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What some of the older people helped had to say



Absolutely wonderful, they just got on with it and what they did was absolutely immaculate. Amazing work!



Mr B called to say that he was hugely thankful for the help that the runners gave him in his garden. They were 1st class!



The volunteers did an absolutely brilliant job. Half of the front garden was rock hard and I didn't have the strength to turn it over. They not only turned it over but also weeded. I'm so pleased with the work they've done and just over the moon.

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GoodGym helps you get fit by doing good.
We’re a group of runners that combines regular exercise with helping our communities.

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GoodGym has helped all of these amazing older people and organisations:

Knavesmire Junior parkrun, Lea Bridges Junior parkrun , Mr A of SE17, Top of the Gorge Running Challenge (2019), Mrs G of SE3, The wider Liverpool community, Carriers of Hope, Dr Y of N2, Mrs S of CR7, Mrs R of SW16, Portsmouth Foodbank, Ms R of SW17, Mrs N of KT9, Mrs L of SW9, Ms P of EC1V, Southsea Beachwatch, Mrs G of W6, Society of St James, Ms W of W6, Miss B of SE13, Tree musketeers, Berry Brow Carnival, MAKE at Aldingbourne Enterprise, Ms E of EC1V, Adelaide Care Home, Mr P of YO26, Ms L of SE1, Mrs M of SE14, Cultivate London, Castlehaven Community Centre, Ms E of SW18, Abbeyfield, Kambala Cares, Newham University Hospital, Westbury Banks Nature Reserve , Friends of Danesmead Wood, Millhouses parkrun, Greenwich and Bexley Hospice, Age Friendly York, Richmond CVS, Richmond Museum , ETNA, One Norbiton, Marble Hill Playcentre, Great Salterns Preservation Society, The Mystery junior parkrun, Barnsley Carer's Garden, BIADS, Barons Court Project, Heeley Green Veg, Trans Pennine Trail , Albert Street Project, Sloughbottom parkrun, Norwich parkrun , Catton Park, Age UK Camden - Great Croft Community Garden, The Listening Space , Stockport town centre, Antrim Allotments, Kentish Town City Farm, Mrs J of SE16, Mr S of W7, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, Eaton Park, Mrs T of CO3, Mackintosh Community Garden, Ms J of SE27, Ms J of BS3, Mrs C of N22, Mr J of YO30, Ms L of SW18, Haviland House , Turning Tides , Eden Rose Coppice Trust, ST FRANCIS HOSPICE, Barnados, Ms A of BR1, National Trust, Longshaw Estate, St Joseph's Hospice, Ms R of E5, Mr L of KT2, Cardiff Junior Parkrun, YUMI, St Nicks, Samye Mindfulness and Well being Centre, Mr R of SE16, Long Lane Pasture, Seagulls, Freightliners City Farm, Bristol Churches Winter Night Shelter, Richmond Music Trust, Mildmay Community Centre, Tenovus Cancer Care, York Greenways, Ms B of S10, Ms K of CF5, Ms F of CF14, Miss A of E5, Ms W of BS3, Herbert Thompson Primary School, Mr D of YO31, Mrs R of SE5, Friends of Ham Lands, Tremorfa Park Run, Mrs M of W2, Slough Borough Council Neighbourhood Services, Colchester Castle Park Parkrun, Ealing Half Marathon CIC, Jubilee River Riverside Centre, Surrey Docks Farm, Stitches In Time, Cardinal Newman School, Westbury Park Church, Guinness care and support, APE Project, Up Our Street, parkrun Worthing, Mr M of YO30, Miss M of WC1X, Loughborough Farm, Portico Gallery, Worthing Leisure Centre junior parkrun, The Royal British Legion, Portsmouth Residents & Visitors, Ms S of NW3, Peter Pan Pre-School, Mrs F of W9, Coventry Cyrenians, Ms K of SE8, Abbey Community Centre, Harlesden Town Garden, Ms A of N8, Mr J of NW2, Ms E of SW2, Foxwood Residents Association, Luxmore Garden, Greenfields Garden, Friends of Rowntree Park, Mrs I of SW9, Friends of St Pauls, Mrs E of SW4, Ms L of N2, St Alban's Church, Ms T of NW10, Mrs B of BH1, Ms H of SE4, Mrs S of CF23, Mrs S of SW16, Mx E of SE13, Portsmouth Residents and Visitors , Mr B of SE27, Mr A of TW8, Brockhill, Adur Worthing Council, Beechwood cancer care centre, Cranbrook Community Food Garden, Danson Youth Centre, WANSTEAD COMMUNITY GARDENERS, Mr W of NE6, Mrs J of YO24, Friends of Graham Street Park (FROGS), Mr R of BS4, st christophers hospice , Barnsbury Square Gardens, Saltford Community Association, SIFA Fireside, Mr W of L11, Mr T of E5, Ms M of BS7, Ms P of NW2, Ms Y of SW11, Rotary Club of the Wreake Valley, East of England Co-op, Colchester Foodbank, Friends of Tottenham Green, Kids Run Free, Violet Elvin Court, Ramsey Flowers Group, Forget Me Not Hospice, The Island, Park Kids, Mr W of W4, Manorfield Primary School, Mr B of SW12, PEACE GARDEN, Final Straw Solent, Mr W of SE16, Mrs L of L9, Friends of Aston's Eyot, St Augustines Church, Miss B of SE15, Mrs C of SE5, Llanishen Youth Club @ St Faiths, Ms R of E10, Mr M of TW1, Mrs I of BS7, St Christopher's Fellowship, Fernhurst School , Mr J of SW2, Mr