Heeley Development Trust

"Making Heeley a better place to be. We want Heeley to be a successful, vibrant and inclusive community; a good place to live, to work, to do business and to visit."

Heeley Development Trust (HDT) is a small, charitable development trust, founded by local volunteers, business people & residents in 1996.

We have delivered youth, community, environmental and economic development projects in and around our neighbourhood for the last 20 years.

We are working hard, developing a diverse range of income, social enterprises and assets, all with the aim of making Heeley a great place to live, with a real sense of place, pride and community. Our projects include; Heeley People's Park, Sum Studios (saving a Grade 2 listed Victorian School and redeveloping as managed work space – this is bringing jobs and investment into our community), The Heeley Voice - a local magazine and Recycle Bikes – a social enterprise supporting disengaged young people to gain training, confidence, work experience and jobs.

If you are interested in any of our projects, would like to get involved or are willing to volunteer any of your time please do not hesitate to contact us or give us your feedback.

200 GoodGymers have supported Heeley Development Trust with 91 tasks.

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Heeley People's Park - Preparing for the Handlebards!

Monday 29th July 2024 6:30pm - 8:15pm

Heeley Peoples Park: Task to be confirmed

Monday 12th August 2024 6:30pm - 8:15pm

Heeley Peoples Park: Task to be confirmed

Monday 9th September 2024 6:30pm - 8:15pm

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Mulch Ado About Nothing

Monday 20th May

Written by James Smith

3 rouge clad runners set off from The Showroom cinema in search of pastures new.  These pastures were to be found at Heeley People's Park, where the grass is always greener.

Upon arriving at the children's play area of the park, we found Rob all set up and ready for us. We also welcomed into our team Michelle and Linda who were waiting for us at the park.

Take heed, the woodchip is always browner on the other side!

Our task for the evening was to turn over all of the woodchip on the active play areas. As they say, the woodchip is always browner on the other side; a valuable life lesson.!

During our timber tossing, Ines disclosed that she plays badminton, and it turns out she has played against James' mum. The village that is Sheffield strikes again! 

Turfing over a new leaf

As we were ploughing our way through the play areas, a member of the public was so impressed by our actions that he decided to get stuck in himself; a potential future GG member for sure! Our mini, mighty team managed to turn over all of the woodchip in one area so quickly that we had time to complete a second.

After a solid shifting session, we sewed it up, said goodbye to Reliable Rob, then set off back to base. Some Indian running was on the cards for the return journey. Though on this particular occasion it did not transpire due to a lack of return runners.

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Tom Mutton
Phoebe RobertsAnnie Anthony Mays

Chipin away

Monday 15th April

Written by Tom Mutton

We welcomed new runner Linda to the group this week. We hope you enjoyed it Linda and will be back for more soon!

This week we were back off the Heeley People's Park to help Parky Rob with some woodchip spreading and turning of older woodchip which has been decimated by all the rain we have had!

On the subject of rain, boy did it! We got a short dry spell but were soon in a wet and windy deluge!

Despite this we managed to get all the woodchip that had been dropped onto the playground areas and turn the old woodchip on one of the playgrounds so not a bad effort at all!

Until next time, happy running! :)

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daffo-dill-ightful planting bulbs in the sunshine

Monday 5th February

Written by Caroline Thomas

That patch of parkland had become a slightly hazardous spot for folks getting up to no good so all the hideout bushes had been chopped back and the park wanted to fill that area with daffo-dill-ightful flowers. The bulbs had sprouted already and were a bit wonky but I imagine the council got a good late season deal and they should come back again over the next couple of years. We ended up with a rolling arrival of volunteers, Rachel and I came just before 11 and finished that patch off and then left two trugs of bulbs for a different set of helpers and then treated ourselves to lunch in a cafe next to the park.

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Turning over multiple old leaves..

Monday 27th November 2023

Written by Tom Mutton

A BIG GG SHF welcome to a new runner this week, give her a whoop, hola, cheer and follow:


Welcome Kathryn, hope you enjoyed your first session and that we see you back on another run soon!

It was also great to see Kat back on a run after having her first child, she was looking fantastic and it was great to hear of her plans to slowly get back into the habit of running. Amazing to hear!

This weeks task had us back at Heeley People's Park to visit our good friend Parky Rob to help with turning/fluffing the wood chip on and around the playground areas to ensure it remains soft and fluffy for any playground users to land on.

Fork me it was tough work, you can tell why gardeners are always in great shape! Some very specific movements involved on this task and great to have a task that keeps us warm on the increasingly colder evenings!

With all three playground areas turned and fluffed to perfection we admired our work under the GG spotlights and made our way home for the evening.

Until next time, happy running! :)

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Tough Mulcher

Monday 21st August 2023

Written by Sam Needham

A team of future tough mulchers set off from the Showroom and ran via a tunnel and a panda, arriving at Heeley People's Park for some turning over of the mulch around various pieces of playground equipment.

We had a vigorous work out thanks to all the forking, and left tired but fulfilled, running back to the Showroom for a drink and a catchup.

Particular kudos to James on his first group run. Well done mate! James

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Prepping for Pax in the Park

Monday 17th July 2023

Written by Ash

The evening stayed dry for our run back to Heeley People's Park, where we were set to task aerating the main grass patch and lopping back the trees around the edge of the green.

This is all in preparation for the free to attend Pax in the Park music festival happening this weekend. Make sure to check it out if you are around and support HPP.

Big shout out to Becca who completed her 100th good deed - amazing work! And it was also great to meet Stephen on his first run with us. Welcome.

Following the task we congratulated Becca, got a run down of upcoming events from Rob and headed back to the showroom via UMIX where we split into two teams, and took turns lap running and bar hanging / leg raises. Then we finished off with a 50 m sprint.

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