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Pride and non-prejudice

21 runners ran 6.0km to help their local community in Cardiff.

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  • Benjamin Annear
  • Cardiff runner
  • Fiona Guy
  • Su Fernandez
  • Lowri Davies
  • Stuart Barrow
  • Martin Graff
  • Cardiff runner
  • Susan Smith
  • Emma Hughes-McEwan
  • David McCullough
  • Andrew Skelton
  • Peter Gillibrand
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  • Mike
  • Sophie Hastings
  • Llion Wigley
  • Emily Brown
  • Robbie Bowman
Tuesday, 20th of August 2019
Led by Benjamin Annear

This week, we pridely present to you the run report from our GoodGym run that happened in Cardiff! - The text that is in red has links to some songs that will get you in the mood for pride

It's Pride week in Cardiff this week - cue to jump in the air with excitement. The pride festivities are always incredibly fun, so positive and action packed full of events. From a parade that goes through the centre of town to a stage with music going on throughout the day, at Pride there is something for everyone! Are you coming out for it? Cue first song to get you in the mood for Pride!

How did we make ourselves feel pride?

Here is a short summary of how some of the runners made themselves feel pride...

  • Lowri brought along rainbow face paint so that we could all look ravishing with the pride colours on our faces, legs and arms
  • Emma D-B brought glitter so that we could make ourselves sparkle
  • Llion brought along a pride flag that he wore as cape which had the words 'Peace' written on it
  • Pete also brought along a pride flag
  • Mike wore the most amazing rainbow coloured shorts
  • Lucy wore an orange tutu
  • Emily had a bright orange tee and wore face paint

We also welcomed Robbie to the evening's run! Robbie was a fantastic sport and volunteered to wear Pride cat ears - Robbie they looked majestic on you! We hope you come running with us again - Robbie is going to be our task organiser for the run on the 3rd September. Click here for a glimpse of what he has in store for us.

Can you spot us in this video btw from last year's parade? (we are within the first 5-10 seconds!

Run to the bay

We jogged to the entrance of Queens Arcade so that we could have a photo with the Pride letters which are by St. Davids 2.

After having some fabulous photos we did some fabulous running! Ben led the speedy running group to the bay. Mikey followed close behind leading the sexy runners and Welsh Dave led the power walkers!

Andrew met us at Cardiff Bay as he is currently suffering with some niggles and he doesn't want to make it worse and be out for the cross country season! Stuart also joined us at Cardiff Bay too.

The speedy runners made it to the bay first. So, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity for more fitness, Llion, Ben and Lewis all did laps of the Pierhead building, stopping to do squats, star jumps, burpees and step ups after each lap.

Hello GoodGym! It's so lovely to see you all again

Gian greeted us with the warmest of welcomes. He told us when the first Pride march happened in Cardiff and what Pride stood for. He loved our enthusiasm so much that his smile went from ear to ear.

Gian then distributed the flyers to everyone and Ben started the clock. Runners had 23 minutes to distribute 1000's of flyers. In short, the mission was for EVERYONE in Cardiff Bay to know about the pride festivities.

Lucy and Mike ran all the way to the aqua park and back distributing flyers. Sue and Robbie teamed up to flyer together and everyone else disappeared in different directions to spread the word.

Another epic moment was, when there were only seconds to go, Martin sprinted back to the meeting point with his Pride cape flying behind him.

We are all promoted out!

After 25 minutes of promoting pride we were done! Only a handful of leaflets remained that we had earmarked for the Glassworks pub.

We ran back as two groups. Welsh Dave led the walking group and Ben everyone who wanted to run back. Those running back were made to do sprints at every other traffic light on Lloyd George Avenue - Oh Ben does make them work hard for their good deed doesn't he!?!

It's important to remember we are superstars, and that we are who we are!

There is only one question left... Do you believe in life after love?

Thank you for joining in the run. Our GoodGym club is and will always be a place where members of the LGB&T community can feel safe, welcome and free from discrimination. We stand united.

The Tweet Off!

Well done Emma. I can imagine you doing the 'flossing dance' as a celebratory dance for winning the tweet off this week. Martin, not having won the tweet off for some time now, was quite sad that he hasn't had much success recently. Sophie is considering getting a new phone or complaining to her network provider because everything she tries just isn't working.

  • LM 9
  • MO 4
  • DRN 4
  • EW 4
  • MG 3
  • NS 2
  • MJ 2
  • BA 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1

Report written by Benjamin Annear

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Martin Graff
Martin Graff
Wednesday August 21st, 2019 11:37

Great run, great report, disappointed at Tweet off! :)

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Led by

Benjamin Annear

Benjamin Annear
Hello, i'm Ben! I'm the trainer of GoodGym Cardiff! Please get in touch with any questions and click support to follow updates.

Runners helping out

  • Walk Leader

    Lead a walking group to the task

    • David McCullough
  • Back markers

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Emma Hughes-McEwan
    • Su Fernandez

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