S of E9, Mr S of SW4, Mrs J of CF5, Ms P of SE23, Mr P of SE5, Goodrich Community Primary School, Maidenhead's Big Read, Oasis Foundry School, Bournemouth Foodbank, Mr T of N1, Mr E of E1, Jesmond Library , Lee Samuel House, Age UK, Feeding Coventry, Big Moose Coffee Co, The Courtyard, Solihull Council, Ms V of SW17, Glasshouse Community Centre, Exeter Communities Together, Canbury Community Garden, Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust, Friends of Everton Park, Urban Green Newcastle, The Bike Garden , Park Community Action, Mildmay Police, Beaufort Road Allotments, Ms P of N4, UNITED in Hammersmith & Fulham, Mr B of SE24, Lloyd Park, Ham Parade Market, Oldfield baptist toddler group, Mr G of SE4, Ms A of SE15, Crystal Palace Park, Sustrans Cymru, Mr P of N4, Mr R of N7, Ms C of SE14, Mrs E of SE27, Mrs J of BS16, Changing Lives, Berrylands Adopt a Station, Oxford House, Wanstead House Community Asssociation, Home4U , Mr P of SE15, Oxford City Council, Makespace Oxford, Canal and River Trust, Story Garden , FRP The Paint Place Warehouse, Mr E of SE26, More 2 Childcare, Vi Runners Bristol, Barnsley Council, Birmingham City Mission Care Centre, Colchester Borough Homes, Slough Foodbank, Swindon Night Shelter, St James's Community Action Team, Langar Aid, Mrs J of CF14, Mrs M of BS13, Mr M of EN4, Ms M of CF5, Ms H of SW17, Mr R of NW6, Mr W of BS3, Equal Arts , Age UK Trafford, Breast Cancer Haven, Farleigh's Hospice, Kids Inspire, Friends of Horsenden Hill, Broken Spoke Bike Co-op, Mrs B of KT4, Mrs V of YO31, St Mary and St Benedict School, Renew Swindon, Glass Door Homeless Charity, Ms A of SE6, Ms H of W3, Ms B of W7, Flora Gardens Primary School, GRACE, St Michael's Primary's School, St James Forum, Birmingham Central Foodbank, Ms J of L18, Mrs D of S5, LOROS Hospice, Mr J of SW9, Mr B of SW17, Chestnuts Park, Springvale Tenants & Residents Association, Living Well, Moving on Tyne and Wear , Dry Arch growers, Ballast Quay Community Garden, Transition Bath, Mrs N of N11, Mr G of SE5, Ms D of SE5, Greenhouse Project, Ms B of TW1, Mr R of NR1, Mrs J of PO4, Mrs J of W4, St Mary & St John Churchyard, Naomi House, Mrs V of E5, Mr D of SE22, Hackney Marsh Adventure Playground, Libraries and Cultures , Whitton Youth Zone, Cody Dock, Tom Prince Cancer Trust , Citizen Zoo, Mr S of W5, Miss E of W12, Penhill Haven, Ms L of SE13, Friends of Meath Gardens, Ms J of W7, Junior Park Run, Lambeth GP Food Coop, Mrs E of N16, Mrs A of BS13, Marlpit Community Garden, Mr J of YO24, Mr S of YO24, Stephens House and Gardens, Canal & River Trust Ealing, Redmayne View, Larkhall Fesival Committee, OPEN Youth Trust, Grinling Gibbons Primary School, Mrs A of W1W, Mrs D of SE23, Mrs R of E9, Baffins Pond Association, St Swithun's Catholic Primary School with St Swithun's Sunbeams Pre-school, Southall Transition, The Log Cabin, St Werburghs Centre, Easton Community Garden, Felix Road Adventure Playground, The Station, The Churches Conservation Trust, Emmaus Bristol, chelwood foodbank, Bramble Hill Farm, Zion Bristol, Mr B of E5, Friends of Tolson Museum & Ravensknowle Park, Berry Brow Infant School, Kirkwood Hospice, Millenium Green , The Clitterhouse Farm Project, Tunstall Nursery, Turning Tides, Mrs J of N7, TAG Youth Club, Mr M of TW14, Ms J of SW11, Ms I of N7, Mrs S of E17, Refugee Action Kingston, Woodcroft Community Orchard, Friends of Brislington Brook, NorthWest TWO Residents Association, Move the Masses, Flo's - The Place in the Park, Lynde Care Home , Ms I of BH6, Mr H of SW1P, Miss T of N1, Northfields Allotments , Ms M of KT6, Ms M of SE5, Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty Team, Crouch End Open Space , Mrs E of YO24, Mrs J of S12, Ms M of SE1, Mr M of YO31, St John's Church, Wildcat Wilderness, The Canal and River Trust, Interact, Mr D of SE16, Re:Dish/ St Elizabeths church, Hammersmith Community Gardens Association, Sloane Court, City Harvest, Creative Kids, Ms M of YO24, Mr I of BS4, St Phillips and St James`s church, Cancer Research UK's Race for Life, Windmill Hill City Farm, Miss C of SW11, Mrs A of SW1V, Castle Hill Community Centre, Friends of Waterloo Park, Penistone Leisure Centre, Christ Church, Ms S of SE1, Mrs I of OX3, Arc Centre , St Mary Walthamstow Churchyard, Mrs M of HD9, National Trust, Lee Valley Park, Mrs E of SE8, Willow Brook Primary School, Mr B of E3, Surbiton Famers' Market, St Pancras Community Association , Cecil Sharp House, Mrs D of SE24, Mr R of YO24, Trefoil Lodge Girlguiding Exeter , Ms J of E7, Mr T of N7, Mr R of E9, Royal Borough of Kingston Scout Group , Ms E of CF14, Mr S of S17, Friends of Princes Park, Quaker Burial Ground Community Garden, Mr E of SE21, Camberwell Salvation Army, Miss M of SW2, Ms P of BS11, Mr C of SL2, Mr R of SE12, Miss G of SE4, Mrs W of