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19 Goodgymers helped their local community in Hammersmith and Fulham
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Hammersmith and Fulham

Tuesday 13th August 2019

Report written by Beth Nelson

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We've had a lot of balmy weather systems come through on Tuesday evenings recently, but luckily tonight we had the perfect conditions for a run. It was great to be met with lots of GoodGym'ers in their red and black tees at the Better Gym, and really lovely to welcome along Morwenna and Mable for their first GoodGym H&F run - thank you for coming along, hope you enjoyed it!

Before we headed off on tonight's run we headed outside to our makeshift warm-up spot and begun with the round-up of this week's news...

The weekly news 📰...

  1. Big Half 2020 - There are a limited number of £10 community entries for the Big Half in London on Sunday 1st March 2020. If you are interested in a £10 place, please drop me an email (or see the details in the weekly fitness email that I know you all read 😉).
  2. Rough Runner - at Finsbury Park, on Saturday 7th September where you can volunteer on the Saturday for a free place on the Sunday!
  3. GoodGym turns 10! - GoodGym will soon celebrate being 10 years old! We want to know what GoodGym means to you and your community, please have a look at this link as we’d love to hear your story. There's also a big party in central London on Thursday 12th of September! - hopefully you've received the email with the link to register, please drop me an email if not.

Come flyer with me, come flyer come flyer away

For today's task we were going to be handing out flyers for the wonderful Age UK H&F. Nicely warmed up with some skips, side-to-sides and fast feet we headed off on our short run to down to their Activity Centre on Greyhound Road. As ever, we paused en route for the weekly wall sit, with many mumours of "it's actually getting easier" heard!

Johnny's got the key, he's got the secret...

We all arrived at the Activity Centre and Johnny pulled the keys out of his pocket to unlock the door and allow us to enter. As everyone gathered in the main room Johnny appeared with a big box of flyers, of course with biscuits placed carefully on top!

The AGE old question, how many leaflets can GoodGym H&F flyer in one go?

Johnny explained all the services that Age UK H&F offer for the over 50s, these range from home cooked meals to physical activity classes to IT classes, led by the man himself. Part of the programme Johnny is heading up is getting those in the community more IT literate, and one side of the leaflet promoted this service. The other side of the leaflet was a call for volunteers as at present, there are only 2 volunteers.

Leaf'let out

With the challenge of 2,000 leaflets and a map of the surrounding streets to target infront of the team we decided it would be most efficient to split into two smaller teams. One led by Lucy (after we confirmed it wasn't a competition!) and the other by Johnny.

Fully leafleted up we headed outside for a quick team photo before heading down and around the surrounding streets.

Baptism of flyer

We haven't done much flyering recently in H&F, but both teams implemented the efficient 'flyer chain' down all the streets with perfection. After 40 minutes of flyering had covered a substantial amount of the surrounding streets. As both teams regrouped and headed back to the Activity Centre we realised we were two red shirts down...where were Eloise and Sarah?! After a couple of calls, they were located safely back at the Activity Centre...obviously smart thinking to ensure they got a headstart on the biscuits before the biscuit man, Johnny!

The great flyer of H&F

As everyone placed their remaining leaflets back in the big box it was amazing to see lots of empty space due the number of flyers that were handed out by the team, as Johnny fantastically summed up "we've made a big dent on the box of flyers".

Once everyone had filled their boots with juice, water and biscuits we headed over to the green opposite for a quick fitness session.

The team had attracted a particularly friendly dog who enjoyed a quick game of fetch with Rob and Lucy. However, the dog was less keen to get involved with tonight's fitness challenge, the old favourite, Sally Squats! 3mins 25seconds of squatting, what's not to love?!

As always the team dug deep and triumphantly finished. With quads burning we called it a night and headed off on a gentle run back to base for a cool down and stretch off. Brillant work tonight all!

Special shout outs to...📢🙌🏼

  • Lucy for her parkrun PB at Gunnersbury on Saturday - her second PB in a row!!
  • Elizabeth for volunteered bright and early on Sunday morning at the PrideRun10k.

Well done both 😊.

Next week we've got a Two Task Tuesday and you'll have a choice of tasks: heading up to the Nubian Life Resource Centre to help out at their Josiah Braithwaite Community Garden - we'll be helping out with some weeding and sweeping of their pathways OR 2) Heading up to Groundwork to lend a hand with transferring bags of soil to their new wooden raised beds. Sign up here. Have a lovely rest of your week. Hopefully see you next week!

Session Leader
Morwenna Kearns
John D Wren
Tom Clough
Andrew Swanton
Catherine Moore
Jonny Knight
Eloise Carey
Alice Pickles
Matt Nash
Lucy Hill
Elizabeth Gold
Rob Glass
Lucy Bramwell
Sarah Morland
Beth Nelson
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