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Lobo went on a community mission

Mon 19th Feb at 6:40pm

Grave New World

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

A relatively mild Monday evening saw 11 GoodGymers join Ken from the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (FoTHCP) for a big ivy-removal session this evening.

Having gathered at the park entrance from 6:40 for tonight’s Standing Abs Workout, shortly after 7pm we were gathering the last of the loppers and lining up the wheelbarrows ready to make our way around to tonight’s task location.

The best health and safety briefing ever

Following Ken through what appeared to be a particularly dense section of the park, we arrived at our designated spot, where Ken proceeded to run through ‘the best health and safety briefing ever’.

Tonight we were pulling ivy away from graves, headstones and undergrowth, allowing gravestones to be visible and ground to be clear of this densely-growing climber.

Ken ran through the ivy removal basics, from the role of the lopper to the whys and wherefores of controlling this pretty plant, after which the team promptly grabbed gloves and head torches and chose a spot at which to start.

Stubborn stems

We were relieved to have the additional lighting, as, although only a few days from the next full moon, without head torches and work lights, locating and plucking the ivy could have been a tricky task.

As the first five wheelbarrows were piled high with ivy, a willing wheeling team quickly assembled. Ken accompanied the barrows to the park’s green waste pile, returning with some pungent bin bags.

With a ten-minute countdown given at 7:50, GoodGymers proceeded to move far behind the gravestones for a final push.

At 8pm, we gathered tools and trash and made our way back through the dark park, excited for our next visit.

A big shout-out to everyone for a productive and fun night with the FoTHCP team.

Next week, we head up to Bow Road, for another fun and varied evening with Frankie and Kieran at the GET OUT garden.

Until then.

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Harvey Gallagher
Lobo signed up to a community mission.

Mon 19th Feb at 6:40pm

Lobo signed up to a community mission.

Sat 17th Feb at 11:00am

Saturday morning session at The Felix Project's Poplar depot

Come and join our Saturday sessions at the Felix Project!

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John Shirley
Lobo went on a group run

Mon 12th Feb at 6:30pm

It’s bin way too long

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

A small, committed group of GoodGymers headed to the Cranbrook Community Centre this evening.

A great little run

One by one we met at Bethnal Green’s lovely Town Hall Hotel. Pleasantly surprised four of our six sign-ups were joining for tonight’s run, it was a thoroughly enjoyable, easy run down Sewardstone Road, adjacent to Victoria Park.

Our early arrival on the Cranbrook Estate meant we could squeeze in a couple of additional moves on the planters (yep, the obligatory Bulgarian split squats and seated leg lowers).

Joined shortly by our sixth and final member for tonight, task owner Janet proceeded to walk us around to the back of the Centre to show us our first couple of tasks for the night.

What happened to the Wendy house?

First up, was returning toy cars and the Wendy house to the back of the Centre, following a flurry of parties.

Having assessed the damage to the Wendy house roof (it doubles up as a trampoline apparently), we proceeded to lay the roof back gently down onto the house, and park police bikes, sports cars and tractors, before heading over to the first leaf-and-litter stash at the back of the garden.

Pausing only to pose for the first few pics (I say pause, it was more like an additional task, waiting for my camera to flash), the team proceeded to plough their way through the small list of tasks in their usual speedy fashion.

Leaves and litter

Moving around to the front of the garden to join Eileen, it was bin bags at the ready for another great leaf-pick. Grabbing leaves and litter, we filled another few bags, excited to find a whole new leaf stash piled up just as we were ready to call it a night.

As the last of the bags were squeezed into the bins, and we packed away gloves and rakes, we concluded that although we were a small group and the task simple, we’d made a difference, and enjoyed another night together, and another fun night with Janet and Eileen.

  • Shout-outs to the whole team tonight, for a cracking night at Cranbrook.

  • …And to Emma for tonight’s pun, and to Lobo for his pun!

(FYI: Tonight’s Pun Shortlist

  • Emma: It’s bin way too long

  • Lobo: Toying in the cold, a saucy kipper tale (we enjoyed an extensive discussion about the fantastic local fish bar, The Saucy Kipper, at tonight’s task).

  • Laura: Have you got what it rakes?)

Yep, a thoroughly fun February night.

Next week, we need a big team, as it’s our February visit to the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

Read more and sign-up here.

Until then.

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KashHarvey GallagherLaura Williams
Lobo signed up to a group run.

Mon 12th Feb at 6:30pm

Simon Fitzmaurice
Lobo went to a social

Thu 8th Feb at 6:30pm

For Funk's Sake!

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

Karaoke may be Japanese for empty orchestra but there certainly wasn't anything empty about our Goodgymmers performance as 30 of them orchestrated a fun night in the wild lands of Haringey.

