I Got 99 Problems But A Bench Ain't One

9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Newham
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Wednesday 31st May 2023

Report written by Brahma Pochee

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Long hiatus since a trip to our regular partner in Canning Town, Cody Dock. On a gorgeous May evening we met at base, took a casual seat and caught up. The RWQ offered a small insight into people's online time and perhaps ideas on how else to procrastinate, if you were short. "How do you waste most of your time online?" Guardian comments section, local buy and sell groups, effects pedals videos, lego making videos, window shopping bikes, mental health videos and reddit rabbit holes. There you have it, more ways to to spend time on the inescapable internet.

The jog down to Cody Dock was per norm, besides a random chap joining in, which was nice, hopefully we get him along for the whole session next time. After a small issue with locked gates - we didn't 'grease up' and squeeze through as per someone's recommendation (!) - I called Basia and Simon met us and told us what's what. Moving benches for the summer fair on Saturday and erecting the gazebo, all done in quick time, so much so that when Simon asked for us to do some flyering we couldn't say no. Banking a few more miles we headed towards Star Lane where two groups deposited the flyers, completing a rather effective slot at Cody Dock.

On a roll, we pitched up a kilometer from Printhouse and managed a small full body circuit; especially hitting upper body strength and lower body power. Was great to conclude the eve with a drink, courtesy of Dan, an absolute treat to have the big man back, you've been missed mate.

If you fancy more of the same next week then I've got good news for you - Get Out Garden awaits us: sign up here

Enjoy the belting weather this weekend and see you next week.


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