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Fiona M went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

You’ve never had it so wood

Mon 15 Nov
Report written by Laura Williams

Moving some logs, spreading a little woodchip…

It sounded like the perfect start to the week. Twenty minutes in and there was only one question that needed asking: “How much do you think that weighs?”

How it started

10 of us met on the Meath Gardens basketball court for a variety of shuttle runs, single leg exercises, seated abs and core and some running drills, all set to “the worst playlist for a long time” according to Joel.

The team did good – as usual – not batting an eyelid as I threw in one more balance challenge (“It’s really good for your glutes”) allowing just seconds for stretching at the end.

Into the woodland…

And the team size slowly grew - by the time we gathered for our briefing and headed to part one of a three-part task, there were no fewer than 17 of us.

Our first job was to roll three huge logs into the woodland space, to create a seated, fenced-off area for park-users and TH residents. It was a vast effort, assisted by a new recruit and his excitable, engaged canine friend.

All three teams did good, particularly those manoeuvring the biggest trunk – no mean feat as they rolled this way and that to re-position it a zillion times before it reached its designated spot.

After a moment to take in this huge achievement, it was onwards to Part II: spreading woodchip over flower beds and gooseberry bushes. Again, the team busied themselves doing this at a great pace, finishing in no time, leaving a last couple of minutes to weed the tree cages.

We completed our session with a couple of stretches, a cheerio and the start of the plan for next week’s session.

Until then.

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

Spreading woodchip at Meath Gardens Week 1 + pre-task workout

Mon 15 Nov 18:30 pm
Meath Gardens , 1 Smart Street, London , E2 0SN
There's woodchip, there's weeding, there's woodland, there's working out...

Get ready for a great, big two-week task at Meath Gardens!

What's the story?

We're joining the Meath Gardens team for Week 1 of a quadruple gardening task this evening. We will be:

  • Spreading woodchip and leafmould across two flower beds.

  • Moving three big logs across the woodland.

  • Weeding in the tree cages.

Evening line-up

  • We will meet at the Meath Gardens basketball court at 6:30 for a pre-task workout.

  • Don't fancy the fitness? Meet us at the basketball court at 7pm for task only!

  • Belongings can be safely stored in the tool shed.

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Fiona M went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Girls night pout

Mon 8 Nov
Report written by Laura Williams

“So if you could just pose, like, smile, and freeze. That would be great.”

And that’s how it continued tonight, with our all-female crew on this Monday’s active leafleting task. Pic after pic, before, during and after.

And stairs were climbed, buzzers buzzed, workshops explained, cores worked...

Yes, we did lots.

How it happened

We met on the corner of Dellow Street before making our way around to the rather dark St George’s Gardens. This proved to be the perfect spot for this evening’s fitness session, with its winding paths, rubber surfaces and benches. Quite the fitness playground for the team as they motored through running drills (“high knees, high knees… Promise you won’t look like this”), bench Bulgarian split squats, numerous nasty v-sits and some more running drills.

After nearly 30 minutes of focused fitness and flexibility fun, we wandered to meet Bablu from Trapped in Zone One by the DLR.

The story behind the task

Bablu had asked us to help out distributing 500 leaflets for a couple of new creative workshops, taking place in Shadwell shortly, to help create a design for a big new community mural, acknowledging both the impact and effect of the pandemic on the Borough, as well as the efforts by the residents. The mural also celebrates 50 years of Bangladesh independence this year.

We divided into two teams to tackle dozens of flats and shops. We chatted to interested, helpful and enthusiastic business owners and residents, all keen to know more about the project and help distribute the leaflets.

The time flew by, and before we knew it we’d clocked 7000 steps and 13-plus floors, returning to the DLR meeting point leaflet-less. Re-sult.

Great evening, everyone. Well done for your determination, and your patience (for posing endlessly for Yours Truly).

Next week we're at Meath Gardens for the first time this Autumn, for a big gardening quadruple-bill, plus pre-task, basketball-court fitness!

Until then.

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

Monday Night Group Run: Leafleting and networking in Shadwell for new mural + full length fitness session

Mon 8 Nov 18:30 pm
Dellow Street Games Area, Shadwell, London, E1 0BW
Get the week off to a great start with this fitness + community double bill!

What's happening

We have been asked to put GoodGym fitness to fine use this evening in a leafleting task that promises to have us meeting the artists behind a new mural; chatting to residents and businesses around the Watney Market area, and in a fitness race against the clock, flyering 500 flats across four sites...

