The (paper) Chain Gang

9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Cardiff
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Tuesday 14th November 2023

Report written by Michael

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Our Winter change has come in again, we met up as usual and stored away our bags before heading out for a nice run. Tonight, we did an out and back run for 45 minutes, and then got back together to do the task for the rest of the evening (and a little longer for some of us).

The task

Cut out strips from the Xmas wrapping paper (provided by AA Michael) and then on each one write a joke. The strips are being packaged into groups of 50 and then will become a pack for a young person in a CAMHS ward to make their paper chain.

Paper chains, as well as being an awesome decorations that are suitable for most CAMHS units, symbolise connectedness. For young people in CAMHS units it’s really important to feel connected to the outside world and to not feel forgotten. Making these special paper chains, which will be a team effort between the community and the young people on CAMHS wards, is a real opportunity to provide a tangible reminder of that we are all still connected despite everything. >


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