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Rob Ward
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Sun 26th Feb at 9:30am

Rob Ward
Rob Ward went on a community mission

Tue 21st Feb at 6:15pm

Can AI take over Goodgym? (First Person Perspective)

Brighton Report written by Amro

Today I received a magazine about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Being an overthinker, I couldn't stop thinking about one question: Can AI take over my job in the future?

Making my way to the Goodgym task I started feeling the anxiety building up, thinking how can I cope in an ever-changing world. As soon as I reached the Goodgym meeting point and was welcomed with friendly faces, my worries were suddenly on pause.

Thirteen Goodgymers braved the cold today and made their way to The Fitzherbert Community Hub that has recently opened its doors and we met Katherine, the newly appointed manager, who explained to us about this multi-partners endeavor and what help was needed by Real Junk Food Project in their venue for tonight. We all started sweeping, mopping, cleaning tables, arranging cups and there's always a few that did more chatting than cleaning!! (not naming names but do check the photos for evidence!).

We were done quickly with today's task and Angela had the great idea of having pancakes since its Pancake Tuesday! So we made our way to Munchie's Craft in the Laines where the owner was kind enough to keep the cafe open till late and served us delicious pancakes ! We took over the whole cafe and ordered sweet and savoury pancakes and some waffles by mistake! Some opted for fancy cocktails for the gram.

It was a fun social and as we said our goodbyes, I went back home with one thought in mind; AI can and will probably take over my job in the future, but it will never be able to take over the sense of joy and contentment of completing another Goodgym task :)

I asked ChatGPT (An AI platform that is taking the world by storm) to write a rap song about Goodgym and here is what it came up with! I let you be the judge of who raps better wink wink

It's Pancake Tuesday and the crew's all here,

Brighton GoodGym in the house, let's make it clear,

Lace up our sneakers, we're on the move,

Gonna help the community with a groove.

We sprint down the road, with a purpose in mind,

Helping the elderly, leaving no one behind,

We shovel snow and rake the leaves,

Making the neighborhood shine before we leave.

We finish the job, time to celebrate,

But we're not done yet, it's time to create,

A stack of pancakes, fluffy and sweet,

To enjoy with friends, while we kick up our feet.

We sit down to eat, with smiles all around,

Good food, good company, in a great town,

Brighton GoodGym, Pancake Tuesday,

A day to remember, in every single way.

Brighton GoodGym, we're the ones to beat,

Pancake Tuesday, let's get to the street,

We'll run and help, no task too tough,

We'll get it done and never enough.

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Theresa Joseph
Theresa Joseph (she/her)

Tue 28th Feb at 7:56pm

Fun report, Fun to read lovely pictures too nice going GoodGym Brighton - would have loved to have heard that rap performed

Rob Ward
Rob Ward signed up to a community mission.

Tue 21st Feb at 6:15pm

Fizzy cleaning in a new hub

Keep cleaned a food community hub

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Rob Ward
Rob Ward went on a community mission

Tue 7th Feb at 6:15pm

Chilly picking

Brighton Report written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

HOW COOL is it? Very! At Goodgym, it is always very COOL to walk, run or cycle and group together with the other Good Gymers for a community mission.

It was a dry winter evening, may be a bit CHILLY, but with an extremely clear sky full of stars to set the scene of our moonlight litter picking at the Adelaide and Brunswick Ward, in Hove. 12 brave GoodGymers showed up for the mission after we equipped ourselves with litter pickers made available by the City Clean Tidy Up Team of the Brighton and Hove Council. We were welcomed by Cllrs Hanna and Phelin who pro-actively joined the team and led our way to Brunswick Park and surrounding areas. It was like a fun treasure hunt as we were scouting the hidden rubbish treasure left behind the bushes and between the parked cars.

(Honestly) HOW COLD was it? Very 😊 by the FEEL of our fingertips at the end of the session. Nevertheless, it is always very WARMING to get busy in social action and REWARDING to contribute to the conservation of such an outstanding conversation area in our city. Even more rewarding was the great WARM FINALE with JC’s homemade cake and a social drink in a cosy local pub. Let's say Goodbye, for now JC and Happy Birthday Rob with a belated collective cheers to you!

What next?

Don't forget our next community mission: A Spring Declutter is on at St Luke’s Church, after Saturday parkrun in Preston Park. And, next Tuesday's group run to the Brighton Community Kitchen.

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Rob Ward
Rob Ward signed up to a community mission.

Tue 7th Feb at 6:15pm

Rob Ward
Rob Ward went on a community mission

Tue 31st Jan at 6:30pm

Ever cleaned!

Brighton Report written by STEFANIA ROSSO (she/her)

Well, well, ... really well astonished we were to find out how shining still was the upper floor that we cleaned two weeks ago. Well, well, ... really well done Good Gymers! Easy job done, then!? Ehm, what about those hidden corners, skirting, stair wells, toilets, and windows, and cabinets, and...
Heigh-ho!! There is always something more we can do to help the Real Junk Food Project in the Gardener community Cafe' so centrally located in the heart of the Brighton North Lanes. So, more we did!! A fantastic group action of 11 Good Gymers with the (user-) friendly support of "Henry" (The Hoover) turned this cafe' in a never-ever-been- so-clean one.... almost :-) Congrats Liam getting his first good deed with Good Gym Brighton! And, welcome backJack and Will who relocated from London already thinking how to join Good Gym coached runs to visit an older person in Brighton.

Sadly, visiting Jcand Geraldine have announced that their “life in Brighton” is ending soon, but there is a promise of “Au revoir’ cake at our next Tuesday session:
Sign-up now to reverse a bite ;-)

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Fri 3rd Feb at 5:38pm

Hi Everyone due to today train strike im staying in Brighton tonight so ill go to east Brighton parkrun tomorrow if anyone fancy joining me (im partial to coffee and cake after)

Sarah Katharine
Sarah Katharine (She/Her)

Fri 3rd Feb at 10:52pm

Hiya, I am hoping to do that Park Run too! Never never good at getting there on time but will try!