The leaflets will be promoting creative workshops that will be coming up with the design for a new community mural celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh independence this year.

We'll be meeting at 6:30pm for a pre-task workout in the Dellow Street Games Area for those who want a fitness double bill.

What you need to know

  • We'll be meeting Area Activator Laura at 6:30pm in the Dellow Street Games Area, E1 0BW, for those who want to start with the fitness session.

  • We'll be meeting task owner Bablu at Shadwell DLR at 7pm, for those who wish to join for task only.

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Fiona M went on a party
Tower Hamlets

The mother of all socials

Thu 4 Nov
Report written by John Shirley

Pictures from last nights four-hour session at Mother Kelly's.

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Fiona M went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

The Count.... 1 ah, ah, ah.... 2 ah, ah, ah

Wed 27 Oct
Report written by Joel Waugh

A good gym staple task helping out at Bethnal Green Food Bank.

We met with GG legend John who was still on task from the earlier shift, before heading off to ANOTHER GG task.

John introduced Fiona and myself to the task owners Andy and Sue who tasked us with moving some donations to the supply rooms before starting a stock take in the store room. We must have counted and recorded a few thousand items each before our brains fried and it was time to clear up and head off, with some of the regular volunteers heading to The Approach pub opposite for some well earned refreshments.

Post report note; Apologies and shout outs to Kim and Thor who I didn't realise were Good Gymers. Was obviously too busy counting.

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Fiona M went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Weed You Tonight

Mon 25 Oct
Report written by Laura Williams

Next Hour: No precipitation

Dark Sky usually meets the expectations of an app that enjoys 32,095 decent App Store reviews, but this evening however... 🤷‍♀️

But we didn't need to worry. Because despite dry, warm conditions being rapidly replaced by a cooler temperature and rain, no fewer than 10 runners appeared on Middleton Green's basketball court to whizz through 30 minutes of mini band exercises.

It's all about the mini band

"It's great, it's the stuff I always mean to do but don't get around to," enthused the team. Such was the positive response, despite spending 30 drizzly minutes crab-walking, clam-ing, waist-crunching, single name it.

And so we left our workout to head around to Rocky Gardens for tonight's gardening catch-up with Margaret. Lots to do, lots of us to do it...Re-sult.

Weeding, raking, scraping, un-potting...

Teams were divided into two: six to dig up spider plants (Ois renamed them snake plants for the night, which we quite liked) while six headed to the vegetable bed borders for some much needed weeding. In between crevices they scraped and scraped, reminding us all to book a visit to the hygienist.

Lots was done, lots was discussed: running, running injuries, cinema must-sees, dinner plans, store cupboard leftovers...We covered a lot.

In fact, we were quite incredulous when Margaret instructed us a few minutes before 8 to start packing away. Snacks were devoured (the group were clearly divided into Team Swizzels vs Team Fibre, so it was a relief there was something for everyone), pics were taken, Air Drop navigated (Ois, you're the best), cheerios said. And the best bit? More basketball workouts next week, before we head back to the pond....

A lovely night for everyone - well done, yet again.

Until next time.

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Bethnal Green Foodbank: Our Wednesday EVENING session

Wed 27 Oct 17:30 pm
Raines Foundation School, Approach Road, London, E2 9LY
Come and join what's proving to be a popular GG midweek session!


The foodbank have really appreciated GoodGymers lending a hand over the past few weeks, and they remain in need of a few pairs of GoodGym hands during October too... This is a really friendly, well organised activity, well attended by GoodGymers, so a perfect activity for a bit of midweek socialising!

You can read last week's report here.

What you will be doing

The fantastic Foodbank team could really do with a hand stock-taking, packing bags, clearing... this evening.

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

GROUP RUN: Big Gardening Catch-Up at Rocky Gardens + resistance band workout

Mon 25 Oct 18:30 pm
Rocky Park (Hollybush Estate), Stockton House, Ellsworth Street, London, E2 0AY
We're weeding and potting plants after a resistance band extravaganza...

What we'll be doing

  • We'll be meeting at Middleton Green for a 30-minute resistance band workout before a gardening catch-up in Rocky Gardens.

  • If you'd like to meet at the task, we'll be meeting Margaret at Rocky Gardens, near Stockton House E2 0AY from 7pm.

Please note: the address on the listing is for the task only. Neighbouring Middleton Green is where you need to come for the 6:30pm workout.

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