Top Of The Pops

It wasn't the most auspicious of starts for this month's Goodgym Social as our very own Goodgym Haringey decided to host a party night bang on in the middle of a yellow weather warning and as the hills of North London became impromptu waterfalls. As a small squad ran to Rowan's from the pre-party task, we all mused how many of the whopping 31 Goodgymmers signed up for the party would actually fight their way through the inclement weather to attend a knees up in Finsbury Park. The consensus was that we expected around 15 people to show up and we would have called that a good innings. Oh, reader, how wrong we were.

One by one, they all started arriving. Soggy, tardy, smiling - they all looked sublime in what was a washout of an evening elsewhere.

Drinks flowed, as did the chat, some people even braved the rather radioactive-looking burgers and before you knew it, 30 of us were sitting around having a jolly old time under the both metaphorical and literal Goodgym flag in the corner. Alas, it can't all be fun so just as everyone was relaxing into the night, GGHaringey's Gramps pounced on the innocent, unexpecting Goodgymmers with an indecent proposal they just couldn't say no - karaoke time.

Now I've heard there was a secret chord / that David played, and it pleased the Lord but the good ol' King had nothing on our crimson-tinged canaries as they sang song after song with gusto, enthusiasm, and -occasionally- even in tune. All tastes were catered for, with particular highlights including a life affirming group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and a somewhat poignant version of checks notes Tubthumping.

After two hours (!) of singing, it was time for a little boogie and GGHaringey's Latoya led the way to the dancefloor where the DJ indulged our now dwindling group with a few Latino-flavoured tunes. Magic stuff.

With thanks to John, Jack and everyone else who have revived the monthly socials and to everyone who came last night to help GGHaringey do our bit.

Next month's fun is taking place in Paddington - details here!

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Harvey Gallagher

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Fri 9th Feb at 3:07pm

Thanks for organising, awesome night 🫶🏽


Fri 9th Feb at 3:20pm

Funkered we were! Top night. Thank you Good Gym London.

Jack Da Silva

Fri 9th Feb at 3:47pm

Thanks for organising!

Fiona M

Sat 10th Feb at 12:27am

Thanks for organising! Had a great time :-)

Bromley runner

Mon 12th Feb at 6:56pm

A great night! Thank you :)

Lobo signed up to a party.

Thu 8th Feb at 6:30pm

GoodGym London - February Social at Rowans in Finsbury Park

Join GoodGymers from all over for a monthly get-together

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Lobo went on a community mission

Mon 5th Feb at 6:40pm

Wood as gold

Tower Hamlets Report written by Laura Williams

This blustery Monday evening saw us heading to a brand new task in Limehouse.

Fitness first

Starting with a short fitness session outside the café, GoodGymers joined one-by-one enjoying the use of the outdoor furniture for seated leg lowers, tricep dips and a most effective hamstring stretch.

And so to the task…

The Royal Foundation of St Katherine is a retreat centre and ‘urban oasis’ in Limehouse, established by Queen Matilda in 1147.

Task owner Larry, previously of St Leonard’s Priory Park, is heading up the project to transform a disused space around the popular Yurt Café into ‘a monastic-inspired garden of reflection with herbs, sensory plants and new seating.’

Our task tonight was to dismantle the planters, pot up trees and shrubs - and fill the skip!

GoodGymers wasted no time in putting the PPE to good use. Armed with sturdy gloves, protective eyewear, hammers and screwdrivers, several teams headed to the planters to start the dismantling.

A task requiring a bit of strength, plenty of strategic thinking and a fair amount of patience, the GoodGymers made good progress. Removing the sides of the planters, examining the wood, sorting debris, no sooner had they finished one planter, they headed over to the second.

Meanwhile a second team were tasked with digging up a larger planter towards the end of the row; salvaging some trees and shrubs, re-potting them and moving them carefully to one side.

It was a hive of activity: sifting through dozens of objects from surplus plant pots, coconut shells to well-established snails, the team worked continuously until after 8.

Finishing with a final few frenzied trips to the skip and a discussion on the optimum spot for our last pic, we concluded it had been an excellent night.

We return to the task next month, with a two-part task to help Larry blitz the clearing project in time for the redevelopment!

Next week...

...Meanwhile, next week sees us heading to the Cranbrook Community Centre, for some more leaf-clearing and other gardening tasks.

Until then.

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KashHarvey Gallagher
Lobo signed up to a community mission.

Mon 5th Feb at 6:40pm

Laura Williams
Lobo signed up to a community mission.

Sat 3rd Feb at 11:00am

Saturday morning session at The Felix Project's Poplar depot

Come and join our Saturday sessions at the Felix Project!

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