Group run

The Tuesday of the fantastic 12 Goodgymers!

12 GoodGymers made their way 0.3km to help the Phoenix Cinema in Barnet.

  • John Shirley
  • Jacqueline Shirley
  • Beattie
  • Rachel Melinek
  • Jacqui
  • Paul Salman
  • Simone
  • Cloud
  • Barnet runner
  • Moya Malekin
  • Antonio
  • Jyothsna Sastry
Tuesday, 23rd of May 2023
Led by Cloud

What a turn up we had this Tuesday in Barnet with dedicated GoodGymers coming from afar to witness and take part in the greatest Litter Picker army brigade we've had this year (so far!).

Thanks John and Jacqueline for coming out of your GG boroughs to spread the joy you get from the multiple missions you're completing in your area. - We aspire to catch up with your collective +900 GG deeds soon! :)

We've had no Leaflets to distribute for The Phoenix cinema so we decided on a group run around Cherry Tree Wood and some litter picking in the same area.

Litter did we know though that Moya would WOW us with an energetic warm up and short training session which was recorded as part of her UK Athletics Run Leader training. - She is stepping up quickly within the GG ladder so we can keep on growing GG Barnet....THANK YOU! As in all productions (or so they say) directors deserve a mention, and clearly Antonio deserves one for the best training session filmed with amazing angles and perfect lighting throughout... GREAT CONTRIBUTION!

Strong running on the pitch yesterday: Beattie, Jyothsna, Rachel, Niki. Watch this space as they are getting ready for the next Barnet Track Attack and you will want to be part of it, too!

Everyone was on top form (and behaviour!) but a special mention to Simone and Jacqui who couldn't look any happier while little picking (scroll down to see their picture!)

Probably jealous that Moya was taking the limelight, Paul didn't doubt for a moment to offer to lead a 10 minutes yoga session at the end of the evening. Aren't we lucky in Barnet ??? Picture this: 12 GGers wearing our red t-shirt taking the center stage in the middle of Cherry Tree Wood oblivious of all onlookers, focusing on their breathing and their best down dog pose as the sun was coming down. Yeah, you got it, a powerful MOB campaign to recruit more GGers! We had a handful of people approaching us during the evening asking what was all that about! To what we happily answered: Woah-oh, the hokey cokey!! ...Clearly, our yoga skills need fine tunning so watch out for Paul online yoga sessions and he will make sure to take you from a Hokey Cokey to proper Yoga progamme in no time!.

Well done everyone, you make a difference every time you come out! To our community, to those around you and to your own wellbeing! Keep it up!

Report written by Cloud

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John Shirley
John Shirley
Thursday May 25th, 2023 18:22

Great pictures and report (except for the USA spelling of "center")

John Shirley
John Shirley
Thursday May 25th, 2023 18:24

Lady with the glasses, sadly I can't remember her name, hope she claims her good deed

Paul Salman
Paul Salman
Thursday May 25th, 2023 18:34

Great report!

Sunday May 28th, 2023 12:50

Fab report! Thanks for the great write-up Cloud!

Monday May 29th, 2023 17:52

What a fun session, especially was a stunning sunny eve. Great write up as always Cloud. Thanks everyone x

Monday May 29th, 2023 17:55

And for the fun workout Moira!

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Led by Cloud

UK Athletics LiRF qualified Run Leader | Life Coach | Wanna-be-athlete 😂

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