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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 13th November 2023

Report written by Nicky Woodall (she/her)

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💨 Well, this evening started with various weather-related dramas and changes but all came together in the end, thanks to some tremendous teamwork of the 11 GoodGymmers who braved the stormy weather to attend anyway. (It also didn’t actually rain on us and wasn’t as windy as expected, which was a win!)

📖 One of our two tasks was cancelled due to high winds then my train was thoroughly messed up so Ed and Mitch took the reins for the intro and warm up, which seemed to involve some communal story-telling.

🍎 They then also led the run down to Holgate Orchard and got cracking with some digging. The aim was to dig and level off a patch of ground for a shed and some raised beds to be built once it’s ready. The team got to work, with some folk digging, some raking and others on barrowing and quality control, identifying areas that were not quite level and therefore needed filling. Leanne noticed a particularly large dip in the corner and set to work filling that. In what felt like no time, Helen was happy that the job was done so the tools were taken back to the shed (including the rake, which wasn’t actually meant to go back, whoops!)

🗻 Mitch then led some hill reps on Windmill Rise while some of us walked back to base. We regrouped at CVS and headed to the pub for some good chats (and an exclusive peek at the 2024 pub dog calendar!)

👏 Thank you everyone, we’ve had a few additional tasks added this week (Thursday evening and Sunday morning) so do join if you can.

🎬 *Pun is related to a certain “classic” 90’s film, rather than anything else…

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Holgate Allotment Community Orchard and Apiary
Transforming an overgrown and unused allotment plot into an orchard and public space for the local community to enjoy.

Holgate Allotment Association are a volunteer group of allotment holders who try to make Holgate Allotments a great place to socialise and grow veg. We have an allotment plot on the boundary of our site which is unused and completely overgrown but which we think will make a lovely orchard and wildlife area with seating for the local community to enjoy. Clearing the site will be a massive task, but it's one we want to embark on this Autumn. Can you help?

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Joanna Delgado
Abigail Darton
Cara Organ
Nicky Woodall
Stefan Durkin
Ed Woollard
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Pallet smashing - round 2! And a Groves Litter pick
🗓Today 6:00pm

The wood will be used to complete a large interactive bug house for children to enjoy

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