high and low, floor wipers followed to keep the new laminate flooring looking good. The time soon flew by and it was time to pack our things away have one last tidy up.

A few snacks and a chat before we made out way (the quicker route) back to the meeting location. Another lovely Tuesday.

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Lydia signed up to a group run
Group run

It's the SamYE time - Let's get mindful

Tue 26 Jul 18:15 pm
Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
Painting the back flat

Let's get out and help our friends again.

  • 18:15 - 18:30 Meet up and chat
  • 18:30 - 19:00 Active travel to task (Walk, Run, Cycle)
  • 19:00 - 19:30 Volunteer Task funtimes
  • 19:30 - 20:00 Active travel back (Walk, Run, Cycle)
  • 20:00 - Optional Social

If you want to meet at the task please leave a note on the sign up page below, just so that I know and we aren't waiting for you at the start. All that we ask is that you don't drive!

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Nettle without a cause

Tue 12 Jul
Report written by Michael

A nice 13 of the goodgym crew turned up tonight, and the heat was not going to stop us.

It was just under 5km for total travel to the task and back, our mission to survive the heat and get the outside area for Cwtch together safe for the children to use again. The dreaded 'Stingies' had taken hold, so it was time to remove these problem plants for a while.

The wonderful Sarah, our task organiser, met us and showed us what needed to be completed. Ant 'stingies' that were around the area were to be removed as much as possible, the grass cut with the hover mower, edged, plus weeding the pathway and a final brush down of it all to clean away the cut mess.

We found a lot of wonderful features around as we made our way through the magical land of flora and fauna, including the great soil burrowing bee, some fantastic spiders and of course the sticky willy.

Thanks go to Su for introducing us to this pesky plant. You may also know it as cleavers, or as a weed - not a term that we like here. Weeds are nothing if not misunderstood plants, out of their correct surroundings, in fact, Cleavers can be a good addition to a wildlife garden, as it provides food for the caterpillars of many butterfly and moth species, including the impressive hummingbird hawk moth.

Our time exploring went by quickly, and it was soon time to head back to camp for a social and a proper catch up.

But before we go one last time for a quick photo as we......

Cwtch Together

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Report coming

Tue 28 Jun
Report written by Michael

Coming soon

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

No Rain, No Pain

Tue 17 May
Report written by Michael

We're back and we will not let the threat of rain stop us, 10 goodgymers met up raring to go out there and help another good cause. Tonight, our journey was to the wonderful YMCA shop on Colchester avenue, the tasks to sort donations ready for sale, make a display for the Sci-Fi books that was 'Out of this World' and hand and display the clothes all ready on the rails.

We met outside of Big Moose, introduced ourselves - welcomed back Amelia for a second group activity and BIG welcome to Dalma for the FIRST introduction to goodgym.

We hope you enjoyed the experience

We made our way on one of our longer runs to the second pick up point, chatting all the way about our weekends gone by, brutal work out classes and races we had taken part in. A quick stop at the second point before 'running up that hill', a great workout for the thighs and a great Kate Bush song to boot.

We were welcomed at the YMCA, not by the Village People but the Manager Liam. A quick thirst break to top up our hydration levels before splitting into groups and getting to volunteering. 30 minutes passed in no time at all (except for the 30 minutes) and clothes had been put on display, multiple bags had been sorted (those not for sale were being recycled, including the bag of many, many bras). And finally the display of Sci-Fi books was set up and glorious enough for our final group photo.

Time to say thanks and head off back to our start, a stretch or two - which turned into everyone showcasing their favourtie stretch until we had all tried them, and then a social in the local and chance to get each other some more. The conversation of choice tonight, what else - Eurovision.

Join us next week for our 5th Birthday Celebration Activity.

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

I've got hose, in different area codes.

Tue 10 May
Report written by Michael

Back to our friends at 'Forget me not' cafe who today had been planting some new displays as well as the usual get together. We met in split groups today, those wanting a bit more of a run at Bigmoose a lovely coffee shop on Frederick Street (visit it if you get the chance). Those wanting a shorter distance met at Penylan Library where we ran to pick them up and finally cyclists met us directly at the location.

As we arrived we were met with smiles and tasks ready, outside we needed to get watering everything that we could see. Inside the tables needed removing and putting away, chairs stacking, floors mopped, chairs put back out ready for the Church that allows it's use as a community space and finally vacuum the carpet. Just a few things then...

Ready, Set GO!

