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Council run sheltered retirement housing

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Point Rake

Tuesday 13th June 2023

Written by Philippa (She/her)

Tonight we ran over to Kemp Town to visit Somerset Point, a residence for older adults. They've had lots of work done to their communal garden, giving them a fab green space to enjoy. We were joined there by a couple of our fellow GoodGymers who had cycled to the task 🚲

Rob and Sherman got to work clearing rogue grass from the flower beds and raking in some topsoil. Meanwhile, the rest of us were round the corner weeding, litter picking, and trimming bushes to keep the baths looking tidy and free from trip hazards, so residents can enjoy their green space in the summer heat.

After bagging up the rubbish we battled through an 8 minute Tabata workout, featuring squat jumps, mountain climbers, skate lunges and planking (with the added thrill of dodging the dog poo 💩). After all that hard work it was time to head to the pub, where Michelle had booked us in for our monthly social 🙌

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Juliet O'Brien

Bush snippity, we've got to bag it up

Tuesday 29th November 2022

Written by Carla Washbourne

10 GoodGymers headed to Somerset Point to clear overgrown areas and help residents access the garden paths.

We spent a chilly, but thankfully dry, evening snipping back bushes and shrubs that had encroached on the paths and bagging up lots of previous trimmings that were causing a nuisance along the side access.

The task owner welcomed us and we quickly got organised with our trusty gloves, lamps and torches and a variety of loppers and shears to tackle the unruly vegetation. Working as a team along the fences, we quickly got everything looking much clearer.

To top it off, we were rewarded with some all-important biscuits to power our run back home. (‘Runners Biscuits’ – a new Brighton GoodGym business proposition? Watch this space!)

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Rob Ward

Hard-core in the Down Pour!

Tuesday 6th September 2022

Written by Brighton runner

Incase we were in any doubt, the weather made sure we knew that the summer firmly behind us! Eight brave (or possible crazy) souls ran and walked to Somerset Point; a council residency for the more mature Brightonians. The last time we helped out at Somerset we were in between heatwaves, so tonight's rain was quite the opposite!

A huge welcome to Sacha (aka Alexandra) who joined us for the first time. Thank you so much for getting stuck in tonight!

We were met by the lovely Roy, who set us up with all kinds of foliage chopping tools and bags. Due to the weather we concentrated on the entrance to the building, clearing the pathways to make access easier and clear away weeds from the paving stones. We must have unearthed the snail population of Kemptown and safely re-homed them away from the path.

With biblical conditions we worked quickly and took our fitness session indoors just in time for the rain to stop 🙄. Tonight we concentrated on abs and gluten to help strengthen our core and keep our posture when running, walking or even sitting at the desk(!) If anyone wanted another go this was the workout we completed.

A huge thank you to all who came out for the first wet task in what feels like years! I hope you all manged to get warm and dry.

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Gardening on Point

Tuesday 9th August 2022

Written by Brighton runner

We were truly spoilt with four NEW Goodgymers this week! Welcome to Carine, Tina, Rosie and Kim and thank you for getting stuck in!

With so many new hands, and a great turn out tonight's task really didn't take us long to get to work! We were greeted by Ron at Somerset House, a senior residence in Kempton who was "just looking for a little help" in the garden. With weeds to be banished from the paving and clearing the rose beds we cleared at least 12 (my best guess please correct me if you counted!) black bags of green waste and litter.

With so much completed a small group went to the car park to tackle a corner that was VERY over grown. There was a lot to do but that corner was cleared! Check out the photos for the before and after! We will be back to take on the rest of that car park. While this was going on, our very own Jason did a little DIY to fix a memorial water feature that hadn't been working.

With the heat we didn't make it to a fitness session tonight, though I'm sure there was plenty of arm work outs at the pub(!) If you'd like to take things slow and do some Yin Yoga to stretch out your hips, a problem area for runners, cyclers and walkers, please check out this video.

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Tara Shanahan

Somerset Joint!

Tuesday 15th June 2021

Written by Amro

Ayo my people its time to rap again....not sure from where to begin

Four Goodgymmers met at Somerset Point...don't let the pun fool you there was no joint!

Weedin' and sweepin' was the task to do...we finished it in an hour woohoo

Eilleen thanked us all for the effort...and here I am writing this report

peace out

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Tuesday 4th May 2021

Written by Amro

Eight Goodgymers met outside Somerset Point building and welcomed GG Brighton newest member Shirely.

We were greeted by Somerset Point resident Eilleen who showed us where the tools are and told us what needs to be done in different parts of the garden. We assigned ourselves different gardening tasks and started the work while chatting about our days and plans for the rest of the week.

In one hour, we were done and Eilleen was impressed with the output. We took a group selfie before heading on our different paths while feeling a little better for accomplishing another GG deed.

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