BS4, Ms D of CF5, Ms B of SW16, Scarcroft Green Nursery- York Childcare Group, Ms G of SW12, Ouseburn Farm, Ms R of CF24, Mr D of SE1, Friends of Gledholt Woods, Mrs J of CR0, Forestry England - Leigh Woods, Ms R of YO24, Wheeler way walk, Mr P of SW14, Canals and Rivers Trust, St Leonard's Hospice, Stoke Newington Common Users Group, Ruskin Park Community Garden, Creative Waves, SUSTRANS , The Rowans , Emmaus, Heene Cemetery, Friends of Park Hill Rec, Scope Brighton, Rose Bowl , Hanover & Elm Grove Ward, St Nicks - Heworth Holme, Greenleaf Road Baptist Church, Limehouse Town Hall Consortium Trust, Alice Park community garden, Mrs D of BS4, Mr B of BS14, Phoenix Players , St. Mary's Church, Ms Z of UB6, Ms K of SE7, YMCA Cardiff Retail Store, Mr A of BS5, we love stockport, Park Hill School, Ms I of SW18, Keep Britain Tidy, Ms D of N1, Mrs A of NW3, Ms J of SW15, Martin Primary, Ms H of SE13, Mrs M of SE19, Mrs P of E1, Mr R of BS14, Mrs D of N16, St Mark's Church, Mr L of YO10, Mr J of SW11, Mrs K of NE4, Miss D of SW2, Northern Slopes Initiative, Ms B of SW17, Mrs H of SE26, Honor Oak Adventure Playground, Mr r of E5, Mr H of N4, Mrs A of YO26, Mrs C of S2, Saffron Acres Community Heathland, Playsteps Day Nursery, Ms O of SE5, Ms J of SW18, Abbey Gardens , Mrs Z of SW18, Warneford Hospital, Boleyn Road Community Garden, Ms M of YO26, Mr D of N4, Mr R of CR2, Landmark Arts Centre, Derrys Fiels Allotments, Mr B of N16, Ms M of NW3, Ms B of SW2, Gusford Primary School, SUSTRANS, Mrs M of SW6, Heeley Development Trust, Mrs D of YO24, Mr W of SE11, St Clare's Community Hub, Mrs J of E9, Quernmore Road Project, Cardiff Council, Active Slough, Mr K of WC1N, miss e of SW15, Mr B of SW8, Christ Church Moldgreen, Miss M of NW5, Mr E of YO31, Mr E of SE1, Archer Academy , Ms K of DA18, St Peter's Hospice, Hilsea Lido, St Cuthbert's Church, Mrs H of YO10, PARCS - Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service, Mx M of W5, Sheffield Carers Centre, Heeley City Farm , Kingston Cemetery , Mr J of W2, Beachwatch, Ms P of W5, Mrs J of NW1, Mr W of SE1, Mrs D of SE15, Miss L of BS2, Mr N of SE9, Miss J of CF24, NHS Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, Ms B of CR7, Mr B of E13, Mrs H of UB1, Mrs H of N17, Sustrans, Miss M of SW11, Mr B of TW5, Mr W of SE24, Mrs M of SE17, Mrs G of EC1V, Mrs C of SE22, Ms J of NW3, Mr M of SW8, Barts Volunteers, Bandstand Beds, Suited for Success, Mr C of SE4, Miss H of E8, Mr M of WC1X, The Matthew Tree Project, Mr G of SE21, The Clare School, Oxfam - Magdalen Street, Mr A of SW15, Mrs M of SE1, Ms R of SE22, Mrs F of SE5, Electricity Sports Cricket Club, Mr P of S12, St Matthews Big Local, Cleveland Pools, New Earswick Indoor Bowls Club, Scope Camden Charity Shop, St Elizabeth Hospice, STOKE HIGH SCHOOL Ormiston Academy, Colchester in Bloom, Miss R of SE15, Mrs D of SE27, YMCA Allotment, Locke Park, Eastney junior parkrun, Ms P of N14, Mr J of N16, Mrs V of SW14, Mrs A of SE4, Bromley and Downham Youth Club, Ms G of N17, Mrs P of CF5, Friends of Felling Park, Heatham House Youth Centre, Regather, Sheffield City Council, Miss S of W12, Ms M of SW2, Great Run Local - Bristol Hengrove, York Bike Belles, Harrison Road Methodist Church, Myatt's Fields Park, LB Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Age UK Lewisham and Southwark, Papa's Park, C4WS, Ms P of SE15, Ms B of SE15, Mrs I of SE22, Ms S of BR1, Mr M of SE17, Slough Outreach, St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Ms J of CF5, Ms K of SE5, Miss A of E3, Malago Berry Maze, Bruce Grove Youth Centre, Abbeydale Picture House , Ms J of YO24, Unique Roots, Miss S of TW5, Ms G of SE15, St Paul’s Church of England Primary School, Gleadless Foodbank , Friends of Sheaf Valley Park , FROGG, Thornhill Square Gardens, Claire House Hospice, Jubilee Primary School, Sunflowers Cancer Care Centre, York Foodbank, Mrs J of SW2, Mr E of N1, Agnes Riley Gardens, Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice, Mrs D of BN3, Mrs I of N19, Mrs B of CF3, Ham and Petersham Association , Wildfowl and wetlands trust - Transforming Slough, Ms S of SE4, Mr D of W4, Mrs G of SE11, Ms M of CF3, Maesbro Centre, Open Age H&F, Ms J of N1, Mr V of SE6, Perry Hall parkrun, Foleshill Family Hub, Redcliffe and Hotwells Community Development, Park Grove Primary Academy , Hannah More Primary School, East Bristol Food Bank, The William Hobbayne Charity, FoodCycle Monkchester , Ms P of NW8, Ivybank House Care Home, Mr D of SW12, Stretford Foodbank, Mr F of E5, Mrs P of SW18, Mrs V of NE2, Northway Gardens, Ms P of TW2, Greenwich Co-Operative Development Agency, Mr M of BS16, Friends of the Shuttle, Ms G of SE26, St Matthews Community Hall, Wood Street South Gardening Club, Scouts, Newlands Bishops Farm, St John the Baptist, Ms C of SE9, Ms