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Tuesday 21st March 2023

Report written by Yianny (he / him)

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6 runners, 2 walkers, 6 shovels, 3 two tonne soil bags and a couple of children's bicycles... what have you got? Lambeth's Tuesday evening Group Run!

Welcome back Alice it was great to have you back in the group after a while away and Gosia welcome to Lambeth for a bit of GG tourism!

Category update: Creatures from Mythology (Answers included centaurs, Medusa (Nice one Emma), mermaids, Chimera, a Hippogriff (Frances keeping it modern) and one from Kaz from Maori culture whose name I can't remember - pls put in the comments Kaz!)

It's a short run up from Brixton to Clapham High Street so we were ready and raring to go by 7:15pm and went streaming past Ed from Lambeth GP Food CoOp who was meeting us there. Once reunited Ed gave us the briefing and we had 3 huge planters to empty of soil so they could be transported by truck to another site.

We divided into two groups and began shifting soil! The two tonne bags filled up very quickly so the excess had to be stacked neatly on the ground and by 8pm we were pretty much done. We stashed the shovels, said our goodbyes and set off back to basewith another great task in the bag. Thanks to Paul and Marie-Noelle our walkers who rescued bunches of tulips for the volunteers to take home!

Lots more tasks coming up in the next few months for LGPFC so keep your eyes peeled for them, thanks to Ed Rosen for having us over to help out.

Sadly no bike riding was had but we can hope that with our new GG x Raleigh partnership there will be plenty in the future!

Thanks all - see you next week.

Session Leader
This task supported
Lambeth GP Food Coop
Creating green spaces in health centres

This group creates growing spaces in surgeries and hospitals across Lambeth for plants and vegetables.

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Ed Rosen
marie noelle Vieu
Kaz Podstolski
Alice Gregson
Gosia Rybacka
Frances Collier-Wright
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Helping Juan at Jubilee Primary School - Tuesday's Group Run !!
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Sorting out the gardens and Helping out

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Kaz Podstolski

Wed 22nd Mar 2023 at 9:49am

The creature was a Taniwha!

Yianny (he / him)

Thu 23rd Mar 2023 at 9:41am

Awesome thanks Kaz!