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21 Goodgymers helped their local community in Oxford
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Wednesday 19th April 2023

Report written by Anwen Greenaway

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Well Raleigh partnership launch task dawned without any of the Raleigh goodies, but the sun shone and we did manage to get the discount code from Amy at Windsor and Maidenhead GoodGym, so we're chalking it up as a success anyway!

The task:
Makespace had asked us to do a thorough tidy of their canal-side garden and car park. We mowed (without breaking the lawnmower!), scraped, weeded, tidied, litter picked, chopped brambles, pruned weeping willow, and generally gave it a really thorough spruce-up.

Many hands make light work!

Session Leader
Area activator
This task supported
Makespace Oxford
Making space for sustainability, creativity and community

Twenty social enterprises, workers cooperatives, small charities and creative individuals are work from Makespace Oxford. The building is a catalyst, a question and a demand to make space for sustainability, creativity and community. It’s also a vibrant hub for community action, a place where new partnerships begin and ideas come to life.

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Charlie Lay
Suzy Bott
Fred Collman
Henry Gibson
Laura Candy
Chris B
Ben Gremson
Matty Holder
Sophie Wilkinson
Katie Fellows
Jessy McCabe
Ben Foster
Bethan Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway
Ellie Evans
Justin Wetters
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litter, litter everywhere

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