J of SE19, Ms A of L18, Mrs N of NW1, Mrs J of N5, Ms K of N16, Mr J of S4, Mrs M of SE16, Ms R of N16, Ms C of E9, St Christopher's House, Mr M of SW16, Bristol Waste, Mrs A of CF11, It's all about the Culture, Prince Rupert Court, Guinness Partnership, Ferndale Primary and Nursery School, Wanstead Flats Litter Pickers, Mr L of SE14, Friends of Friary Park, Friends of Cold Fall Woods, Mrs C of BS10, Friends of Kennington Park, Moorland Road Library, Mr G of SE13, Mr D of N19, Mr A of N1, Bournemouth Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets, Mr E of E5, Mrs M of N22, Growing Better, Ms I of N17, Bath Scouts Service Crew, The Conservation Volunteers, Mr T of S5, Norwich Community Sports Foundation, Geroge Mason Lodge, Mrs R of S12, Park Kids Warwick, Ms D of W6, Mr A of N22, Mr K of N2, GoodGym, Broomfield parish Council, Miss Z of BS2, East Croydon Community Organisation, Mr D of BA2, St Andrew's Church Kamon, Mrs P of SE15, St Monica's Church in Wales Primary School , Ms D of BH18, Support 2 Recovery, Ms B of SE4, British Heart Foundation, Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham, Hammersmith & Fulham Play Association, Norwich City Centre Volunteer Gardeners, Global Gardens Project, Oxford Preservation Trust, Mencap - Brent, Friends of Fishponds Wood, Mrs J of SE15, Crisis, The Children's Allotment, Mr L of SW2, Oxford City Farm, Ryvers Primary School, Bombed Out Church, Butterfly Conservation, Jubilee Sports Bank, The Rotunda, St Nicholas Church, Miss B of SW2, Ms M of SE15, Mrs S of E5, Mrs R of N4, Friends of Frog Walk Pocket Park, Community volunteers of Frog Walk Pocket Park , Caxton House, Haydon Wick Parish Council, Friends of West Bank Park, Ham Youth Club, Brighter Futures, mr P of N16, Ms Z of SE16, Mr C of SE11, Slough Museum, Beaufort Primary School, Ms L of N19, Mr P of E7, Mina Road Park Group, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Mencap, St. Mellitus Church, Mrs T of YO24, The Single Homeless Project , Friends of Calendonian Park , Chelmsford Council, Made In Greenwich, Miss j of HA9, Miss R of SW17, Mr W of SW8, Wexham Park Hospital, Mrs K of SE16, The Dash Charity, Mr B of W5, Lewis-Manning Hospice, Mrs P of SE3, Grounded enterprises, Ms A of BS6, Grow Cardiff, Mrs J of YO10, Mr T of SE5, Brunswick Organic Nursery, Mr R of TW2, Mrs F of SE6, St Elizabeths, Big Red Box, Ms J of PO4, Mrs K of E11, Mr S of SE17, Mr F of SW2, Mr G of L16, Mrs C of YO24, Mr H of NW6, Mr B of YO10, Ms N of SE3, Ms K of SE22, Mrs S of W4, Ms P of N16, Ms T of N16, Mr R of L12, Ms A of SW12, Mr P of KT9, CCP, Mr M of NW3, Mr R of SE15, Ms M of SE21, Mrs B of CF14, Fratton Big Local, FoodCycle East Acton, Mr B of WC2H, Mr R of N4, Mr M of N7, Mr E of L11, Mrs Y of SE19, Ms J of SE5, Woodthorpe Community Group, Scope, Mr V of SW9, RSPB Cymru, Mrs M of SW17, Mr H of SE26, Ms J of E8, The Young Foundation, AHS Allotment tidy up, Waltham Forest Council, Mr C of EX4, Bowthorpe Care Village, Mr F of TW14, Ellacombe, Richmond Council, BS3 Community, Mrs W of YO31, Pelican Parcels, Food 2 U, Stanhope Hall Community and Well Being Centre, Legacy Youth Zone, Petersham Common Conservators, Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind, St John's Meadow, Mr J of CF14, British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical, Friends of Forest Hill Station, Upper Norwood Library Hub, Friends of Baxter Field, St. Margaret's House, Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre, St Peter's Church, The Together Project Bath, Miss P of E13, Colchester Castle Park rangers, Colchester Borough Council, Seniors, parkrun - Windmill Hill juniors, parkrun - Eastville junior parkrun, Mrs m of BH8, Rhythms of Life, Kingston Choral Society, SeeAbility, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, The Vineyard Centre, Crofton Books, Mr C of N10, Gorse Hill Community Centre, Mr J of SW18, Poppleton Community Railway Nursery, Ms S of SE5, Mrs G of SE16, Stephen Street Community Gardens, Way Ahead, Beecroft Garden Primary School, Cherry Orchard Primary School, Exeter Street Hall, Ealing Transition , Fulham Palace Trust, Bexley Mencap, Russell Square Gardens, Odd Down community cafe group, Love Where You Live Cardiff, Mind Coventry Hub, Cardiff Park Run, Ranelagh Primary School, Kingston Council, St Faith's Church, Friends of Locke Park, Barnsley Churches Drop-In Project, Dorset Children's Foundation, Nunsmoor Centre, Mr A of NR4, Bishop Aldhelm's C.E. V.A. Primary School, Hope Housing, Mrs M of WC1X, Mrs P of BS16, Rainbow Trust, Mr S of SE13, Mrs N of YO30, Mrs S of BS10, Life Bank, Friends of Anchor Gardens , SPEAR Housing Association, Walthamstow Parkrun, Melvin Hall, Mrs D of L4, Mr T of SE6, Mr M of W9, Mrs G of N19, Sydenham Community Library, Mr P of BS4, Caritas , Mrs F of TW14, Mr