It was all hands on as we started, using chairs and tables as weights, then as soon as the floor was clear decisions, decisions.....who's mopping? Jamie took the lead, whilst everyone else had a quick break, but not for long. As soon as floor was free it was time to start putting the chairs back in order, they needed to be in rows and hoked together.

Outside there was some watering action going on, hose pipes and watering cans giving the freshly planted flowers a good drink of water.

Soon enough it was the last push as the vacuum cleaners got to work on the aisle carpets, the ever trusting Henry (Hetty also available) and the strangest sounding machine I think we had ever heard. Once done we had enough time for a bit of a chat and some wonderful treats before heading back.

It was a nice total 6km all in all

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

Chain Reaction

Tue 3 May
Report written by Michael

After a grey day there could be only one cure for the Bank Holiday blues.... A goodgym Tuesday Task.

Perfect for running and cylcing, keeping us cool, but not too cool for school.

Today's task, to clear the school house (the old caretaker house) of everything so that it could be sorted. The school were getting ready for a new curriculum so time for a good old spring clean.

But first, we met up as usual at Sport Wales National Centre, said our hellos

Croeso Amelia, welcome to goodgym

After introductions we got our legs moving and made our way through the park and streets up to St Monica's Primary School.

With teachers ready to sort, a skip ready for rubbish and a mighty fine playlist......

let's Do THIS

We made a human chain from the top of the stairs all of the way back to the playground and it began. Every hand and armful was like a memory of times gone by, there were books galore (my favourite was Owl Babies), a child's first tool kit (Jealous!) and a boxed skeleton (Of course) just to name a few.

Then came the furniture, the bookcases just kept on coming.....

Eventually the top rooms were empty, and most of the bottom rooms too. It was a great feeling of achievement, sweaty, active and a great workout. Some of us were leaving with more than we had arrived with, Ellen and her crate - proof we all had a Crate Time.

A quick group photo before heading back for some refreshments and a catch up.

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

That was MINT

Tue 26 Apr
Report written by Michael

7 goodgymers for a short distance today, Just the 3km total - but we will make up for that at the task.

We were heading back to the lovely Samye Foundation, the difference that you can see here since we first started our volunteering partnership back in June 2017 is amazing. You'd think we would have run out of tasks by now, but that's never the case.

Our list for the evening was ready by our water when we arrived.

  • Take the broken fire door from the back to the car - ready for the tip.
  • Remove all full black bags, also to the car.
  • Tidy up the leaves that have blown around out in the back space.
  • Take the cover of the gazebo.
  • Stack up the red chairs at the front.
  • Collect the large stones into the yellow bucket.
  • Remove the Mint and strawberry plants, place them in containers ready for re-potting.
  • Dig over the vegetable plot ready for planting.

No time to dilly-dally

We got to work and tackled the tasks as they came up, the hardest were most certainly the deceivingly heavy broken door, moving and getting into the car (although the crumbling did help), and the mat of mint roots that had taken over the veg patch. In a little extra time, we were done.

Time for some snacks and a chat and then our short distance back.

Join us next week for our return to SCHOOL - Sign Up HERE

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Lydia went on a group run
Group run

U Can't Cwtch This

Tue 19 Apr
Report written by Michael

With a bit of rain threatening to run today we were hopeful that it would stay away enough for the task to be a success. Not to be put off, we decided that rain or shine - you can't touch this!

8 goodgymers today split into three groups, we had ourselves a couple of cyclists, a couple of walkers (honestly we didn't just pick people off the street on the run), and finally 4 runners. Today was also a SPECIAL farewell run for Nicholas who was off to pastures new at the end of the week.

"Best of Luck Buddy"

Within no time at all we had arrived at the task, after chatting about our lovely bank holiday weekends and the adventures that we had over the days.

Our task tonight was to help out at the wonderful Cwtch Together, they had been hit by the great force of nature and needed some helpful volunteers to clear up. Cwtch Together is a disability play project held in the centre of Cardiff which promotes inclusive play and socialisation for disabled children and their families. It's therefore important that the ground outside is nice and can be used as much as possible.

Our Tasks

  • Clear the leaves (as much as possible)

  • Remove any stingy things

  • Weed in between the paving

  • Move the bags of slate over to the stepping stone area

"No time to natter, let's get busy"

Everyone was busy today, spreading out over the ground to do their work. Leaves were flying, 'some' people were getting carried away with the weeding devices.....and the brave few took to picking the nettles. How do you pick a nettle? Very carefully!

It was soon time to put the tools away, quickly show our lovely host for the day Sarah what we had done and plan a return trip soon. It was great to be back at Cwtch, it had been quite a while since we'd been here putting up the sheds.

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