daffo-dill-ightful planting bulbs in the sunshine

2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Sheffield
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Monday 5th February

Report written by Caroline Thomas

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That patch of parkland had become a slightly hazardous spot for folks getting up to no good so all the hideout bushes had been chopped back and the park wanted to fill that area with daffo-dill-ightful flowers. The bulbs had sprouted already and were a bit wonky but I imagine the council got a good late season deal and they should come back again over the next couple of years. We ended up with a rolling arrival of volunteers, Rachel and I came just before 11 and finished that patch off and then left two trugs of bulbs for a different set of helpers and then treated ourselves to lunch in a cafe next to the park.

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Heeley Development Trust
"Making Heeley a better place to be. We want Heeley to be a successful, vibrant and inclusive community; a good place to live, to work, to do business and to visit."

Heeley Development Trust (HDT) is a small, charitable development trust, founded by local volunteers, business people & residents in 1996. We have delivered youth, community, environmental and economic development projects in and around our neighbourhood for the last 20 years. We are working hard, developing a diverse range of income, social enterprises and assets, all with the aim of making Heeley a great place to live, with a real sense of place, pride and community. Our projects include; Heeley People's Park, Sum Studios (saving a Grade 2 listed Victorian School and redeveloping as managed work space – this is bringing jobs and investment into our community), The Heeley Voice - a local magazine and Recycle Bikes – a social enterprise supporting disengaged young people to gain training, confidence, work experience and jobs. If you are interested in any of our projects, would like to get involved or are willing to volunteer any of your time please do not hesitate to contact us or give us your feedback.

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Rachel (she/her)

Mon 5th Feb at 9:52pm

Pun-derful report title, Caro!