Movement, giving back, socialising, organising and spreading positivity. These things make me feel good and GoodGym has them all!


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Helping maintain St. Christopher's Children's Home
🗓Tomorrow 6:45pm

📍Tap Tavern TW9 1ED

Looking after the property at this local children's home

Adam Stephens
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Liz (She/her) went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 6:45pm

A very secret lemonade drinker!

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

A speedy run, keeping to the well-lit roads of Richmond, took the group to Petersham Common to meet task owner Ken.

Ken had plans for us to dig a new drainpipe into the footpath, as have done in previous years. But while preparing that day, he decided that it was the perfect spot to create a new microhabitat by allowing the water to drain into a new pond. That meant the pond needed digging first, and that meant very carefully taking out the protected native bluebells in the pond area so that they could be planted safely elsewhere in the common. (Ken is licensed to dig native bluebells, this can't be done without a license).

They are young plants in this area and their bulbs are only small. Each one required careful digging out with a trowel to prevent cutting it off, and the more we looked, the more there were! The group worked not only on delicate removal but simultaneously on their deep squats and ankle mobility to stay so close to the ground!

Further workouts included digging the perimeter of the pond and moving the shifted soil in the wheelbarrow. This is why we call it keeping fit by doing good! As an extra added bonus, Rosie made a lucky find by digging up an original ceramic R Whites bottle!

At the end of a good session of digging, Ken handed out Lindor chocolates which were just the boost needed for the run back to town!

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StephDucatDave White
Harvey Gallagher
Liz (She/her) signed up to a group run.

Mon 4th Mar at 6:45pm

Helping maintain St. Christopher's Children's Home

Looking after the property at this local children's home

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Cherian LiStephDucat
Liz (She/her) went on a group run

Mon 19th Feb at 6:45pm

Not a patch on Suze!

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

This week marked a special milestone for Susannah who reached 100 GoodGym tasks! 🥳

The group met at Tap Tavern for an intro, warm-up and to adorn Suze with her ceremonial wings (to match the GoodGym 100 t-shirt design) and give her the card signed by the group and showing some of her 100 highlights. Suze joined in summer 2021 and has carried out tasks in an impressive SEVEN GoodGym areas.

The evening's task took us over the river to St Christopher's where the group prepped the vegetable patch ready for growing season. It was overrun with weeds so there was a lot of digging involved, overseen by wonder Rosie who actually knows what we are meant to do with plants!

45 minutes later and the area was transformed, with some potatoes, brocolli, cabbages, carrots and wild garlic found along the way. The group however opted for less green treats as Suze cracked open the cookies and flapjacks she had brought along. Perfect to get the legs moving again to run back to the Tap!

Congratulations Suze and thank you for all the good you do.

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Harvey Gallagher
Liz (She/her) went on a group run

Mon 12th Feb at 6:45pm

Bordering on Springtime

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

GoodGym Richmond’s second Monday of the month Group Run Task always sees us working on our sponsored plots in Buccleuch Gardens Richmond. Usually we split up into small groups to complete an array of different gardening jobs but tonight we were all together and focused on weeding and tidying the perimeter of The Three Pigeons Plot. Armed with trowels, cutlery knives and trugs everyone pitched in to clear the outer edge of the plot of weed, ‘deadleaf’ (removing browned foliage) some of the ornamental grasses and dig up some of the self-seeded wormwood.

Before heading back to The Tap Tavern in Richmond for our monthly social, there was time to sweep up around the Three Pigeons and park benches and compost all the green waste.

Even in the dark we could see a huge difference to the appearance of the Three Pigeons Plot, perfect to showcase the hellebores and violets that are flowering now and the bulbs that are pushing through.

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