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10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Chelmsford
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Wednesday 1st November 2023

Report written by David Chatterjee

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8 goodgymers (sorry Jenny you didn't get there on time for the photo!) and 2 non-sign up scoundrels who had to pose for a separate photo met in the chill before the big wind comes later this week to pick some litter in Chelmsford by the river. Excellent to see such a strong turnout so soon after the boozy social - impressive work by Erin and Joe to hit up the Fleece even later than everyone else.

Sallyann and Fay graciously carried our sticks to the meeting point, which was not called Friendship Bridge. We soon got bustling with some ready-to-be-heavy bags.

The highlight for everyone was a riproaring fungi joke spearheaded by Andy, his radio DJ skills coming to good use. Fay found a fairly realistic toy snake and took delight waving it at Joel and Joe and watching them squirm. Not heard Joel shriek like that since...well...Saturday really.

We ploughed on back to base and had a run down of the social plans prior to Christmas. There is a hell of a lot!

Quiz at the Ale House Sunday 5th - 6:30pm Parkrun volunteer Saturday 25th - 9am Barrow Farm garden grand opening Sunday 26th - 2pm Goodgym xmas party - date tbc but like 16th December Run N Rum - Saturday 16th December - 12pm

Any ideas for the xmas party location, do let us know!

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