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Julie Fisher
Julie Fisher went on a group run

Wed 3rd Apr at 7:00pm

Rake around the crop tonight

Haringey Report written by Dave Mansfield

3 runners and 1 cyclist appeared Chapmans Green to get into some serious weeding.

Alex reached out to us before the task, reminding us to bring along head torches. But with the clocks going forward at the weekend, we had plenty of light through to Nurjehan-o'clock.

We started the task with a brief tour of the old bowling green, which GGH has helped to transform. It's turning into a lovely orchard. Crab Apple jelly coming this autumn. Then out to the public park, and over to the Allium, Marigold, and Lavender bed, we planted up previously. It was being taken over by grasses, and some sort of creeping vine from beyond the pale.

Hand rakes were particularly effecting at gathering up large bundles of the creeper. The soil was clearly very fecund with amount of weeds that had sprung up, and the amount of worms hiding just below the surface. Bodes well for those spring flowers soon! Before too long we'd filled 4 bin bags full. And Alex could start covering the ground with some weed preventing mulch. With the locals admiring our handiwork, we waved goodbye and headed off into the (now conveniently timed) sunset.

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Latoya StephensEuclides Montes
Julie Fisher
Julie Fisher went on a group run

Wed 13th Mar at 6:30pm

Truly Mudly Deeply

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

4 Goodgymmers hankered after welly boots and head torches as they lent a hand in the dark at George Meehan House for a spot of lawn surgery.

The Beast At The Gates

Our four Goodgymmers arrived at the gates of George Meehan House for an early start to meet Luke from GrowN22 who needed a hand sorting out the flower meadow in the Wedding Gardens of George Meehan House. They arrived, all smiles and high fives but that quickly changed.

Enter The Beast.

Mylo, a Cerberus trapped in the body of the cutest Dachshund you have ever seen, guarded the gates and his human Luke with tenacious care. He barked and barked as our Goodgymmers settled into the task for the night.

It was a very muddy affair which made it very slippery underfoot but a lot easier to get rid of the top layer of grassy soil from the wildflower meadow in readiness for the 150 sunflowers, currently being lovingly grown in Luke's flower nursery somewhere in N22.

Very soon, we realised Mylo's barking was simply him trying to tell us he wanted to get involved, and before you knew it, he was digging along with Clare, Julie, and Charlie as Gramps stood around pestering our Goodgymmers for photos.

At around 7:30, and having lost the one source of light we had to low battery, we decided to call it an evening.

We all took turns at getting Mylo to do tricks and give him treats and call him a good boy, and he even joined in the high fives at the end. What a rock star.

Come next week! It's another early start but always fun as we visit Traid on Wood Green High Road.

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Euclides Montes
Julie Fisher
Julie Fisher went to a social

Thu 8th Feb at 6:30pm

For Funk's Sake!

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

Karaoke may be Japanese for empty orchestra but there certainly wasn't anything empty about our Goodgymmers performance as 30 of them orchestrated a fun night in the wild lands of Haringey.

Top Of The Pops

It wasn't the most auspicious of starts for this month's Goodgym Social as our very own Goodgym Haringey decided to host a party night bang on in the middle of a yellow weather warning and as the hills of North London became impromptu waterfalls. As a small squad ran to Rowan's from the pre-party task, we all mused how many of the whopping 31 Goodgymmers signed up for the party would actually fight their way through the inclement weather to attend a knees up in Finsbury Park. The consensus was that we expected around 15 people to show up and we would have called that a good innings. Oh, reader, how wrong we were.

One by one, they all started arriving. Soggy, tardy, smiling - they all looked sublime in what was a washout of an evening elsewhere.

Drinks flowed, as did the chat, some people even braved the rather radioactive-looking burgers and before you knew it, 30 of us were sitting around having a jolly old time under the both metaphorical and literal Goodgym flag in the corner. Alas, it can't all be fun so just as everyone was relaxing into the night, GGHaringey's Gramps pounced on the innocent, unexpecting Goodgymmers with an indecent proposal they just couldn't say no - karaoke time.

Now I've heard there was a secret chord / that David played, and it pleased the Lord but the good ol' King had nothing on our crimson-tinged canaries as they sang song after song with gusto, enthusiasm, and -occasionally- even in tune. All tastes were catered for, with particular highlights including a life affirming group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and a somewhat poignant version of checks notes Tubthumping.

After two hours (!) of singing, it was time for a little boogie and GGHaringey's Latoya led the way to the dancefloor where the DJ indulged our now dwindling group with a few Latino-flavoured tunes. Magic stuff.

With thanks to John, Jack and everyone else who have revived the monthly socials and to everyone who came last night to help GGHaringey do our bit.

Next month's fun is taking place in Paddington - details here!

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Fri 9th Feb at 3:07pm

Thanks for organising, awesome night 🫶🏽


Fri 9th Feb at 3:20pm

Funkered we were! Top night. Thank you Good Gym London.

Jack Da Silva

Fri 9th Feb at 3:47pm

Thanks for organising!

Fiona M

Sat 10th Feb at 12:27am

Thanks for organising! Had a great time :-)

Bromley runner

Mon 12th Feb at 6:56pm

A great night! Thank you :)

Julie Fisher
Julie Fisher signed up to a party.

Thu 8th Feb at 6:30pm

GoodGym London - February Social at Rowans in Finsbury Park

Join GoodGymers from all over for a monthly get-together

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