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Pointed Planting
๐Ÿ—“Tuesday 13th June 6:15pm

๐Ÿ“Victoria Gardens BN1 1WN

Providing a safe, outdoor haven for vulnerable residents.

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Sarah Katharine
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Tue 20th Jun at 6:15pm

TAKE PART - Get Fit Do Good Together

Let's goodgyming together for the B&H Take Part Festival of Sport

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Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her) went on a group run

Tue 30th May at 5:45pm

Wilding in the Wind

Brighton Report written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

After a glorious sunny bank holiday weekend, it felt a bit windy-er our yesterdayโ€™s enjoyable outing and GoodGym group session at Wilding Waterhall. This is a project of The Living Coast Partnership restoring chalk grassland, improving biodiversity and supporting public engagement on a former golf course up in the middle of a scenic wildland just on the doorstep of the South Downs National Park.

It was our first GoodGym Brighton outing with double sport action, with Philippa leading a group of our enthusiastic runners, including Jane, Nicola, Ben and Angela who found her way without getting lost in the wild ๐Ÿ˜Š

And, with Stefania riding by bike together with Juliet, Sarah and new member Maddalena. WELCOME! Joining Doug, and Richard coming from the further West and Frances, who is always the first one up and ready for the community action of the day!

We saved 1.2 kg of CO2 riding or walking to Wilding Waterhall rather than travelling by car. This is what the Brighton & Hove BetterPoint App tells me to encourage sustainable travel across our city!

We were hosted by Laura from Brighton & Hove Food Partnership for tacking a spring deep clean in what was a former golf clubhouse. The list of cleaning tasks was neat, clear and long but, as usual, we managed to sort all out with our GoodGym superpower, despite the missing hot water, the lost buckets and the hidden additional hoover with dodgy electric supply ๐Ÿ˜Š

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership has just taken over the management of Wilding Waterhall venue that is now available for hiring to host projects like โ€œLand Use Plusโ€ and โ€œMeat Shareโ€ to encourage nature friendly farming and improve food production practices that impact less on climate change. Read more here about Wilding Waterhall: And, on BHFP website about their projects and

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Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her) signed up to a group run.

Tue 13th Jun at 6:15pm

Pointed Planting

Providing a safe, outdoor haven for vulnerable residents.

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Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her) completed 25 good deeds with GoodGym. ๐ŸŽ‰

Tuesday 23rd May

On a roll

On a roll

Sarah Katharine (She/Her) completed 25 good deeds with GoodGym.

Sarah has already done 25 good deeds with GoodGym. Instead of doing anything else, they've used their run to go and help people that need their help; digging, lifting, scraping, clearing, planting and weeding. Stuff that makes this a better place to be.

Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her) went on a community mission

Tue 23rd May at 6:15pm

It's ladies night, and the feeling's Bright(on GoodGym)

Brighton Report written by Philippa (She/her)

Six runners met by the Victoria Statue, ready for a slog up the hill to Brighton Table Tennis Club ๐Ÿ“. This club provides inclusive table tennis lessons to local people, and Tuesday night is Ladies Night ๐Ÿ™Œ

After meeting some other GGers at the task, we were given instructions by the task owner and got to work ๐Ÿ’ช

Michelle and Thomas hoovered and mopped the reception area to make the place look welcoming for club members. Meanwhile, Sarah, Jane and Amro got stuck into the rampant weeds growing along the front of the building, while Ben, Sherman, and Rosie tidied up the shared garden over the road. We soon had the weeds pulled, the litter picked, and the borders looking braw โœจ๏ธ

If that wasn't enough, some brave souls jogged to the seafront for a fitness session combining hill sprints and a core workout ๐Ÿฅต Being by the sea on a sunny warm evening is one of the joys of being in Brighton, and we're looking forward to some lovely summer evenings with our GoodGym squad in the months ahead ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Keep an eye on our Instagram @ggbrighton for the latest reel crafted by Rosie, featuring some highlights from tonight's session. Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming session soon!

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