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Charlotte Emms
Charlotte Emms went on a group run

Tue 27th Sep at 6:45pm

Rush Rush (Common), Hurry Hurry!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

What a way to return from holiday for the AA! Freezing temperatures and dark skies - as Kaz said we have skipped autumn and moved straight to winter :0(

It's not often that we have a celebrity visitor at our Lambeth sessions but this week Chalomi from the central GG team was signed up and raring to go with the group, turns out that badgering at the Shindig actually worked, great to have you with us! To add to that lovely to see Hannah again after a while as well.

Warm up very much required for this evening so we started there while sharing our urban legends / old partner's tales! Plenty of interesting ones from our cosmopolitan group including Gibraltar being known as a pillar of Herakles (nice one Nathan) and in Chile there is a murderous table chained to a wall which used to go around on its' own and appear outside the houses of people who subsequently died in the night.... well Halloween is coming soon.

Despite being a mere 1.15kms to the task it still takes 15 mins due to Brixton's human traffic and stubborn little green men (on crossings people not in the sky) but by 20 past we were over at Rush Common - very familiar to many of our runners who walk or run through or past it most days.

Tom from Lambeth Council was there to meet us and talk us through the tasks, plenty of equipment around as well (litter pickers are the best!) and after a safety briefing covering Brixton's wildlife and items that may be found in dark corners the group set off to deeply pick litter.

The main reason for getting us down to litter pick is to also inspire the local community to come out and get involved which no-one wants to do alone so by that metric having 11 GoodGymers run up plus two more join us there (awesome Tilly and Aimee) was a great start and the Lambeth team were delighted with our help!

Alongside picking up the debris left strewn around there was the challenging issue of getting bottle tops out of the mesh under the benches and dug into the now mud, it's harder than you might think but we managed to clear three benches and the place was looking spick and span by the time we were due to head home.

Back to base at Papa's and brief warm down before it was super Sam's turn to feed us brownie cupcakes as part of the Bake Off sweepstake with his baker having now left the competition - delicious!

It's the end of summer social this Friday folks so if you haven't already popped your name down but do want to join us more detail can be found here:

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Kaz PodstolskiYiannyNathan WoodSam Lefevre

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Ivo (he/him)

Wed 28th Sep at 6:14pm

great work everyone!

Yianny (he / him)

Wed 28th Sep at 7:37pm

Thanks Ivo!

Charlotte Emms
Charlotte Emms signed up to a party.

Fri 30th Sep at 6:30pm

Late Summer Party - Lambeth GoodGym !!

BBQ, drinks, great company, great chat!

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Charlotte Emms
Charlotte Emms signed up to a group run.

Tue 27th Sep at 6:45pm

OliveNathan Wood
Charlotte Emms
Charlotte Emms went on a group run

Tue 20th Sep at 6:45pm

(Paint) Roller Disco

Lambeth Report written by Charlotte Emms

This week our task was to help repaint the walls in the St Michael’s Fellowship office in Streatham.


Once again GoodGym Lambeth are organising the annual Bake Off Sweetstake 🧑‍🍳 ✨ which has just kicked off for this year! The way it works is that we pick a contestant and when your contestant goes out, you bake and then bring some delicious home made goods to the next group run. The very first contestant to go out of bake off this year was Will so that meant Tilly was the one baking this week. She arrived at Papa’s with everyone’s eyes securely on the bag she had with her. ‘Did you bring cake?’ We all eagerly asked. Of course she did!


We had a quick warm up, including a mini game of ‘Yianny says’ and listing our favourite types of cake, before heading up Brixton Hill. The ones arriving straight at the task arrived a bit before the main group coming from Papa’s so they were all kitted out with gloves, aprons and painting utensils by the time we got there. St Michael’s Fellowship had very kindly provided us with some drinks and snacks when we arrived so after a quick refreshment we got to work.

After half an hour of painting it was time to head off so we cleared up the paint trays, rollers and brushes and took some bin bags out with us on our way onto the street.


With cake in mind, and the knowledge that this was a downhill run, we said goodbye to the ones heading straight home and ran back to Papa’s. We gathered round Tilly's delicious home made orange drizzle cupcakes (half of which were vegan!), devoured them and headed off home for the rest of our dinners!

I won’t give away any spoilers about who went out in this week’s bake off but Sam’s got a lot to live up to for next week...

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