L of N8, Mrs H of PO6, Mrs W of HD3, Refugee Family Support Project, Ms C of SE26, Mrs J of N17, Mencap - Chelmsford, Mrs D of SE22, Mrs M of YO24, Mr E of SE6, The Nest Project, Go4, Powderham Crescent Residents Association, Frome Fairies, Ms M of SW18, Eric Williams House, Surbiton Cemetery , Vision RCL, St Botolph's Church volunteers , GMax Trackstars, BOST, Ms J of SE15, Miss S of SW1V, Mrs G of S12, Mr L of N7, Age Uk, Mrs M of CM1, Bell House, Ms N of E8, Mrs P of N15, MRS J of SE5, Ms J of SW1P, Peeple Centre, Nubian Life Resource Centre, Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank, Mrs R of OX1, Mrs C of CF14, Mrs S of SE4, Ms R of SW11, Mrs E of CR0, Haringey Foodbank, All People All Places, Mrs J of BS10, Mr J of UB6, Octopus Communities , Mr C of SW16, 24th Ipswich Scout Group, Mrs K of SE6, Mechanics' Institution Trust, Mrs R of CR2, Highgate Woods, Growbaby (through Kingston Vineyard Church), Friends of Latchmete Recreation Ground, The Community Brain, Mr J of SE3, The Cowgate Centre, Boscombe rangers, Brixton Road Youth Centre, Urban Growth London, Charleston House , St. Michael's Fellowship, Hanwell Hootie, Kirkstall Valley Development Trust, Ms B of SW8, Newham Hospital, Mrs H of E5, Mr R of BS13, Ms L of YO24, Ms E of N16, Community Integrated Care, Pagoda Arts, Ms M of SE13, Mrs P of BR1, Ms F of SE15, Mrs J of W2, Mrs F of N16, Mr G of BS9, Miss I of E5, Diverse abilities, Ms A of N7, Mr S of SE16, Friends of Acomb Primary (FOAP) - York , Mrs S of SE5, SPEAR, NorseCare Green Lane View Housing with Care, Aylsham, Christchurch School, Tenovus Cancer Care Charity, David Tuthill, Project Shoebox Oxford, Friends of Christchurch Gardens (Community Group), Parvaaz Project, parks and friends of parks, Mrs E of SE1, Mr B of N19, Crisis at Camberwell, Mrs J of SE26, Upton Court parkrun, Broadway Area Neighbours and Friends, The Welcome Centre , Kingston Parkrun, Friends of Cathja charity shop, Oxford Waterways, St Matthews Church, Southwark Foodbank, St Alban’s Primary School, Toothill Farmhouse Junior Youth Club, Cleaner Greener Wanstead, Miss S of E8, Mr R of SE23, Hillside Gardens , Richmond Good Neighbours, St Mary's Flats, Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead, Mrs E of SE6, Galleywall Nature Reserve, Cafe Connect, Mr T of N19, Friends of Sowe Valley, Alice Park Trust, Stretford Public Hall , Cheeky Cherubs CIC, Gorse Hill Studios, Mrs G of YO23, Bounce to Beat Cancer, Mrs M of SE25, Mr M of NW1, The Gap, Autism Wessex, Mr J of BR1, Mr C of S9, Lord Leycester Hospital, Mr R of CF5, Ray Gray Community Centre, Mrs B of BS4, Poole Park Life, Pennant House - Abbeyfield Wessex Society , Glen Gardens, Mrs S of CF14, Mrs C of SE18, The Lighthouse Centre, Mrs J of SE4, St Helena, Home Instead, Mrs B of N16, Shepherds Bush Families Project , Manvers Baptist church, Miss A of SE11, Metro Blind Sport, Mrs E of L6, Ms C of N1, Food Pioneers , One Church, Rumney Partnership Hub, Rose Hill Community Centre, Friends of Eastville Park, Mr C of SE5, Ms Y of SE22, Ms M of N4, Mrs D of CF14, Mrs K of PO4, Mr J of L15, Mrs H of TW1, Mrs R of SW4, Holloway School, Chelwood Nursery School , Mr D of YO10, Apple Cart Community Theatre, Catton Grove Community Centre, The Hamlet Charity, Friends of Chapman's Green, Mrs D of SE8, Mr H of SE5, Friends of Greenhead Park, Kamelia Kids , Home Shop, Ms D of BS16, Tynings Field Allotments, Patchwork, Children's Scrapstore Bristol, St Werburgh's City Farm Garden, St Luke's Primary School, Southdene, Hanover Housing Association, Swindon MS and Neuro Therapy Centre, Mrs J of SE17, Direct Help & Advice (DHA), Mr J of SE22, Miss M of SE23, Ms M of NW2, Mrs E of E9, Queens Park Community Council, The SYDNI Centre , Ms M of NW5, Wild About Nature, Solidarity Sports, Brixton Windmill, Mr J of NW5, Mrs M of YO31, Southwark Tigers RFC, The Children's Hospital Charity, Mrs B of SE5, Ms C of SE28, Malago Valley Conservation Group, Hollybush Estate, YMCA Hawker, Food2You, St Dionis Church, Ms R of BS3, Heaton Mersey Collective, Clitterhouse Farm House, Dulwich Parkrun, Exeter Riverside Parkrun, Ms M of N5, Friends of Westcombe Woodlands, The Friends of Scarcroft School, Trinity Close Residents Group, Mr S of PO6, Mr V of YO10, Mr D of W10, Tremorfa Parkrun, Miss P of SW2, Mr G of SW16, St Mark's Garden Group, Miss E of E1, Stockwell Partnership, Tabard Gardens Community Allotments, Macmillan Cancer Support, In2Change, Mrs M of UB6, The Exodus Project, Mrs C of SE16, Portsmouth City Council, Fircroft Trust, Friends of Sefton Park, Mr P of WC1X, FareShare West Midlands, Mr H of SE23, BANF, Canal & River Trust, Breathing Spaces , BCP Council, Mr P of CF24, Ms K of E8, Mrs C of L17, Mrs M of NW2, Kensington Community Learning Centre, Ms R of SE1, Ms M of SE23, Irish Community Care