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Training session

Group Walk - Headington to CS Lewis Nature Reserve

Sun 9 Jan 10:45 am
outside costa coffee, 116-120 London Road, Headington, Oxford , OX3 9AX
Sunday leg stretch

Meeting at the Headington Road shops, this route will take us towards Shotover through the CS Lewis Nature Reserve.

It will be muddy so appropriate footwear is recommended!

The route is about 9.5km, bring some sandwiches for a lunch break at the top of Shotover Park. The route should take about 2.5 - 3 hours including lunch.

Meet: outside the costa coffee at the Headington road shops crossroads. There should be some bike racks at the Waitrose nearby.

Time: meet at 10:45 to set off by 11:00.

View the route:

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Amy Woolloff went on a training session
Training session

New Year's walk to happy valley

Sat 1 Jan
Report written by Rachael H

Much mud as promised! A great walk to see in the new year.

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Amy Woolloff signed up to a training session
Training session

New Year's Day Happy Valley walk

Sat 1 Jan 10:45 am
The White House by Tap Social, 38 Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4PD
Stride into 2022!

A loop of Happy Valley to walk in the new year!

Meet at the White House Tap Social pub at 10:45am.

There are bike rakes at the pub. The route is about 9km. Reckon it will be about 2.5 hours. It will be muddy so wear suitable footwear. Can round off the walk with a pint or a squash at the pub afterwards. 🍻

View the route: White House Happy Valley loop 9km

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Amy Woolloff has done a 12 month mission streak. Wed 8 Dec 2021

Wow, Amy has completed a 12 month mission streak. That means they've cleared gardens, moved furniture and changed light bulbs in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Show your support and give them a massive cheer!

Amy Woolloff went on a community mission
Community mission

That’s a wrap!

Wed 8 Dec
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Does it get any more festive than breaking out the wrapping paper and spending and evening surrounded by Christmas presents?!

Last night we had 2 tasks to complete - constructing and wrapping the boxes needed by Shoebox Project for their Christmas gift packs, and making a start on Operation Christmas Gift for Oxford Mutual Aid. Fortunately we were able to take over the Richard Benson Hall where the food bank is based and do both tasks there - saving us from a logistical nightmare!

On arrival we got stuck into (literally in some cases) the flat-pack boxes for the Shoebox Project. They were easy enough to construct, but quite tricky to find the best way to cover them in wrapping paper! Still, a bit of puzzling and perseverance paid off and everyone seemed to find a good method in the end, getting all 20 boxes covered in Christmas paper, and a few even decorated with festive bows and ribbons too.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the hall we tackled the mountain of Christmas gift donations. First we hauled the crates out and worked out what was actually in them, categorising by recipient age. Then we started picking out the gifts for households on the Monday food parcel delivery routes; wrapping them, labelling them up and putting them into crates ready to be added to food parcels in the week leading up to Christmas. We were the trial run for the system, so there was a bit to figure out, but once we'd got the hang of where everything was we got into the swing of it very efficiently.

As people finished their Shoe boxes we redeployed them over to gift corner to unpack and categorise the pile of incoming gift donations which hadn't yet been opened or sorted.

We definitely left the task feeling festive, but I must remember to bring Christmas TUNES for next week!

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Community mission

Shoebox Project

Wed 8 Dec 18:00 pm
Richard Benson Hall, 276 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1UR
Christmas gift packing

Project Shoebox has been one of our favourite festive tasks over the last couple of years.

Volunteers collect toiletries, self-care items, fluffy socks, confectionary etc to pack as gift boxes for individuals and families who are in Oxfordshire domestic abuse refuges, homeless shelters, or who are refugees/asylum seekers. The aim is to offer a bit of kindness in a tough time.

Packing a box is like a very festive game of Tetris - if it rattles you can fit more in!

Please note: the hall where this task has been held in previous years is unlikely to be able to host this year, so venue is TBC. Will confirm asap. Please wear a mask.


Shoebox Project have been struggling to find a location to pack their parcels this year. I got a few offers from places we work with (Ark-T and East Oxford Community Centre) which I have passed on to the ShoeBox Project organiser, but so far (Monday afternoon) I have no word on whether they’re sorted for a location this Wednesday. I don’t want to keep you hanging on for news for too long, so my plan is that we will base ourselves at Richard Benson Hall (the Oxford Mutual Aid food bank). If Shoebox Project are able to get items over to us there we will pack for them. Otherwise we will unpack Christmas gift donations and sort them for OMA and do a few other tasks around the food bank.

There's only space for a few people on this task, but there is a fitness session on the Roger Bannister track too this evening if you miss out on this task.

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Amy Woolloff went on a group run
Group run


Wed 1 Dec
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Tonight's GoodGym task was "Pick own Adventure" style.

The Rules:
* Teams must be back at base by 7:30pm or points are docked.
* Teams must get at least 3 items from each list.
* Finds must be photographed as proof.
* You can go anywhere within the ring road as long as you’re back by 7:30pm.

The items to hunt down:
Crisp packet
Cigarette butt
Coffee cup (will allow just lid)
Energy drink can
Fast food wrapper
Face mask
Glass bottle
Alcohol container
Plastic bag (dog poo bag permitted)
Piece of clothing – 5 BONUS points for pants

Selfie at a GoodGym Task Location (a point for each one)
Number 48 (we were the 48th GG area)
A pictorial representation of GoodGym – get creative!
Christmas Decorations
Gold Letter box
Blue Plaque

Strategic thinking was all the rage tonight, with tactical approaches from 'run fast around lots of task locations' to 'focus on the litter', with most opting for 'just try & find ALL the things'. An impressive amount of litter was collected, many miles walked and run, numerous GG task locations and Oxford landmarks visited, and so many photos submitted as evidence that there were too many to upload to the report. I especially enjoyed the creativity shown in the 'pictorial depiction of GoodGym' - gold champagne bottles, the logo spelt out in leaves, bodies twisted into logo shapes.

Bragging rights to Samantha, Sarah, Bryony, and Dan who took the win with 25 points and a Full House of litter items and wild cards, and were also first back to base. Very efficient scavenging!

Kudos to 2nd place team Matt, Sarah, and Bethan, who made it to the most GoodGym task locations -12! - and to the 3rd place team lead by Holly who also got a Full House.

Prizes were awarded by the Lord Mayor of Oxford, although apparently he'll only make a speech if you give him advance warning.

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Amy Woolloff signed up to a group run
Group run

Scavenger Hunt

Wed 1 Dec 18:15 pm
East Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes St, Oxford, OX4 1DD
Introducing some healthy competition

On this week’s Group Run we’re introducing some healthy competition to our Good Deeds.

We’ll split you into teams at our meeting point at East Oxford Community Centre, give you the scavenger hunt challenge, and allow you an hour to complete as much as you can. You can run, walk, or cycle. May the best strategists win!

You will need a camera/smartphone per team. Gloves are advised. Everything else will be provided.

We will be allowed use of the Lounge at EOCC, which is on the right as you enter. We also have both somewhere to leave bags and access to the toilets this week.

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