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Helping set up a big train set for children to play with in an ADHD/Autism safe play session.
🗓Saturday 1:30pm

📍Barn Church TW9 4HF

Help contribute to a better community that is inclusive.

JPAlice 🌸
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JP signed up to a group run.

Mon 15th Jul at 6:45pm

GoodGym Richmond Birthday x AFC Heatham Youth Centre

Helping maintain this fabulous facility for local children

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JP went on a group run

Mon 20th May at 6:45pm

Short back and sides

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

A happy return to Achieving For Children's Heatham House in Twickenham this evening. They asked for our help to repeat a task we had undertaken this time last year to take out the greenery that was encroaching on the AstroTurf football cage to prevent the ball getting burst on it and the kids getting scratched.

The evening started with a run that took us along the river and into Twickenham with a little trot through Moormead park too. 3km there was just right to shake off the cobwebs before getting stuck into the task. Previous learnings meant better preparation with bug repellent and an extra caution to look out for each other as rogue vines shed a lot of debris that makes for itchy work!

Many massive bin bags later, we took them to the wheelie bins before heading back off into the sunset over Richmond Bridge to complete a 6km total run.

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Alan ArmstrongKash
JP signed up to a group run.

Mon 20th May at 6:45pm

Helping AFC Heatham Youth Centre clear vines for an event

Helping maintain this fabulous facility for local children

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JP went on a mission

Sat 18th May at 12:00pm

A Hill o’ Beans

Hounslow Report written by JP

This week Mr K told me that he’s eating less of the beef casserole of late due to the warmer weather, and that baked beans were very much in favour.

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Alan ArmstrongStephDucat
JP went on a community mission

Sat 18th May at 10:00am

Weed do it all over again

Richmond Report written by Richmond runner

It was a drier morning than forecast, thankfully, as we were outside for this month’s trip to RFS.

Some very persistent weeds we’ve previously had dealings with had got too big for their boots again so we shuffled into battle armed with only one pair of secateurs and our own brute strength. What we couldn’t pull, we chopped, and what we couldn’t chop, we delicately disentangled while remarking how fiddly it all was.

We left the car park looking a lot less neglected than we found it and will hopefully have more hands on deck next time we return to RFS on 15 June.

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JP signed up to a mission.

Sat 18th May at 12:00pm

JP went on a community mission

Sun 12th May at 10:00am

Relief all round

Richmond Report written by JP

Sammy P and JP got together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to post leaflets for the Volunteer Fair organised by Richmond CVS.

It was wonderful to walk the streets of St Margarets, basking in the warmth of the sunshine and the glow of doing our bit for the local community.

Having said that, it was a relief to finish by 4:30 and to watch a good football team beat a bad football team… relief all round!

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JP went on a community mission

Sat 11th May at 10:00am

Sticky business

Richmond Report written by JP

A glorious morning of sunshine greeted the 7 GGers who headed out to the Ham Lands for a morning of doing good. As usual, Sharon was there to meet us and led the group to an area we had tackled around the same time last year, where we had cut down the suckers growing up near the cherry trees.

So it was a morning of sticks (and saplings and brambles). We cut them down from the main tree in the middle, from the surrounding areas and from the undergrowth, and gathered them up to deposit in the ever-increasing pile tucked away amongst the trees.

While most of us were having a stick-y time with the choppers and loppers, Rosie tackled an even stickier challenge left behind by a passing canine to help prevent sticky shoes for walkers using the pathway 💩

We worked hard and made a lot of progress, and at the end of our allotted time we had made a real difference, as well as soaking up some vitamin D from the warming sunshine.

All that was left was a group picture before we headed off to the Swiss bakery for delicious coffees and snacks.

Next time up is the 8th June - you can sign up here:

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Liz (She/her)

Sun 12th May at 12:43pm

Wonderful work, can't believe it is a year already since we last cleared those suckers!