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Frances Collier-Wright
Frances Collier-Wright went on a group run

Tue 31st Jan at 6:45pm

I Beg your Garden?? Helping out at JPS!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

After 5 fantastic weeks we rounded off the GoodGym January Challenge with our Group Run on this final day of Jan and where better to head to than to see our friend Juan at Jubilee Primary School.

A smaller but no less enthusiastic group turned out with a few notable mentions so Charlie welcome to your first run it was great to have you with us, Sarah welcome back after a little while away and Ana great to have another AA over for a bit of GG tourism!

For those who are following these things tonight's category was if you were a make or model of car which would you be - lots of first car reminiscences followed! And just like that we were off on our short run up to Jubilee Primary.

Juan had set out some tools for our arrival and we were split into two groups, the first was to weed the large planters(I've missed those planters!) in the main playground while the second headed to the front garden for a spot of topiary or l'art topiaire in French. Marie Noelle, Paul, Inny and Charlie set about working those shoulder muscles pulling up the weeds and invasive grasses hat had taken over the planters while leaving behind the plants which can now grow in peace. GoodJim would definitely approve.

Over in the front garden Sarah, Frances and Ana set about trimming back the bushes into nice straight lines and beautiful orb like shapes, in fact the trimming was so good (check out the pic above) that we are considering doing animal shapes next time around..... A very satisfying task as all agreed.

After 40 mins of solid graft and nearly a dozen black bags of green waste it was time up and we were off home. A very small group then made our way back to Papa's - thanks to Sarah and Charlie for accompanying me - and that was that.

Well done to everyone in the Lambeth Group and beyond for making this a fun Jan Challenge and let's take that energy into Feb and beyond. See you next week ;0)

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Anastasia Hancock

Wed 1st Feb at 11:22am

Thanks for having me - lovely to visit the ace Lambeth crew, really enjoyed it!

Charlotte Sheldrake

Wed 1st Feb at 11:28am

Thanks, Yianny. Great session and awesome to meet everyone!

Yianny (he / him)

Wed 1st Feb at 2:49pm

Lovely to have you over Ana - come again anytime!

Yianny (he / him)

Wed 1st Feb at 2:49pm

Likewise thanks Charlie, look forward to seeing you again soon!

Frances Collier-Wright
Frances Collier-Wright went on a group run

Tue 17th Jan at 6:45pm

A Fork in the GROAD !

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Minus 2. Think on that for a sec.... It was minus 2 degrees C last night and we STILL had a bumper group of 14 people turn out to help us flyer for our friends at GROAD - that's awesome #LambethGGTeam !!

We also had a few firsts which continues the great start to 2023 with Marie Noelle and her husband joining us by walking to the task - soyez les bienvenues - and Sadaf who attended her first Mission on Saturday joining us for her first Group Run, welcome.

It was also exciting to have Joao do his filming to pass his Run Leader training, we are delighted to have some great run leaders in Lambeth who can help us to grow the work we do and wish him good luck in getting his training signed off!!

And so to our task, we received the flyers from Andrea courtesy of super Sam and they were for the Open House so a slight change to the planned location of the deliveries and a slightly shorter run (I'm not prone to conspiracy theories but Sam brought flyers which led to a shorter run for Lambeth during the Jan Challenge......)

The cold weather and filming back at Papa's meant the AA headed out distractedly and managed to forget the flyers which he had put down to record Joao's warm up however Sam and Joao were on the ball and picked them up so disaster was avoided - thanks guys. We didn't have a great big stack of flyers as usual but we had enough to split into two groups at Loughborough Junction bridge (aforementioned fork in the GROAD...) with one heading to the estates back towards Brixton and the rest towards Kings College Hospital. In short order all the flyers were delivered and we met back at the Crossroads (insert favourite song called Crossroads like Frances did) ready to get back to base and on to the newly reinstated monthly Social!

A couple of special mentions: Kaz (aka the Wandsworth Wanderer) well done on your category choice CHOCOLATE a solid dessert choice and Frances for wearing a home knitted GoodGym headband, fantastic creativity!

Thanks everyone, your efforts will make a difference to GROAD and the people who access their services and I hope you had a nice time in the pub afterwards as well.

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