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CSI Haringey

10 runners ran to help the Haringey Play Association in Haringey.

  • Sam Chapman
  • Sarah Moore
  • Euclides Montes
  • Haringey runner
  • Catherine Brewis
  • Niamh Ni Longain
  • Nurjehan
  • Neil
  • Charlie Linton
  • Haringey runner
Wednesday, 9th of June 2021
Led by Euclides Montes

10 Goodgymmers excelled in the line of duty last night as they offered a hand at the Haringey Play Association.

Can I get a Woop Woop?

Make. Some. NOISE. for our very own Super Sarah who like a wise ant has been quietly and sensibly squirrelling away good deeds and now has reached a whopping 300 deeds. Boom!

Also, Big Love to our Special K who was benched this week through injury

Bent Coppers

It had been a normal evening at GGH HQ when we got the call but we knew straight away this would be one of our more challenging cases to date. 

Our team of detectives arrived at the scene and immediately our suspicions were piqued when we spotted a bunch of men in red, armed with spades. 

"We're just filling up the playpen with bark, guv," they pleaded. "To make sure the kiddies are safe if they fall off the monkey bars." In the horizon, Cathy seemed to be pulling the strings in this operation with her rake.

Captain Niamh wasn't having any of it and went undercover straight away by ingeniously posing as a... erm... captain. Genius. 

Forensic Khan and her team combed the fields at the HPA and concentrated their energies and brushes on transforming the nest where a new bridge is being installed this week. It was unclear whether foul play was responsible for the previous fallen bridge but suspicion was afoot as soon as a very shifty Geraldine started using her power tools in the vicinity of the fallen bridge.

In the end, after an hour of hard grafting, our Goodgymmers ended their game of cops and robbers with a high speed chase down the very steep slide. It really was ace.


Report written by Euclides Montes

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Thursday June 10th, 2021 14:47

Ingenius! Detective Superintendent E. misses nothing. Where there's a Good Gym trail, he can pen his craft. Amazing photos. Congratualtions Sarah #300.

Haringey runner
Haringey runner
Thursday June 10th, 2021 16:37

We need to return but we need to borrow children first

Friday June 11th, 2021 11:26

I have 1450 kids you can take.

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