Merseyside, Princes Park ParkRun, Mr R of BR1, Ms J of BN2, Moneyfields allotment holders, St Matthias School, Mrs V of CF5, Clifton Albert Resident Association, Ms C of SW2, Newcastle University Students Union, Ms L of BS7, Bring back Guys Cliff, Moulescoomb School, Action on hearing loss, Mrs C of CO4, Friends of Sydney Gardens, Bath Foodbank, Salthill junior parkrun, Barton Hill Settlement, Bristol Mental Health, Grangetown Community Centre, Charlton Community Garden, Dorset Mind RED January, Mr C of SE22, Graves junior parkrun, Miss C of SE6, Mr L of SE19, Eastwood Farm, BBOWT, Erith Christmas Tree Festival, Greening Wingrove , Cowley Road Carnival, Ark T Centre, Penge Congregational Church, Branksome Community Centre, St Lukes School, The Grove Community, Notting Hill Genesis, Mrs C of SW2, Bradbury Fields, Friends of Cator and Alexandra Parks, Big Local Broad Green, Bexley Food Bank, Miss C of E5, Mr A of NW10, Mr D of SW8, Howard Primary School, Mr C of SW2, Mrs M of YO26, Mrs M of E8, Friends of Victoria Park, Mrs F of SE11, Skip Garden, Mr M of BS3, Recreation Road Infant School, Ms V of SE5, Stockport Women's Centre, St Aldhelm's Church, Ms M of SE9, Mr D of BR1, Walpole Park, Mrs C of YO30, Mr H of SE15, Manor and Castle Development Trust , Ms A of KT5, Ms P of SW2, Mrs K of SE5, Mr A of SE1, Miss S of CF11, Haringey Play Association, Royal Pavilion Gardens, T On The Green, Mrs M of N15, Oxfam Oxford, Styles Gardens, Ms M of BS10, Mrs A of N5, LAERA - Lincoln Avenue Estate Residents Association, Friends of Victoria Park , STEAM, Mr R of EC1N, Ms A of SE3, Mrs j of TW9, Ms M of WC1H, Mrs S of E3, Mrs H of N8, Mrs E of BS5, Ms M of W6, Islington Council , Mrs G of S14, Newcastle parkrun, Mr H of SW2, Margaret Matthews Court, Guinness Partnership, Mrs A of KT2, Mrs M of N16, Ms R of E8, Mrs M of SE4, Mrs R of CF23, Mrs K of L11, Palace Road Nature Gardens, Lydiard parkrun, Mrs F of CR2, Mrs N of SE17, Hoxton Hall, Mrs I of E7, Mrs E of SW16, Mr K of W12, Mrs P of CR0, Mr C of E8, Ms M of N19, Mr R of L25, Mrs P of NW4, Mr H of YO24, Mrs B of HD4, Citizens Advice Bureau, Mr T of N16, Mrs M of SE24, Mr M of CF14, Mr S of SW16, Mrs J of CF64, Mr G of N22, Mrs Z of SE24, Old Police Station, Mrs P of BH9, Mrs j of CR0, Mr H of E9, Mrs M of YO32, YNC Community Allotment, Voluntary Action Lewisham, Mrs A of CF62, Mrs S of EC1V, Mr D of OX3, Mr P of E4, Ms M of SW1W, Mousehold Heath, Friends of Kingston Road Recreation Ground, Sydney House, Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park, Friends of Berrylands Nature Reserve, Mr M of YO24, Mr C of E14, Mrs S of N17, GLOWS Tulse Hill, Mr B of SE3, Tower Hamlets Council, Ms V of SE27, Mrs B of CW1, Mr V of IG2, Bubble & Squeak Eat, Thames Hospice, Holgate Community Garden, Windsor Lawns , Mrs J of SW11, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Bonney Rd Community Allotments, Millgate School, St Mark's Catholic Primary School, South Central Community Transport, WAND UK, Mr P of SW15, Whoopsadaisy, FareShare Cymru, St Davids Church, Ashdown Crescent - Sheltered Housing, Green Gym, Angelica's Rainbow, Mrs D of SE21, TRAID - Shepherd's Bush, Mr M of SE5, Spon Gate Primary School, Somerset Point, Cardiff Central Youth Club (CCYC), Mr M of SE3, Food Drop, Terapia, KCAH, Leicester Mahajan Trust, Wheels 4 All, St Pauls and St Augustines Worship Centre, Mr P of SE6, Mrs H of NW6, Mr J of DA17, Dedham therapy farm, Mrs S of SW18, Helpful Peeps, Montessori Education for Autism, Mrs H of BS13, Mr F of N19, YMCA Shop Goodge Street, Ms G of SE21, Turning Point, Mr M of N1, Ms K of NW6, Mr F of SW9, Grove Park Allotments, Ms R of SW19, Ms G of N7, Age UK Wiltshire, Mr M of NW6, Ms M of SW11, Miss M of N1, Mrs M of NW5, Youth Homeless NE, Mrs S of CR2, Love Our Streets , Energy Garden UK, Ms I of SW8, Mrs S of SE7, Mrs E of CF14, Wonford Planters, Ms J of SE14, Creative Spaces Co., parkrun - King's Weston junior parkrun, St Andrew's Church, Hove, , Mrs G of CF5, Mrs C of TW4, Mrs D of BS3, Samaritans of Portsmouth & East Hampshire, Mr M of E5, Mrs D of NW10, Mrs R of W1W, Ms D of N7, Miss K of SW18, Mrs G of BS5, Mr A of SE19, Mr G of N19, Mrs E of SE15, British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical Store, Mrs J of S8, Mr J of CO4, Ms K of KT3, The Haven, Penny Brohn - Bath Christmas Market Bucket Collection , Mr L of E5, Mrs G of S5, Friends of Queen’s Promenade, Fishponds Park, Narroways Millenium Green Trust, Menphys, Mr B of BA1, Northern Pride, Newtown Community Preschool, Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust, Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Sanctuary Family Support, Ms J of E9, Grounded Ecotherapy , Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Mrs K of YO30, Mr J of SE17, Friends of Larkhall Park, Brighthelm