Movement, giving back, socialising, organising and spreading positivity. These things make me feel good and GoodGym has them all!


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Indoor woodwork painting at INS (neuro-support)
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📍Tap Tavern TW9 1ED

Creating a calm, welcoming space and taking some pressure off staff

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Liz (She/her) signed up to a group run.

Mon 16th Oct at 6:45pm

Garden maintenance at St John the Divine

Helping outdoors at this church in the heart of the community

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Monika Kohlmaier
Liz (She/her) went on a group run

Mon 25th Sep at 6:45pm

A new spin on doing good

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

Meeting at Tap Tavern for an early evening run to Twickenham, the group dusted off the cobwebs of sitting at desks with some key stretches while Liz did the intro. A warm welcome was offered to Nina who was joining for her first task. Both a running and walking group then set off across Richmond Green, treated to some flashes of action from across the spiderverse as the sunset blazed through the sky above the river.

A run that is mostly beside the river is always a treat and one of many reasons why we look forward to visiting Lynde House Care Home. There is always a happy welcome for us too as we run down the quiet back streets to the home. In the past we have helped prep and paint garden furniture, build raised sleeper beds and treat bird tables. This evening though we were handed feather dusters and paint brushes to tackle the spiders who were trying to get in on some of the lovely care at the home too, around the windows and doorframes.

There are a lot of windows on the building and it worked well to have a good sized team on the case. Eight arms would definitely not have been enough! The spiders were clearly very comfortable and there were egg sacks in every crevice. We spun our way around the building, being careful not to disturb residents who were settling in for the evening.

As spiders know well, many hands make light work and the team managed to reconvene by reception ready for some suitably Halloween-style photos by headtorch before completing a neat 5km run by heading back to the Tap.

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Harvey Gallagher
Liz (She/her) went on a group run

Mon 18th Sep at 6:45pm

Short back and sides

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

While most of the group headed straight to the task location this evening, three runners met at the Tap Tavern for a quick run over the Bridge to St Christopher's. On arrival, Liz shared information on some of the upcoming tasks, talked about both the end of summer social and Christmas party in the same sentence, and we all welcomed Christy for the first time!

We have helped at St Christopher's so frequently that even though the person on duty didn't have specific instructions, we set about giving the garden a bit of 'the usual'! Cutting back the bushes, taking out brambles, sweeping the driveway of leaves and giving the front hedge a trim. Many hands make light work, even as the dark descended on us and there was just time for a giggling group picture before everyone headed home.

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