Ghastly Goodgymers and Nibbly Nigels

9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Coventry
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Tuesday 31st October 2023

Report written by Laura Denham

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It might not have been our night for quizzing, coming in 10th and 11th aka LAST, but it was still a fun night. At least they played the winning song a couple of times Ghastly Goodgymers!

Thanks to Laura and Nigel for operating the speed quizzing app and to Nigel and Graeme for providing the treats and nibbles.

Thank you all for coming and great to meet you Paul and Julie, better luck next time hey?

Session Leader
Area activator
Paul & Julie
Joe Crean
Chris Norman
Claire-Louise Norman
Graeme Papa Strumpf Mulvaney
Laura Denham
Laura P
Join us on our next session
Sorting art and crafts supplies at Crow Recycling
🗓Saturday 10:00am

Supporting a local charity who help adults and young people with disabilities and learning difficulties

Laura Denham
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