Centre, Mr H of SE13, Litterarti, Uniform Exchange, ms J of SE4, Mr M of SW4, Cherry Tree Garden, Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre, Mrs G of N17, Mrs M of BS7, mr P of WC1X, Crutch Haringey, Mrs L of EC1V, Stargarallot, Penny Brohn, Mr. L of SE21, Butetown Pavilion, Mr D of SE8, Mr P of NW1, Keep Wales Tidy, MyPlace, Holland Park Estate, Streatham Youth & Community Trust, Mr A of SE11, Mrs s of SE12, Mrs S of S8, Miss M of SE11, Junior Parkrun Colchester, Ms J of DA6, Mrs S of N7, Mrs. V of SE22, Mr T of W10, Ms J of E5, Ms M of YO23, Phoenix Cinema, Mr J of L6, Mr I of BS11, Flower Power York, Mr K of SE24, Mrs C of BH9, St Augustine's Church, Mental Health Activity Trust, Ms D of YO24, Ms M of SE16, Mr A of BN2, Mr R of BS5, Herne Hill Forum, Black Prince Trust, Miss C of W5, Ms H of SW11, Mrs J of KT1, Salavation Army, Ms A of E13, Ms P of E9, Mr T of CM1, Mrs E of YO31, The Marlpit Arms, West end refugee service, The Real Junk Food Project: Sheffield , Ms A of SW18, Gorgeous Gorse Hill, Mrs M of E1W, Mr L of SE1, Mrs D of CM1, Restore, Survivors in Transition, Mr N of SE15, Ms G of E8, St Jude's Primary School, Stepney City Farm, Albany Theatre, Beckenham Baptist Church, Waterside Adventure Playground, Miss J of N19, Sunnyside Community Garden, Ms M of SW4, Park Run, Ms A of W6, Mrs T of E6, Dell Fields Care Home, Age Exchange, St George's Hall, Mrs I of SE1, Mr B of SE15, Friends of Wroughton Primary Federation, Mrs P of SE8, Charlton House, Ms S of N1, Mrs B of S5, Mrs S of SE19, Mrs E of N1, Ms V of SE15, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP), The Laura Centre, Mr D of BH10, ODP parkrun, Mr R of LE3, Mr B of W13, Signpost Stockport for Carers, Mrs M of B75, Mr W of E8, Weavers Adventure Playground, Pioneer Sailing Trust, St Luke's Community Centre, Mr P of E8, Mrs I of SE16, Grow Your Community Greenhouse, Norwich Housing Society, Ashby Court, Hayden Court, Friends of Thornton Heath Rec, Mrs O of CF5, Broomfield Hospital, Mrs E of EC1V, Silver Road Community Centre, Mr R of HA9, Forever friends at The Royal United Hospital, Birmingham Vernon Sea Cadets, Brixton Community Base, Mrs E of SE4, Richmond Adult Community College, The Poppy Factory, British Legion, Ms E of W5, Mrs A of N7, Mrs Y of N19, Mr C of SW8, Graves parkrun, Mrs R of YO24, St Patrick's Montessori Day Nursery, FareShare, Ms B of SE6, Mrs A of SE15, Miss L of N16, Ms E of SE15, Mrs J of BS4, Prospect Hospice, Mrs A of BS3, The Y Leicester, Mrs R of B3, Mrs S of CO5, Mrs F of E9, Aldgate Partnership, Mr I of E6, Charles Dickens Primary School, Mrs B of CF24, St John's Waterloo, Ms E of SW1P, Mr H of SE6, Mrs L of SE6, Accessible Edibles, Mrs D of SW18, Vauxhall Foodbank, OCAY, Western Park Free Riders, Beaumont Leys Library, Mr W of N4, Muswell Hill Food Bank, Mrs K of SE19, Free@last, Youth Moves Urban Escape, Nubian day care centre, Earswick Community Scented Garden, ST GREGORY THE GREAT CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Mr J of S6, Voluntary Emergency Services Transport (VEST) , Love South Chingford, Colour Your Common Initiative, Mrs A of SE18, Ipswich Borough Council, Compton Terrace Gardens, Lewisham Foodbank, St Anthony's Catholic School, Mrs B of SE21, The Hop 50+, National Trust - Tyntesfield, YMCA Bristol, Whittington Park Community Association, Yarrow Housing, Alexander House Care Home , The Peepul Centre, The Quadrant - Riverside Housing, Mrs D of CF15, St Johns Church, Ms K of SE19, Ludwell Life , Mrs J of OX4, Samaritans, BSARCS, Mr J of N2, Miss F of SE13, Globe Town Community Gardeners, Mr H of N1, Mr M of SW9, Mrs E of SE22, Mrs R of W12, Mrs S of DA17, Miss R of N19, Mrs B of YO23, Ashton Vale primary school, Mrs L of SE15, Mr D of BS14, Manor Paddock, Mrs A of SE22, Silver Birches, EACH Charity Shop Unthank Road, Ormiston Families, Mr M of SE1, Alexandra Road Community Garden, Mrs W of S8, Miss B of N1, Mrs J of SE23, Mr P of NW3, Ms E of NW1, A Mile In Her Shoes, City Mission , Aldgate Play and Heritage Project, Mr J of SW17, Ms R of SW4, Mrs B of SE23, Mr P of BS5, Mrs Y of SE16, Ms H of BS3, Ms L of SW8, Mr R of SE13, Paving the Way, Mrs P of SE22, Ms C of SE23, Greening Lewisham, Mrs M of SW18, Kirklees Youth Alliance, Mrs J of E8, Grow The World In London / Go Grow A10 Allotment Site, John Drake House, Wolves Lane, Walworth Road Sense Charity Shop, Mortlake Girl Guides Hall , Creative Workspace, Mr D of SE14, Mrs J of SW8, Mr A of N16, Mrs J of NR2, Mr P of HA0, St Hugh's Community Centre, Evolve Housing + Support, Mr J of YO32, Mrs S of BS5, Miss C of N19, Bath City Farm, YMCA Bournemouth, Mrs N of W2, Ms. A of YO30, Mr A of SW11, Mrs D of NW3, Mr L of SW1P, Ms D of SE24, Mr H of SE14, Hereford Court Community Garden , Mrs M of SE9, Crofton Park Station Garden, Miss M of BS2, Ms