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BBQ @ Gramps'
🗓Saturday 29th June 3:00pm

📍39 Thorold Road N22 8YE

Is chicken ok for vegans? 😉

NurjehanJohn ShirleyLatoya StephensDave Mansfield
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Wed 19th Jun at 6:00pm

Insider Traid-ing

Haringey Report written by Sam Chapman

On a sunny Wednesday evening, five of GoodGym's top-notch garment gurus swooped in to assist Traid with their epic stock changeover. We couldn't help but wonder why pulling clothes off hangers and chucking them into huge boxes was way more enjoyable than the reverse process. This revelation probably explains the chaotic state of some GoodGymers' wardrobes! With our illustrious leader out of action (get well soon, Euclides :)), Julie stepped in to showcase the finest finds from the racks, some of which were more racy than race-y. The sheer volume of stock to be sorted meant we worked hard to wrap things up within the designated hour. However, not wanting to leave a task unfinished (my personal nightmare!), we powered through and wrapped up 10 minutes late. Apologies to Nurjerhan, our Official GoodGym Timekeeper!

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Harvey Gallagher
Euclides Montes
Nurjehan signed up to a group run.

Wed 19th Jun at 6:00pm

Nurjehan went on a group run

Wed 12th Jun at 6:45pm

Closing The Loop

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

8 Goodgymmers pushed the envelope as they implemented a paradigm (and compost) shift at the Harmony Gardens for an evening of blue sky thinking and wheelbarrowing.

Deliverable Goals and Low Hanging Fruit

Mike from the Friends of Harmony Gardens reached out to Mr Corporate Goodgym Gramps with an eleverator pitch for a game changer of a session, helping to transport a mountain of compost to the kid's garden at the site to rehabilitate an elliptical path for children to access the gardens.

Mr Corporate Goodgym Gramps evaluated whether we had enough bandwidth for such a task, and once he ensured enough buy-in from our talent pool, he committed our tribe to the job.

Working in perfect synergy of invested stakeholders and proactive actors, the evening got off to a flying start. We drilled down on a complex pile of compost and proceeded with a multi-layered transference strategy. Getting all our ducks in a row, we put our heads down and really took a deep dive into the task at hand.

We even had to time to unpack some personal conundrums, including the merits of bird watching, the scrumping of under-ripe apples, and some family dynamics catch 22s. But we had to put a pin on that as before we knew it, Nurjehan was telling us it was squeaky bum time so it was all hands on deck.

We circled back on discussions for future activities with Mike, and agreed to a few more visits going forward. We then came to a hard stop, but not before we scheduled some time for a photography sesh.

A wonderful evening where our core competencies were the stars.

Today's wordsmithing-lacking report is courtesy of Sarah who suggested a corporate-themed report title.

I feel a little queasy after all that jargon so I'll stop here because I feel like I need a sick bucket now.

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Harvey Gallagher

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Thu 13th Jun at 4:49pm

Brilliant Mr Corporate. I can see you suited and booted.

Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore (She/her )

Thu 13th Jun at 5:30pm

Glad we're on the same page, let's have another standup next week.

Nurjehan signed up to a party.

Sat 29th Jun at 3:00pm

BBQ @ Gramps'

Is chicken ok for vegans? 😉

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Nurjehan went on a group run

Wed 5th Jun at 6:45pm

Bush Not Pictured

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

Seven Goodgymmers journeyed deep into the heart of darkness as they battled with the temperate jungle that had taken over the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve.

Watch It Bring You To Your N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nees. Knees!

It was a 'welcome to the jungle/ we got fun and games/ we got everything you want, honey/ we know the names' kind of evening for our Goodgymmer tonight as they put pedal to the metal and partook in some heavy-duty gardening at the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve.

Let's call a spade a spade, that was a hard task. The Reserve has found itself without a lot of attention over the last few months, and it showed as the site was overgrown to such an extent that we had to start strimming from the gate to create a way into the tool shed! It turns out you leave nature alone and it explodes.... who knew!

Our Goodgymmers were undeterred and on they ploughed like total badasses, with Nasser in his sophomore task leading the way blazing a trail for the rest of us with his trusty strimmer.

Not far behind, Julie armed herself with a hedge trimmer and attacked the overgrown fields of stinging nettles with gusto, while Nurjehan and Niamh, armed with loopers, gave the taller trees a trim. Ed and Clare in the meantime, cleared Amazonic levels of foliage and debris and made sure it was all composted nicely at the back of the Reserve. Our hour came and went before you knew it, so we tidied the tools away, took some selfies, and made our way home, the stinging of the nettles burning strong on our naked legs. Definitely a win for the Hardcore Crew! 

New task next week - Come!!!

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HannahHarvey GallagherCharlie LintonEuclides Montes
Nurjehan signed up to a group run.

Wed 5th Jun at 6:45pm

Tidying Up The Tree Avenue at the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve

Come and help keep this green space accesible to the community

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Nurjehan went on a group run

Wed 29th May at 6:45pm

Pooling Our Resources

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

It was all cocktails and shenanigans for 9 Goodgymmers tonight as they partied by the pool at Lordship Rec.

Kudos Corner

Everybody make some noise for Nasser who smashed his first run, task, and social with us tonight. Talk about multi-tasking! And he did it all with grace and a smile. Hero! Come again...

And what a sight for sore eyes was the return of our prodigal naughty daughter Alex, who paid us a visit all the way from Glasgow, on her birthday no less! She had clearly missed us as the puns rolled out effortlessly through the night non-stop. GGH loves ya, Alex. See you again soon.

Plumbing To New Depths

It was a stick-your-fingers-in-dirty-cracks, going-off-the-deep-end, retelling-stories-of-scatological-bathtub-shenanigans kind of evening for our Goodgymmers tonight. And it all started so well!

Joan, from the Lordship Rec Friends group met us with some newly-acquired hand tools by the Lordship Rec Hub and tasked us with removing weeds from the cracks between the paving stones by the paddling pool and cutting down the grass by the benches overlooking this popular body of water, in the hope of coming sunshine. Any hopes of summery vibes were washed away immediately when Neil promptly informed us that according to the news earlier that day, it's going to rain for the next ten thousand days or thereabouts. Nevertheless, we live in hope and we threw ourselves into our jobs with naked abandon.

Our Goodgymmers worked the cracks between the paving stones professionally and efficiently, while shooting the breeze and catching up with our favourite putative Glaswegian Goodgymmer.

Gramps obviously took the opportunity to take the plunge into the pool and was vocal in his disappointment that no one had followed him in.  

After around an hour of honest graft, we had managed to cover a large chunk of the pool surroundings and Joan seemed very pleased with our progress.

With the clock now tickling 8pm, Nurjehan's timekeeping spider sense kicked into overdrive and began hurrying us along. And good thing it was as well, as we had to make our way to the pub where we had reserved a table for our social and where we knew a rival running group was meeting tonight too. It was our goal to beat them to the bar - Reader, we did.

Join us again next week for more fun and games.

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SamHarvey GallagherCharlie LintonLatoya Stephens

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Thu 30th May at 10:21am

Welcome to GGHaringey Nasser. Fun times to be had.


Wed 12th Jun at 1:08am

Thanks Nurjehan . Thanks for the love and support