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15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bristol
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Tuesday 4th April 2023

Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

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Blue skies, sunshine and the red t-shirts were back on show in Bristol because Spring has sprung!

15 lovely GoodGymmers easily (hmm) sorted themselves into a waling group, a short run group led by Richard B and back-marked by Richard G and an all-the-way-round-the-flipping-harbour group led by Vaguely Northern Darren and backmarked by Clo and , which included both volunteer photographers hence the lovely photos of Bristol Harbourside. Fortunately, the walking group were very task-focused and got to Faithspace to wheel the tools to the soil which itself wanted transporting to the raised planters.

Frances was practising her beat Zen raking on the two planters we'd filled a couple of weeks ago - the torrential rain during and since had squished the topsoil a bit so we were breaking up the surface before topping up to the brim. She also turned her hand to pun creation - thank you!

The shorter runners (some of whom were actually quite tall) arrived and took up spades and shovels to start filling wheelbarrows and walking spade-loads to the nearest planters and newer members were shocked by how heavy one-tonne dumpy sacks are!

Lucas was living up to his new GG nickname of Menhoca by getting into the soil and Tula was specialising in barrow-loading and trying to lift very heavy bags.

By the time the longer runners arrived we were in full swing and working up to trying to lift the lightest of the sacks on to Marky's Dolly Trolley to speed up the process and Very Good Posture heavy lifting was put to good use.

Five GoodGymmers then headed with Marky to get forks and turn over the compost heaps in Somerset Square (which is a triangle and not in Somerset) leaving the rest to chip away with barrows and bags to the point of four full- ish planters ready for... yep, you guessed it, planting.

We packed up, Matt gave Darren a ride in the huge wheelbarrow and we traipsed off to Faithspace HQ to stash the tools, pick up the composting GoodGymmers and eat a quick caramel chocolate digestive. And then Russ produced some cookies from his bag to keep us going until we were at The Stable for April's GoodGym Eats after having stretched in Queen Square and celebrated the achievements of marathon and half-marathon successes from the last week.

Remember the extra Good Friday Good Deed at Brunswick Cemetery, with picnic, and two community missions on Saturday - you don't need to wait until next Tuesday to have this much fun again!

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Redcliffe Raised Gardening Beds
To fill the raised beds we have already built with growing materials

It enables local people to garden the beds and to enhance an area with planting , including two higher level beds for older and disabled gardeners.

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