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Morwenna Kearns
Morwenna Kearns went on a group run

Tue 27th Feb at 6:00pm

Drizzly Drop

Birmingham Report written by Miriam

On an unexpectedly rainy eve we headed out on a 5km run and delivered an entire roads worth of leaflets for Change Kitchen.

An adorable cat followed me and Morwenna down the road 🥰

It was quite dark and rainy so we didn't have time for a photo! We'll be out again to deliver more leaflets next time.

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Morwenna Kearns
Morwenna Kearns signed up to a group run.

Tue 27th Feb at 6:00pm

Morwenna Kearns
Morwenna Kearns went on a community mission

Sun 25th Feb at 10:00am

*wee*ding a toilet!

Birmingham Report written by Amy

6 goodgymers (Amy, Christina, Sofeen, Ramiz, Morwenna and Iain) joined the friendly team at Dads Lane once again for a “sort out your life” style mission! We welcomed Christina to her first GoodGym mission as well!

We started by clearing an unsafe area of the garden consisting of planks of wood, bricks and general rubbish. We then levelled off this area with some shovelling and raking and weeding the area so we could lay flat paving stones and pallets.

We then formed a human brick chain passing the bricks from the old position to the new - switching every layer so each person moved up the chain! We made sure to turn every so often to even out those standing twist movements!

After a well deserved coffee and biscuit break we went back out and finished putting anything useful back on the pallets in a neat and orderly fashion.

The rest was organised in a pile for Steve to take to the tip. A massive difference was made and a good workout was had! The garden area is now safer for residents and children to play in.

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Morwenna Kearns
Morwenna Kearns went on a group run

Thu 22nd Feb at 6:45pm

We did a Stella Job!

Birmingham Report written by Jonny Carter

Tonight, 5 GoodGymers got to work on some litter picking around the Jewellery Quarter.

We filled a bag full of rubbish, with James finding a stella box, hence the pun!

Once the task was done we headed on a run of around 4k, only a pretty baltic evening, Ramiz certainly warmed up on the run, stripping down to just a t-shirt!

Once done, it was time to get back in the warmth as a few of the group stopped for some post run refreshments :)

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Morwenna Kearns
Morwenna Kearns signed up to a community mission.

Sun 25th Feb at 10:00am

Morwenna Kearns
Morwenna Kearns signed up to a group run.

Thu 22nd Feb at 6:45pm

A litter pick around the Jewellery Quarter for Birmingham Council

The Jewellery Quarter is where many people live so keeping it tidy helps their well-being

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