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Niamh Ni Longain
Niamh Ni Longain went on a group run

Wed 10th Jan at 6:45pm

It Takes Tool Sorts To Make A World

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

8 Goodgymmers battled with the big freeze in North London to lend a hand at the Westbury Bank Nature Reserve.

Big Woop Woop Corner

Let's have a big Woop Woop for Caroline who proved herself a Gold Start Debutant by getting stuck in with all the madness and hard graft of a classic winter GGHaringey task with such an ease that you could have easily assumed she has always been part of the furniture. A natural. Come again! :)

And also make some noise for Queen Khan who is smashing her 250th parkrun this weekend at Lordship Rec. #Loveparkrun #dfyb

Thanks to Punmeister General Charlie for today's pun.

Finally, looking forward to weekly installments of JULIE Vs THE VOLCANO. We'll miss you, Julie <3

We Got The Measure Of This Task

So long, 2023. Farewell, you cruel fiend - we shan't miss you. And Welcome 2024, don't you look gorgeous loaded with all that hope and positivity. Cutie Pie!

And on that note we congregated on a very cold Wednesday night at Blue House Yard for our first proper task of this lovely new year. Caroline, joining us for her first task, and Raj, making his triumphant return, were first on the scene and were deep in conversation by the time Gramps reached them. We were soon joined by Dave and Charlie and off we went for a gentle 1.5kish run to the Westbury Bank Nature Reserve, where we were joined by a crutch-less Niamh, a blanket-covered Nurjehan, and lady-of-greatly-earned-leisure Julie.

Tasks for the evening included tidying up and sorting a tool shed; trimming some branches that were leaning over the fences into the streets; a thorough litter pick; and some measuring of the Reserve.

Caroline and Raj armed themselves with loppers and wasted no time in giving the over-exuberant trees a trim; while Dave, Charlie, and Julie began clearing the cobwebs and sorting out the tools at the Reserve's shed; and Niamh and Nurjehan litter picked to their hearts content.

Everyone worked with a spring in their step and we started making our way through our jobs pretty quickly. Special mention to SuperDave who went above and beyond, quite literally, and climbed into the shed to move things along.

The hour flew by and we even had time to measure the length and breadth of the tree avenue at the top of the Reserve where the local community is hoping to build a handrail/fence this Spring.

We stopped just before 8 for some selfies/cuddles/high fives and we all made our way home, in the hope of defrosting our weary bones before bed. A classic GGHaringey winter task indeed.

We'll be back at the Reserve this Sunday for a starter session. Come! and tell yo' friends!

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NurjehanCharlie LintonEuclides Montes

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Thu 11th Jan at 11:39am

Hello 2024 GGH. Its going to be a cracking year. 👌 Welcome Caroline and hello again Raj.

Niamh Ni Longain
Niamh Ni Longain signed up to a group run.

Wed 10th Jan at 6:45pm

Niamh Ni Longain
Niamh Ni Longain went on a group run

Wed 6th Dec 2023 at 6:45pm

No Ifs, No Butts

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

Five Goodgymmers avoided becoming the butt of the joke by snatching a victorious task out of the jaws of an uncertain evening at the Library Gardens in Wood Green.


After a task cancellation, Gramps was sent topsy-turvy in search of a new mission for our GGH crew on a very cold Wednesday evening. Thankfully, the Chair of the Friends of Wood Green Library (a top lad by all accounts) came to our rescue with a litter picking session of the Library Gardens.

'After a quick inspection this morning,' he said to Gramps while looking at himself in a mirror for some reason, 'I can see the site is full of cans and rubbish so it would really benefit from some Goodgym Love.' (Actual quote requested by Niamh). Gramps abided and duly led our motley squad to the Gardens expecting a busy task.

Alas - or, perhaps, luckily depending on your perspective - at some point between morning inspection by the Chair of the Friends of Wood Green Library and the evening arrival of Gramps and co, street sweepers had done a stupendous job and cleared up the site.

Never ones to shirk away from our responsibilities, our Goodgymmers rolled up their sleeves and started collecting hundreds of cigarette butts from the flower beds. Reader, so many butts. Inevitably, the conversation turned towards naked runs and jogging butts but we'll leave this bit unprinted. At some point, someone even confessed to a momentary lapse of common sense by admitting to being fleetingly amused by Nigel Bloody farage in the jungle but that conversation was very quickly stopped. GGHexit mean GGhexit. #TeamRemainAndReform

Towards the end, we found some time to pull some crackers and sing some songs by the big Christmas tree but the video is unpublishable as I don't want Wham anyone even though I have been assured covers are exempt from Whamaggedon rules.

Join us next week for the last task of this year. And a social - venue TBC. Boom.

Rest in Power, Brother <3

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Sam Chapman

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Thu 7th Dec 2023 at 2:27pm

As usual naughty but nice.