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15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark
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Wednesday 10th January

Report written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

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January is the month that brings new goals, challenges and newbies for us, but it's also the coldest!

Huddled up like penguins, 12 GoodGymers found comfort in the warmth of Old Spike Roastery. After last week's amazing turnout, we were back to our average as we welcomed back Claire after her three months in Lisbon soaking up the sun, sea breeze and...

As 18:45 arrived, Sam delivered his typical GG speech including his ice-breaker question which was a simple snap poll to determine whether people liked salted or sweet popcorn as National Popcorn Day falls on Friday. Yet, they also had to answer:

What is your soup of preference?

Technically, mixed won in the snap poll, but Salty had more votes between the two obvious choices. In terms of soups, (homemade...from a can) tomato soup had the most votes, but we had ramen/laksa, spicy parsnip, cauliflower, pea, carrot & coriander, chicken (noodle), potato & leek, scotch broth and of course, cream of mushroom.

"I'd rather have Cream of Mushroom soup than live in Dulwich" - Isaac

Since it was going to be a longer group run and it was cold, Sam gathered everyone in the alleyway for a warm up before leading from the front as Lindy backmarked on the way there. We ran towards Lordship Lane passing Goose Green and unfortunately, a crazy guy who catcalled. We stuck together as we climbed up East Dulwich Grove to reach JAGS (James Allen's Girls School). With just 700 metres left, we pushed on downhill and across past North Dulwich station to reach St. Faith's Community Centre where we met Emma and Mikhail who ran from home to meet us there.

Sam took out the GROAD flyers and having pre-determined the teams, he split the group into three:

  • Team Daryl - long run covering the streets in Dulwich Village. He had Emma, Gemma and Isaac in his team.
  • Team Maria - medium run covering the streets between Dulwich Village, Herne Hill and North Dulwich. She had David, Elena, Laura and Mikhail in her team.
  • Team Lindy - short run covering the streets behind St. Faith's Community Centre and the estate across it. She had Claire, Nathan and Nelly in her team.

Off they went to flyer the homes with the good work GROAD does and since they are opening up again on Sunday, it was a great chance to remind the neighbourhood that they can drop off unwanted and unloved items at St. Faith's Community Centre (every Sunday from 14:00 - 16:00).

After 35-40 minutes, the teams came back to St. Faith's with almost all 200 flyers delivered. During this time, Jessie made an appearance as she was running late having ran from London Bridge.

After our group photo, we said our goodbyes to Emma and Mikhail who ran/cycle back home from there. The rest of us ran back 2.5k to Old Spike, the same way we came. This time, Nathan and Gemma backmarked as Gemma and Claire walked the final bit to the pub!

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came out last night! It was cold, but the run kept us warm. I know Andrea from GROAD appreciates us going out and reminding the neighbourhood of their service at St. Faith's Community Centre on Sundays. Thank you to Daryl, Lindy Maria for leading your groups and for being on time (considering the distances you had to cover)! Finally, thank you to the backmarkers. See you all soon!

Session Leader
Jessie Adams
Isaac Beevor
Claire Brooks
Nathan Wood
Daryl Shaw
Emma McNally
Laura Brooke
Sam Lefevre
Lindy Macfarlane
Mikhail Amran
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Distribute donations @ Best Western Hotel (Peckham)
🗓Tomorrow 10:45am

Assist GROAD with distributing donations to refugee families at this Peckham hotel

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