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(Leaf)lets get together and feel alright

Tuesday 20th February

Written by Laura Denham

8 Goodgymers made it out for Myton tonight to deliver leaflets, advertising 2 Myton events going on this year.

5 of us met at Coventry Boys and Girls club then took a steady jog over to Spencer Park where we met 3 more of the group who made their own way there. We split into 2 group to try and cover more ground and ventured around the streets of Earlsdon dropping leaflets and checking out the handsome doors along the way. The pile went down quickly and we managed to shift 513 leaflets in 55 minutes, nice one gang!

On the way back into town we managed some fartlek training between the trees and then a meet and retreat around Greyfriars Green. Following that we took a slow run back to CBGC.

Shout out to James for his 50 good deeds tonight, you can now claim your black belt in Goodgyming :)

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We LOVE walking

Wednesday 14th February

Written by Laura Denham

This valentines day we joined the Blind Centre again for their weekly walk around the Memorial Park.

This week we were partnered with different people to either guide or keep them company and it was good to get to know other people.

The weather wasn't quite as nice as last week and we were hit with a little downpour but thankfully it didn't last long. Everyone was walking at different paces but we all knew to head for the Memorial Cafe for a yummy hot drink. Once we were warmed up a bit the volunteers led everyone back to the Centre. A thoroughly enjoyable morning!

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Shoe-per Duper

Tuesday 13th February

Written by Lilian

**On a very wet February evening, 11 intrepid goodgymers walked and ran to support Clothing Coventry. **

Unperturbed by rain, which thankfully began to dry up once we'd done introductions and a warm up, we set off on the short journey to Clothing Coventry. We had lots of walkers tonight Laura so led this group whilst Lil did the warm up for those running. Once we arrived at the warehouse we got into smaller groups for the various tasks. Some set to tidying and sorting whilst others made light work of assembling some shelving. When this was completed, we had the fun task of filling the new racks with a fantastic assortment of shoes that people will be able to select for themselves. We also did several trips up and down the stairs with stock and to the adjacent warehouse which proved a great way to inject some fitness into the task.

Tonight we also welcomed Tom to his first session, and Beverley to her first Tuesday night session.

Top work everyone, we look forward to seeing you at future sessions too.

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Now you’re walking!

Wednesday 7th February

Written by Laura Denham

What a beautiful fresh morning for a walk around the memorial park!

A big welcome to Beverley who came along, it was so good to meet you!

Our walk started from the Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind where we were introduced to other volunteers, guide dogs and the walk participants.

James, Bev and Laura were asked to assist a lady called Pinkie who is partially sighted and it was such a pleasure.

The group all walked at different paces but the group leaders, Chris and Pete did a grand job of checking in to make sure everyone was alright.

Great to mix with some new people and have a laugh all while keeping fit and doing good at the same time.

Loved it and looking forward to the next walk!

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Tuesday 30th January

Written by Laura Denham

9 goodgymers walked and ran to Clothing Coventry. With the majority of the group walking this evening, with Laura leading, it left Maddie, Georgia and Laura to run over.

We welcomed back Megan and Natasha, it was lovely to see you again and thanks for getting stuck in!

We transferred a mountain of shoes from warehouse 1 to warehouse 2. Pouring the bags of shoes onto the floor we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of soles. Our brave Goodgymers were determined to bring order to the unruly footwear flood, grouping the pairs into sizes and bagging up ready to add to crates in the other warehouse.

James, Steve and Laura remained in warehouse 1 with James and Steve upstairs moving and sorting crates of shoes and Laura keeping guard downstairs sorting clothes.

The team made light work of the task which would have taken Jo a heck of a long time on her own. Shoeper duper work everyone!

Making our way back to base the walking group escorted Jo to the pool meadow while the runners took a detour to try and meet at Cov boys and girls club at the same time. The walkers were way too speedy for us and were already getting in their cars by the time we arrived back so we quickly cooled down and said our farewells.

Next week, plogging and jogging along the canal! see you there :)

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Noodles of fun!

Saturday 27th January

Written by Laura Denham

GoodGym and Earlsdon running club joined forces for a Food bank run this morning.

Starting in Earlsdon we ran to Cheylesmore Food Hub loaded with tea, coffee, tins, rice, mash and noodles.

We arrived at the food hub and the volunteers were delighted to see 17 runners filling up a trolley full of donations.

We all enjoyed it and what a great feeling to start the weekend with a 5k run and good deed before 10.30am!

Thanks to you all for coming ☺

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