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Brighton Half
🗓Sunday 26th February 9:30am

📍Madeira Drive BN2 1TB

Our local half marathon!

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Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her) went on a community mission

Tue 7th Feb at 6:15pm

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Mon 6th Feb at 7:55pm

Dear All, as some of you may know this will be my last Brighton Goodgym session as this my last week of training.


Mon 6th Feb at 7:59pm

I'll bring some cake to make up for the sad news, im partial to a goodbye drink after the session (don't worry the days of Wild West Jessy are behind me and would be a social drink). I hope to have the chance to say goodbye to as many of you as possible and would like to thanks all of you for the amazing welcome and laugh during the session (particularly the post deed fitness session on Burn night)


Tue 7th Feb at 1:31pm

Ciao JC, do you have a specific pub for a social drink in mind? Vote to the Brighton GoogGym community ;)


Tue 7th Feb at 3:17pm

I'm open to anywhere convenient for everybody. Not fussy at all

Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her) signed up to a community mission.

Tue 7th Feb at 6:15pm

Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her) went on a community mission

Tue 31st Jan at 6:30pm

Ever cleaned!

Brighton Report written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

Well, well, ... really well astonished we were to find out how shining still was the upper floor that we cleaned two weeks ago. Well, well, ... really well done Good Gymers! Easy job done, then!? Ehm, what about those hidden corners, skirting, stair wells, toilets, and windows, and cabinets, and...
Heigh-ho!! There is always something more we can do to help the Real Junk Food Project in the Gardener community Cafe' so centrally located in the heart of the Brighton North Lanes. So, more we did!! A fantastic group action of 11 Good Gymers with the (user-) friendly support of "Henry" (The Hoover) turned this cafe' in a never-ever-been- so-clean one.... almost :-) Congrats Liam getting his first good deed with Good Gym Brighton! And, welcome backJack and Will who relocated from London already thinking how to join Good Gym coached runs to visit an older person in Brighton.

Sadly, visiting Jcand Geraldine have announced that their “life in Brighton” is ending soon, but there is a promise of “Au revoir’ cake at our next Tuesday session:
Sign-up now to reverse a bite ;-)

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Olivia WallerJC

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Fri 3rd Feb at 5:38pm

Hi Everyone due to today train strike im staying in Brighton tonight so ill go to east Brighton parkrun tomorrow if anyone fancy joining me (im partial to coffee and cake after)

Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her)

Fri 3rd Feb at 10:52pm

Hiya, I am hoping to do that Park Run too! Never never good at getting there on time but will try!

Sarah Katharine
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Friday 27th January



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