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Run reports
Luis completed a training run • Lunch Run
Sat 12 Jun
Luis completed a ride • Night Ride
Mon 7 Jun
Luis completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 7 Jun
Luis completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 7 Jun
Luis completed a ride • Evening Ride
Mon 7 Jun
Luis went on a community mission
Community mission

A Very Satisfactree Mission 😌

Mon 7 Jun
Report written by Salwa Wardeh

Monday evening's community mission in Petersham Common was satisfying in more ways than one!

To begin with, what a treet it was to meet a few of the GGers on Richmond Green so we could run together to the task! (Just like the old days :) And what a glorious evening it was for a gentle trot along the river to help out our friends at Petersham Common Conservators.

When we arrived, slightly out of breath and with the unmistakable 'glow' (read:sweat) one gets from running uphill on a hot and sticky summer evening, we were greeted by task owner Kath who explained what needed to be done and provided all the necessary materials and tools.

After donning our gloves, we all got stuck into the task at hand, which was to plant as many sweet chestnut and crab apple trees as we could fit into a clearing halfway up the hill in the common, as well as making room for a tray-full of wildflower plugs that needed to find a home there too!

An hour later, we had slot-planted tens of trees and a similar number of wildflowers which will form a lush natural habitat to support the flora and fauna in the common. Can't wait to see the fruits of our labour!

And the satisfactree streek didn't end there! Being the first Monday of the month meant that we had a post-mission social to look forward to. So after returning the tools and bidding Kath a good night, some of us ran back to the Tap in Richmond for a refreshing beverage, while a couple of others made their way back home.

All in all, a good run and a great task with wonderful people - who could ask for more!

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Luis signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Planting AND MORE (see description) with Ken

Mon 7 Jun 19:00 pm
The Car park BEHIND Star and Garter , Richmond Hill , Richmond, TW10 6RR
Improve the ambience and biodiversity of wildlife in our community

It's been ages right!!

Since we helped Ken of Petersham Common Conservation team - Well we are back in touch and he is asking us to help brighten up our community with the planting of some wildflower plugs (I had to look these up as I never heard the term).

Basically ready to plant wildflowers, but that's not all Ken would like a hand with. He added to the list since we originally discuss so here's what could be on the menu ....

Red campion wildflower plug planting, tree branch pruning, bramble clearing on path verges and litter picking. If the rain continues then could be the need for some damn busters (clearing mud, sticks and leaves out of the drainage ditches to let the water flow down the hill.

Gloves of course will need to be on your things to bring list.

Meet point is just of the top of Richmond Hill, it will be access drive to Star and Garter so 30 to 50 metres down Star and Garter and on your right roughly.

Ken asked me to share a note there is no parking on the Star and Garter access drive meeting point. Parking options with postcodes are listed on CM photo listing. The car parking restrictions were introduced after these photos and if anyone wants to they can try their luck on a £180 ticket but you cannot park there! (Not that you drive anyway I don't think but the task owner thought to share)

Ken's colleague Kath will be there to greet you this evening and her number for the evening if we should need it is 07977457395

Have fun and be safe!

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Luis completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Thu 3 Jun
Luis completed a ride • Night Ride
Wed 2 Jun
Luis went on a community mission
Community mission

Litterpicking and weeding at Kew Bridge

Wed 2 Jun
Report written by Leticia Bessel

It was a busy one this week, with lots of Hounslow regulars plus plenty of GoodGymmers from other areas too - it was especially nice to meet those who have joined up recently. It was rather warm but most of us ran or cycled from home.

Between all of us we made quick work of picking and bagging litter from the banks of the Thames and removing weeds from the concrete area under the bridge. The feedback suggested we may have been a little brutal with how much weeding we did, but it certainly looked neater by the time we left!

Thanks all for helping to make the area cleaner and tidier.

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