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Weed Planned to Help Out and by the End Were Bushed !!

Tuesday 9th January

Written by Yianny (he / him)

Last night despite the freezing temperatures the GoodGym Lambeth crew were back out there heading over to Jubilee Primary School to give Juan a helping hand.

The task was a simple one but any help during this time of the year is warmly (!) welcome so the team set about weeding and trimming back the bushes to have the place ship shape for the young learners when they arrived on Wednesday morning.

Our All Star Task Force member Nathan led the run and brought the group there and back in no time, while Marie-Noelle and Paul joined us walking.

Thanks to Kaz, Fi (welcome back!) and Michael for risking your fingers to frostbite and I look forward to being back with you next week for a really fun session - it's Litter Pick Bingo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jubilee Primary School is All Write !!

Tuesday 28th November 2023

Written by Yianny (he / him)

Last night our fantastic Run Leader Joao stepped into the breach to cover the run as AA Yianny was on family duty and it was a great group turnout to boot!

Most of the group met at Papa's to get out of the cold for a few minutes before setting off while Marie-Noelle, Paul and Lindy met the group at the task. It was also lovely to see Elsa back for her second session in two weeks (that way a streak lies!)

After an easy run the group arrived and were let in by the cleaning staff and by the looks of the pictures were in charge of shifting loo roll about as well as some weeding and pruning of one of the outdoor spaces.

We will keep it as simple as that for this week's report but if any of the group want to update on any humourous goings on then please add that into the comments section below.

Big thanks to all and we are now on the final countdown to the festive period so some great tasks with our fantastic partners as well as the end of year party on the 19th - get signed up here: Ho Ho Hold My Pumpkin Spiced Kombucha

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Rain Rain Here to Stay....

Tuesday 29th August 2023

Written by Yianny (he / him)

Looks like summer is coming to a close after such a short time but still a bumper group of GGers turned out to head over and help Juan out prepare Jubilee Primary for the new school term!

Pre-run discussion took in preparations for marathons and half marathons of our runners so a huge wish of Good Luck to Tilly, Michael and Joao as they head ever closer to race days.

To stay on theme our category for this evening is favourite nursery rhyme (wheels on the bus is the answer btw!)

It's almost exactly 1.5kms (flat) to Jubilee Primary so we made good time and had a bit of a wait while someone came to open up for us but we were able to get cracking with our hands as the planter was on the outside of the school. We were also joined by Marie-Noelle and Paul who walked to the session.

Once the very kind lady cam to open so we could access the tools we found that they were all children's size and of course nothing sharp but still useful and of course plenty of black bags to put the waste into.

There was a lot of greenery to get through and of course plenty of litter but in the 45 minutes we had the whole thing was cleared and is now ready to be re-planted.

A big thank you to all and a reminder that next week we will be meeting directly at the task in West Norwood so please don't come to Papa's Park beforehand.

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Raining Chickens and Ducks .......

Tuesday 11th April 2023

Written by Yianny (he / him)

..... In other words we had Foul weather last night!!

Last night was exactly the kind of evening when any sane individual would get in from work, stick the heating back on and catch up on Succession or another show of their choice but Lambeth's GGers are made of different gravy.

The AA was delighted to have Clare and Michael with him for company for the short run up from Papa's to Jubilee Primary School in the blustery wind and rain and of course the chat turned to the new Super Mario Bros movie as we ran past the Ritzy!

Juan was very apologetic that tonight's task was outside but we were up to the challenge and our numbers were bolstered by Marie-Noelle, Paul and Alice who walked to the task and so we had a mammoth concrete planting area to clear so that the school can re-plant it this Spring. (No dusting of library books inside in the warm then...)

We had about 40 mins and as you can see from the pics we managed a huge clearout of half the area so we will back in a couple of weeks (hopefully on a balmy Spring eve) to finish the job.

Thanks everyone and well done for coming out to make a difference in the awful weather - we are in our #100DaysofAction on making a green difference and this was a step in the right direction.

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I Beg your Garden?? Helping out at JPS!

Tuesday 31st January 2023

Written by Yianny (he / him)

After 5 fantastic weeks we rounded off the GoodGym January Challenge with our Group Run on this final day of Jan and where better to head to than to see our friend Juan at Jubilee Primary School.

A smaller but no less enthusiastic group turned out with a few notable mentions so Charlie welcome to your first run it was great to have you with us, Sarah welcome back after a little while away and Ana great to have another AA over for a bit of GG tourism!

For those who are following these things tonight's category was if you were a make or model of car which would you be - lots of first car reminiscences followed! And just like that we were off on our short run up to Jubilee Primary.

Juan had set out some tools for our arrival and we were split into two groups, the first was to weed the large planters(I've missed those planters!) in the main playground while the second headed to the front garden for a spot of topiary or l'art topiaire in French. Marie Noelle, Paul, Inny and Charlie set about working those shoulder muscles pulling up the weeds and invasive grasses hat had taken over the planters while leaving behind the plants which can now grow in peace. GoodJim would definitely approve.

Over in the front garden Sarah, Frances and Ana set about trimming back the bushes into nice straight lines and beautiful orb like shapes, in fact the trimming was so good (check out the pic above) that we are considering doing animal shapes next time around..... A very satisfying task as all agreed.

After 40 mins of solid graft and nearly a dozen black bags of green waste it was time up and we were off home. A very small group then made our way back to Papa's - thanks to Sarah and Charlie for accompanying me - and that was that.

Well done to everyone in the Lambeth Group and beyond for making this a fun Jan Challenge and let's take that energy into Feb and beyond. See you next week ;0)

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Running.... Late !!

Tuesday 18th October 2022

Written by Yianny (he / him)

This evening we were back up to strength with our Group Run numbers and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the promise of a social afterwards right everyone.....??!

The nights have finally drawn in and by 6:30pm Papa's was bathed in darkness and lit only by the glow of the halogen street lamps outside. A no show for a document check meant AA had time on his hands so went exploring and discovered that Valcie after a long day working at the café had left all her signs out on the street - not a problem you might think but this is Brixton and occasionally people are known to 'relocate' unattended street decorations for entertainment. Emergency situation resolved - after confirming that these were to be brought in and stored runners started making their way in to the park - bonus points to Super Sam and Joao for arriving first and to Charlotte for scraping in with a minute to spare, I like your style.

So for once there were no bikes and no bags to take care of and with an experienced group we whipped through a quick warm up (warm up deniers, it was chilly!) and then we headed off early to try to maximise our time at Jubilee Primary School. The idea was that we get there as early as we could so we could get away a bit early in time for the pub quiz at the Effra Social just down the road but we needn't have worried, Juan ended up 'running' late (get it?) in fact he was stuck in traffic so our instructions were transmitted by phone and via the cleaning staff at the school. Rebecca and Frances joined us at the task as well.

While we waited Tim and Frances were discussing an old task helping to sort the library many moons ago and lo and behold our task this evening was back in said library! Actually it was just outside the library and we had to transfer some old books, toys and games to the bins at the back of the school. Everybody grabbed a handful and made their way over the starlight highway (see pics) to the land of refuse and reuse to deposit their wares.

As tasks go this may have been a record short one but no matter it meant we were able to help out the school and cleaning staff, have our run and then settle in at the pub in plenty of time for the quiz.

That was it for the evening then, Nathan our Quiz Master led us down to the Effra Social (and despite some claims during the quiz from Hannah and Inny that the AA was trying to put off the other team - the cheek!) our mental powers were thoroughly put to the test and it was good fun to boot.

See you all next week!

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