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Chelmsford Craft Beer Festival
🗓Saturday 16th March 6:00pm

📍Anglia Ruskin University CM1 1SQ

See GoodGymers in non-running outfits, and have a couple of drinks together

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Martin George
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Sun 4th Feb at 7:00pm

Fanny Chmelar and the Kumquats

Chelmsford Report written by Laurie Glendinning

Some questions felt far too easy - who won the 2008 presidential election in the US? What's the medical term for memory loss? Other questions got the better of us - what colour is the shade aurelion? Which 5th Century AD conquestor was named the 'Scourge of God'?

As we listened to the results being read out, we realised we must have won, although it emerged that we were tied with another three teams. Ben and Martin had vastly different calculations of Elon Musk's net worth, so we went with a number somewhere in the middle. If we'd gone with Ben's calculation we would have won the tie break and a free round of drinks. But we lost out to a group of 20 somethings with enviable haircuts. If only our 6th team member had remembered there was a quiz on, we might have been in a very different position!

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Fay Downing
Martin George
Martin George signed up to a party.

Sun 4th Feb at 7:00pm

Martin George
Martin George went on a group run

Wed 31st Jan at 6:30pm

Like the YMCA, but really not

Chelmsford Report written by Laurie Glendinning

Our original GoodGymer Ken surprised us tonight with his presence and his return to running after a couple of months off, and we were pleased to see our newest GoodGymer Nisar for his second run with us.

There was some initial shock at the sight of Andy's bare legs on a cold January evening, but he was joined by Martin's similarly bare legs and Ben bare arms, while the rest of us had approximately three layers on...

Joel led us out and Leanne kept Andy company backmarking, whilst our lovely Fay and Sallyann set off walking to Springfield Basin with the equipment. We reconvened and also spotted Angela in her snazzy glasses, and very slowly made our way to the canal.

Distractions ensued, in the form of grot spots for those of us dedicated to the task, and a discarded football for Rich. Big thanks to Joe for documenting our own Christiano Richaldo, and more importantly, taking photos of the rest of the group.

We walked a surprisingly long time to find the right bin to leave our heavy bags by, and made our way back.

Well done everyone, two huge bags of litter taken off the streets, and an amazing way to end the January Challenge! You have collectively done 82 good deeds, and 2,303km, going way over the 45 good deeds and 1,000km we set ourselves!

Hopefully see you on Saturday at parkrun, or maybe Sunday for the quiz.


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Fay Downing

Wed 31st Jan at 10:32pm

Excellent work on the January challenge everyone

Theresa Joseph
Theresa Joseph (she/her)

Wed 7th Feb at 1:38pm

Yes - Really well done all

Martin George
Martin George signed up to a group run.

Wed 31st Jan at 6:30pm

Litter Pick!

Helping a local organisation

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Fay Downing