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Clean Supreme!
🗓Tuesday 14th February 6:15pm

📍Victoria Gardens BN1 1WN

Keeping up with hygiene standards in a community kitchen

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Frances Ruocco
Frances Ruocco went on a community mission

Tue 24th Jan at 6:40pm

Feeling the Burns

Brighton Report written by Philippa

When GoodGym gangs oot intae the street,

Our red clad pals tae surely meet,

And runs up tae a grand auld school,

That has wet wipes fae one and all,

We find the job simple and plain,

Just wipe the dust, scrub ev'ry stain,

From corridor to lofty stair,

We made short work of whit wis there;

Then oot tae warm up with a quick Strip the Willow,

Afore heading awa' tae oor welcoming pillows,

Hame again noo and tucked up tight!

On this, the eve of Rabbie Burns Night 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Frances Ruocco
Frances Ruocco signed up to a community mission.

Tue 24th Jan at 6:40pm

School Superstars ✨

Extra cleaning is a great help for pupils and staff in such a big school

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Frances Ruocco
Frances Ruocco went on a community mission

Tue 17th Jan at 6:15pm

How clean is your cafe? Very!

Brighton Report written by Michael Pirrie

On Tuesday a bumper group of 14 runners braved the cold weather to help the Real Junk Food Project in their community cafe. Meeting at our usual spot we made the thankfully short run up to the cafe. At the cafe we met Doug who was attending his first Goodgym session! It was great to see such a big group and new faces despite the plummeting temperatures!

We were all grateful to get inside out of the cold and get started on the cleaning duties. We split up all the tasks across both floors which included hoovering, wiping, moping, sweeping, tidying and just about any cleaning job you can imagine! With so many of us we made light work of all the jobs and had plenty of time to have a catch up in amongst the cleaning. Alongside Doug we've had a new few new faces so it was nice to get to know everyone.

Afterwards a few of headed back to the start but most of us ran off into the night and back home to get warm! Hopefully next week will be a bit warmer so please sign up here:

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