Mulgrave Street Action Group

Community group set up by 14 year old Khan Odita to deliver initiatives in Toxteth and around Liverpool

25 GoodGymers have supported Mulgrave Street Action Group with 5 tasks.

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Helping out at the Mulgrave Street Project

Monday 26th February 2024 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Helping out at the Mulgrave Street Project

Monday 11th March 2024 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Helping out at the Mulgrave Street Project

Monday 1st April 2024 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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A Wheely weighty task

Monday 5th February

Written by Sophie McClellan

This week we were once again helping Kahn and the Mulgrave Street action group to maintain their community garden.

Due to my poor timekeeping Sallyann stepped in last minute to lead the run from Hope Street (thank you!)

When all eight of us had arrived on Mulgrave Street, we were given a variety of tasks; from bulb planting to litter picking and cutting down the old sunflowers! We finished so quickly we even managed to do a quick litter pick of the street and be done with time to spare. Amongst the most interesting finds were some skateboard wheels, - weight lifting belt and an awful lot of bread!

The garden on Mulgrave Street is always a lovely place to be and we are always glad to help out. I've no doubt we'll be back again soon!

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A Host of golden Goodgymmers

Monday 20th November 2023

Written by Sophie McClellan

After a short run from Hope Street, 3 runners were met by 8 more goodgymmers.

This week, we were back at Mulgrave Street Action Group Community Garden where, once again, Khan had a mammoth task for us.

Armed with bagfuls of daffodil bulbs and a few trowels, we set to work on the small patch of grass in front of the garden. Digging and planting until the whole patch was filled.

With the help of new recruit Lee and visiting Londoner Emily we manged to plant four big bags of bulbs - cant wait to see it in the spring for a true William Wordsworth moment!

Well done everyone - it's great to see the impact of the garden expanding!

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Time Fly(er)s when you’re having fun!

Monday 21st August 2023

Written by Sophie McClellan

This week, we were back helping Mulgrave Street Action Group, after being forced to postpone the task due to lightening a few weeks ago.

12 goodgymmers met at the Mulgrave Street community garden. It was particularly lovely to welcome Theresa - you are welcome back anytime!

The main task was to drop leaflets to the surrounding houses, in a bid to recruit new volunteers. Organised as ever, Khan gave us a list of streets, so we split up into pairs and got the leaflets delivered in no time. We were even finished in time to do a spot of weeding and tree planting!

Excellent work everyone, This task would have taken their tiny team hours and will hopefully result in a few more members to help with the maintenance of the beautiful garden.

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Flower Power

Monday 26th June 2023

Written by Sophie McClellan

6 runners met on Hope Street and ran just over 1km to offer our services to a community garden in need.

When we arrived at Mulgrave Street Community Garden we were met by 5 other GoodGymmers (including two first timers Aditya and Eleanor - lovely to have you on board!)

Our mission tonight was to help Mulgrave Street Action Group with some planting after some of their plants were stolen! The garden was set up by (then 14 year old) Khan and his Mum. It had previously been a bit of a dumping ground but is now a beautiful space for the community to share.

To begin with we split into two teams - one weeding and one moving hundreds of plants from Khan's back garden. Then the planting could begin!

Fueled by tea and biscuits (very much appreciated), we set to work and by the end of the evening, we had definitely put Ground Force to shame!

It was a real pleasure to meet Kahn and his mum who have clearly had a huge impact on their community - we hope to be back in the future!

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