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Louisa went on a community mission

Sat 21st Jan at 8:30am

Thank you Moors Valley

Portsmouth Report written by Portsmouth runner

A little road trip to Moors Valley parkrun today. It was an opportunity to say thank you for helping John in August.
Money had been raised by a variety of goodgymers, friends & family to buy a defibrillator for the parkrun kit. ❤️

It was a very cold but bright morning. Lots of layers required today. 🥶

The fun started with Val using a low ‘junior’ toilet 😂😂. Great way to do warm up squats? Vicki laughed so much she nearly needed it herself.

We were part of the 47 volunteers there today and it was route ‘B’ due to the weather conditions.

Aoife was a distracted timekeeper and an incredible photographer., Val was one of the organised funnel managers, Wilson celebrated everyone’s run by handing them a finish token (500 runners today) Katie & John had a great run and sorted the tokens in the warmth of the coffee shop. Vicki & Caroline had a social Park Walk role. Louisa, Benny & Pip were cheerleaders!

Just enough time to grab a hot drink afterwards before leaving the car park by 10.45am to avoid extra parking charges!

(Not put up lots of photos as a lot of other people in them today) 😃

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Samantha BelfrageWilson
Louisa went on a group run

Wed 11th Jan at 6:00pm

Rubbish Wednesday turned out good

Portsmouth Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

Kudos to everyone for turning up today, most people would have stayed inside to avoid the potential for getting caught in thunder, lightening or hail, all of which were seen in the hour before we met.

Jen's stop the rain dance ALMOST kept us dry for the whole task tonight though. So we all need to learn it for next time....

We met outside Fratton Community Centre and headed down Clive Road to the footbridge.

Before crossing the bridge we tidied around the bottom of the steps but we did have to leave the suitcase and it's undesirable contents in place. 💩

Once we got into the alleys the rain stopped and we just had to navigate round some puddles. We picked up plenty of rubbish, filling 3 black bags which we left by the red bin for PCC / Colas to collect. Jo exited stage left and headed home.

We also collected lots of recycling for Jen's green bin and 2 bags of glass which Vicki tried to fit in one Bag for Life. Ellie repurposed her bag once Vicki's was full and brought another whole bag back to Fratton to empty into the bottle bank in car park.

All in all, a good haul with a good / mad group of people.

And more good deeds counted for the January Challenge - excellent work team!

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Olivia WallerWilson
Louisa went on a community mission

Wed 11th Jan at 6:00pm


Portsmouth Report written by Judy Knapp

GoodGymers are generous with their donations as well as with their time.

10 GoodGymers donated period products as part of the #endperiodpoverty January campaign. The donations will be passed on to the EC Roberts Centre for them to provide to their clients.

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Olivia WallerWilson
Louisa signed up to a community mission.

Wed 11th Jan at 6:00pm

Louisa signed up to a group run.

Wed 11th Jan at 6:00pm

Louisa went on a community mission

Mon 2nd Jan at 10:00am

A clean start!

Portsmouth Report written by Judy Knapp

A satisfying beach clean, on a glorious sunny January day!

9 GoodGymers, plus Betsy, Tess and Benny, joined The Final Straw to collect over 520kg of waste from the beach and car park on the Eastney peninsula.

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Olivia WallerLucy BoothWilson