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Screenboards for Artsake

Tuesday 23rd April

Written by Annie Anthony Mays

3 Goodgym strong women ran to United Reformed Church to unload screenboards from Van then into the hall. Fortunately there were other Strong Men Volunteers too to help out with the heavy double sided Screenboards. They have been assembled together to display the artworks of young Artists. Ken Marshall, the organizer really appreciate what Goodgym runners do for them. He gave us leaflets too and present us some artworks done by 13 and 14 year old young artists. Hopefully there will be a few more Goodgym runners on Monday, next week when we take the screenboards back into the van.

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There's something fishy going on..

Monday 22nd April

Written by Tom Mutton

A HUGE GG welcome to first time runners:

Grace Michael Matt

Please give them a cheer and a follow and we hope to see you back soon!

Something new this week, we were running to help monitor & maintain fish passes in the River Don.

We had Matt from the Don River Trust who ran with us to show us the ropes when surveying the many fish pathways that The Don has in place to allow fish of many kinds to make safe passage to an area where they can spawn in a good habitat.

It was great fun and very educational and we got to 4 fish passes of different types.


There is a website dedicated to allowing fish through a door that YOU can open..

The fish doorbell

See a fish? Ring the bell!

Welcome to the Fish Doorbell. Will you help fish pass the city boat lock?

Every spring fish migrate upstream, in search of places to spawn. They swim through the centre of the city of Utrecht. Unfortunatly, the boat lock is closed during spring. You can help the fish.

Do you see a fish? Press the Doorbell!

All the photos are collected. When there are enough fish waiting, the lock will be opened.

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Andrew WatersHannah McCormack

Keep on punning

Sunday 21st April

Written by Andrew Waters

Or rather, keep on running ...

It turns out that Blur were wrong and it is in fact all about those joggers who go round and round.

In this case at the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park Junior Parkrun - which is apparently the longest name for any Parkrun!

Two of GG Sheff did a masterful job volunteering - handing out finish tokens and recording results.

End result - lots of happy children.

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Phoebe RobertsAnnie Anthony Mays

Chipin away

Monday 15th April

Written by Tom Mutton

We welcomed new runner Linda to the group this week. We hope you enjoyed it Linda and will be back for more soon!

This week we were back off the Heeley People's Park to help Parky Rob with some woodchip spreading and turning of older woodchip which has been decimated by all the rain we have had!

On the subject of rain, boy did it! We got a short dry spell but were soon in a wet and windy deluge!

Despite this we managed to get all the woodchip that had been dropped onto the playground areas and turn the old woodchip on one of the playgrounds so not a bad effort at all!

Until next time, happy running! :)

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Caroline Thomas

Parkwood springs planting

Saturday 13th April

Written by Sheffield runner

We joined Friends of Parkwood Springs in their monthly community volunteer day in the Forest Garden. Spring had really sprung. Gooseberries, goji berries, wild garlic, violets and fig trees were all planted. Bind weed was weeded out and a crowded plum tree was pruned. Cups of tea and lots of expert advice from Tim. Lovely morning!

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It ain't easy, being picky!

Monday 8th April

Written by Tom Mutton

Fantastic to welcome a new runner tonight, please give it up for...


Give Phoebe a whoop, hola and cheer!

We headed over to Pistmoor Road this evening to meet with MARVELOUS MALCOLM who had already been on site for a while getting the worst of the litter onto the pavement for us to swoop in and take the 'glory picks'.

There were some true treats in store with some very old rubbish which was fast becoming part of the geology of the area, had we not have got in there!

A decent pile was presented at the end for the council to later come and pick up.

Until next time, happy running! :)

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