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Plaistow Primary School
🗓Wednesday 27th September 6:45pm

📍PrintHouse Bar, 133 High St E15 2RB

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Wed 4th Oct at 6:45pm

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Wed 27th Sep at 6:45pm

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Wed 20th Sep at 6:45pm


Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

Washout forecasts didn't deter some community action, socialising and jogging yesterday. In fact, statistically speaking, it seems to have encouraged it. You guys are nuts, and I for one love it.

The institution of the RWQ lives on, it went something like this: "there's a worldwide pasta shortage and hence a ration, you're allocated one pasta type forever, and a requisite sauce of your selection, what do you pick?" Endless pastabilities, eh? Rigatoni alla Norma, Arrabiata w/ mozzarella and bacon, Penne and Pesto and Rigationi Amatriciana were some good early answers. We also had some outside the box thinkers, who tried to cheat the system carefully in order to be fully prepared for this rather unlikely hypothetical scenario; "Fusili because it can be used in a salad", "lasagna so the sheets can be used to prepare other pastas". But my favourite: "Rigatoni, tuna AND chicken, so I can pick out one of the proteins to suit my appetite".

We jogged north through the rain, discussions ranged from rowing back on green policies, cycling into a headwind and travelling to the North East Coast. Perfect work for the weather awaited us, hard physical labour, to be more precise: shovelling stuff into bags. We had Team Soil and Team Sand. Both clearing tonne bags into smaller black bags. The time flew by, I'm not sure exactly how many bags we filled, but probably a cumulative forty plus, we definitely made a dent in those bags. Bravo squad.

I've just a received a message from Su, saying how super appreciative they are. I'd reiterate that, but especially for grafting through nonstop rain.

Next week we head to Rosie's place of work, Plaistow Primary. We're going to be back on the tools, digging around the edible garden and filling up beds. It's going to be glorious. Get stuck in, sign up here

Till then,


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Brahma Pochee
Brahma Pochee went on a group run

Wed 13th Sep at 6:45pm

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Newham Report written by Brahma Pochee

Cooler air and a meatier group at yesterday's flyering session for our long time partner, Cody Dock.

We commenced with a discussion about nuisance neighbours, a shameless exercise from myself to vent and get perspective after a volatile morning in North London. Upon reflection it can always be worse, from axe wielding psychos, wife beating maniacs, drug-busted dungeons and mad-men tuning the living room.

Off to the Docks we went, chattering away down the canal, a lovely tonic and overdue contrast to our recent main road routes. Elektra met us, ably batted-away some questions about the bridge and a succinct defintion of Cody Dock. We then dished out the three hundred flyers, between twelve of us it was an absolute breeze. Many hands, and all that...

A jog back, an impromptu social, capping off a bloody good wednesday. Great to have Connie getting her deeds up, Matt returning and Hilary's lovely flat mate's get stuck in. I'd like to see more of all of this.

Next week it's The Up Garden, sign up here to help this remarkable local project.

Till then,


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Brahma Pochee
Brahma Pochee signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Sep at 6:45pm