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Good Gym Brighton Christmas meal
🗓Thursday 14th December 8:30pm

📍Bom-Bane's BN2 1RH

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Michael Pirrie
Michael Pirrie went on a group run

Tue 21st Nov at 6:15pm

Fi(t)z-zy surprise!

Brighton Report written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

A grand welcome was given to new members Sarah and Stefan at yesterday GoodGym’s session at the Fitzherbert hub helping the Real Junk Food Project.

A running stroll on the seafront and high knees step ups the stairs enriched our fitness session on route to the venue. And once there, … surprise! We found some construction work-in-progress but, regardless, the unstoppable Brighton GoodGymers managed to clean safely all the exposed surfaces, swept and mopped all the floors in a blink of an eye, by equipping themselves with helmets – not these ones not 😊, but yes indeed with all the available brooms, brushes, dust pans, backets and mops!

We also extended the job to the neighbouring Brighton Table Tennis Club to make our cleaning session more fulfilling. It was a grand group, so with no surprise we finished off everything very quickly to get ready for the follow up entertainment: The Quiz night at the Kempt pub.

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Michael Pirrie
Michael Pirrie signed up to a group run.

Tue 21st Nov at 6:15pm

Fitz clean

Let's help Real Junk Food Project to keep clean this community hub

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