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James and the Giant Bench

Tuesday 14th May

Written by Laura Denham

7 GoodGym enthusiasts returned for the 3rd expedition to the Harmony Hub. Arriving by various means, James in the van equipped with tools for one of tonights tasks, Nigel on his trusty Raleigh, Jackie took a power walk while Lil, Dale, Maddie and Laura ran over for some extra cardio.

Once there, teamwork bloomed like a well watered flower bed with lots of fun jobs to get stuck into. Nigel and Jackie dove into planter construction, James and Dale hammered away at the bench while Maddie and Lil cable tied the screening, providing a bit more seclusion to the space. There was a also a bit of sweeping and tree trimming thrown in here and there too.

The outdoor oasis is really taking shape! It looks so much better than when we first arrived but needs a bit more to be done to unlock its full potential.

Fantastic work everyone! You really did a sterling job and thanks for bringing your tools along James to get this much needed job done for them.

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Crow only knows how we did it!

Wednesday 8th May

Written by Lilian

4 goodgym members made their way to Crow recycling centre to help them set up their newly forming community garden. Together, we shifted three tonnes of top soil from the bags onto the area where the new beds will be created. We also learned more about the work of Crow and had a really good work out shifting the soil. We're looking forward to seeing this much needed community garden develop.

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Off to crate start!

Tuesday 7th May

Written by Laura Denham

5 GoodGymers helping out at Carriers of Hope this eve. We gathered at the warehouse and were quickly assigned tasks. Firstly we sorted large trolleys full of donations into organised crates. Then, we checked the tins for expiry dates , bagged toilet rolls, stacked nappies with elastic bands and assembled baby kits with all the essentials. The baby bags included some teddies from Blue Coates school with adorable handmade tags, warmly welcoming families to Coventry.

Great job team, we accomplished a lot tonight! Looking forward to hearing what you did with your ricotta cheese :)

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Goodgymzebo - another intents workout!

Monday 6th May

Written by Laura Denham

Today was a good team building task helping out our mates at the Blind Centre. We constructed two gazebos for their Earlsdon festival sale to house the stalls.

We also cleared out the charity shed, hauling heavy boxes of books, DVD's and bric-a-brac for the stands.

A fantastic work out, we flexed our muscles and watched the project come together from start to finish. Lets hope they raised lots of money today!

Great work guys :)

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Saturday 4th May

Written by Laura P (she/her)

Two Goodgymers went to the Team Springboard Zen Garden for a lovely morning in the sunshine. Our tasks for the morning included weeding around the broad beans, removing mares tail from raised beds and potting seedlings on. After we finished our weeding, we had a lovely cup of tea and biscuit and a catch up and chat with the regular volunteers.

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Jet set go!

Tuesday 30th April

Written by Laura Denham

11 GoodGymers returned to Harmony Hub on this sunny Tuesday eve. We were to meet James and Jackie there while Nigel, looking cool on his bike, cycled over with the rest of us put our running shoes to work. Huge cheers to Stuart for his first run with us and yippee to Jill wearing her new GoodGym Tee with pride this eve.

We picked up where we left off last week, tossing all the junk in the skip. Everyone dove right in and the skip was overflowing in no time, a couple of us rescued a few treasures to take home too :)

Graeme and Nigel were busy potting up some faux trees for the entrance, bringing some fake freshness to the place. We had a giggle with the jet wash when it started off as a sad little trickle but together we got it working. Maddie and Jackie took on the mission of washing the grime off the path and patio making it a lot cleaner and brighter by the finish. A few of the team worked on cleaning up the pram store and collecting items to be thrown from the adjoining nursery car park.

More litter picking was also needed this week, filling a few more bags. Sadly, keeping this place clean is a full time gig!

All in all, lots more great work done here tonight. Thank you everyone!

There is more to be done so make sure you get signed up to our next visit on the 14th May.

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