S of WC1H, Mrs L of YO26, Mrs M of SE6, Mrs M of SE23, Mrs F of BN3, Mr P of EC1V, Mr K of CF15, Mrs A of E14, Friends of White Horse Rec, MRS R of EC1N, Hestia - DGYH , Mr J of SE7, Ms J of SW17, Mrs I of SW16, Alara Wholefoods, StreetGoat, Ms L of SE6, Living under one sun, Mrs A of E8, Tottenham Community Sports Centre, Mrs M of SW12, Mr N of OX3, Ms J of WC1N, Mrs J of SE22, Mrs R of SW8, Goldsmiths Community Centre, Mrs S of SW2, Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, Ms P of E2, Ms S of BN41, Mr F of SW17, Miss J of OX3, Mrs M of N1, Mrs L of N15, Incredible Edible, Ms J of BS14, Mr S of OX4, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, Ms S of W13, Mr J of SE13, St Leonards Church in Lexden, Mrs E of SE12, Ms E of N7, Mrs M of SE26, Miss D of S36, Swindon Borough Council, Mr T of SE17, Ms S of CF14, Ms G of HA4, Mrs P of NR2, Ms J of N16, Swindon City Of Sanctuary, Ocean Arts Centre, Mrs L of CR0, Mrs C of SW18, Mr S of NW1, Ms M of SE26, Mr P of SW1V, Mrs R of BS8, Miss B of SE12, Mrs c of SE4, Ms D of SW8, Mr A of SW2, Mr M of E3, Ms B of NW3, Mr E of CO2, Cossall Estate Tenants and Residents Association, Mr A of SW4, Mr D of W3, Mr J of SE8, Mr J of SE15, Ms G of SW9, Miss B of NW5, Miss K of SW2, Mrs J of NW5, Ms R of SW6, Mrs E of SW1V, Miss M of SW1P, Mr V of N16, Richmond Furniture Scheme, Ms G of SE13, Girl Guiding Birmingham, Mr H of SE17, Mrs A of CF14, Mr K of SE10, Mrs I of N8, Ms M of E9, Ms P of E3, Barnes Primary Schol , St Werburghs Primary School, Heathfield Ecology Centre, Pinnacle PSG - Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Mrs W of L13, Maystar & Cheesemans TRA, Mr N of SE24, Ms C of SE16, Mrs A of DA8, Mr G of SE6, Mr P of N19, Mr T of BN3, The Camden Society, Origin Housing , Mr L of CO3, Ms N of SW4, Mrs M of SW11, Orchard Share , Groundwork, Mr N of N1, Blackfriars Settlement, Mrs J of SE11, Caring in Bristol, Miss E of CR0, Ms C of E7, Stonebridge Lock Coalition, Rainbow Junktion Cafe, Ms H of E8, Mrs D of SW9, Mrs M of UB5, Mr J of SE11, Mrs M of NW1, Mr C of SW9, Mrs S of UB2, Mr R of SE27, Miss P of SE6, Mr L of N5, Ms C of CF5, Miss F of N18, Mrs M of CF5, Curo - Well Being House (Bath), Mrs C of BN3, Ms I of SE6, Mrs C of SW9, Mrs D of TW9, Cathedral Archer Project, Mr I of SW16, Mrs P of BS6, Ealing Food Bank, Miss M of NW3, Mr K of N19, Baggator Youth Project, Surfers Against Sewage, Ham and Petersham Sea Scouts , Mrs D of N7, MR S of SE7, Hayes Dementia Hub, Mrs J of KT5, Mr L of SW9, Mrs B of SE13, Curo - Dartmouth Avenue (Bath), Coryton Primary School, Mrs B of SE9, Mr T of S20, Arts2Educate, Fernheath Play, Mr H of BR1, Card Beds, lyncombe community growers, Fareshare SouthWest, Mr M of E9, Rainbow Trust Children's Charity , Open Hands, St. Michaels Community Centre, Ms G of E5, Mrs D of SW11, Mr N of E5, Ms A of BS4, Mr K of SE6, Mrs J of BS5, Dar-ul-Isra Mosque, Coastline Vineyard Church Community Group, Sheffield Futures, Ms F of SE17, Mrs M of S6, Mr S of BS7, Mrs S of SE15, Goodgym, Stanley Park junior parkrun, Ms M of SE24, Marie Curie Penarth Shop, Mr T of SW1V, OxClean, EACH Charity Shop Plumstead Road, Edmund Bacon Court, Mr L of BS5, St Marks community centre, Nightingale House (Cadwyn Housing Association), Thames 21, Mrs A of BS31, PramDepot, Mrs C of BH4, Miss S of SE26, Urban Buzz, Perfectly Edible UK, Miss D of SE21, ms J of SE24, Thomson House School, Mrs J of WC2H, Ms S of SE13, Mrs K of SE8, Mrs S of BR1, Mr P of SE16, Mrs A of YO32, The Norwich Food Bank, Rose Bowl Youth club, Friends of Lordship Rec, Mrs A of SE24, WANSTEAD COMMUNITY ALLOTMENTS, Ms G of EN5, Riverside youth and community centre, Croydon Reuse Organisation, RSPB, Sheffield, Cruse Bereavement Care , Mrs E of CF24, Mrs A of S6, Mrs T of SE16, Mr G of BS16, Friends of West Earlham Woods, Queen Caroline Estate gardening club, Scope Charity Shop Holloway , Mr W of SE17, Mr T of YO31, Ms A of YO31, Canal and River Trust - Brent, British Heart Foundation , Ms P of SW9, Gingerbread Corner Nursery, Miss R of SE16, La Tour Cycle Cafe, Mrs D of SW19, Mrs A of NW11, Mr P of BS6, Mrs J of S5, Newcastle Eagles Community Arena, BeeUrban, Mrs L of SE17, Mrs L of BN2, Mrs J of E5, Bournemouth Parks, The Hurlingham Academy, Mr M of WC2E, Mrs V of N12, Grove Adventure Playground, Forget-me-not Cafe and gardening club, Kesgrave Town Council, Ms B of SE1, Handsworth children’s triathlon holiday camp volunteer, Oasis Farm Waterloo, Mrs J of BH4, Henleaze Junior School, Mr P of SE1, Mrs A of CF5, Mr G of N1, Ms W of E16, Miss l of CR7, Little Village Camden Branch, Mrs J of N16, Birdhurst Community Garden, Barnet Furniture Centre, Mrs Q of SW15, Mrs M of S75, Mrs M of CF23, Grangetown Community Hyb, Mrs J of NW8, MOSAC, Mr R of NE4, Ms S of SW1W, ms S of N1, Mr C of SE6, Ms M of L5, Mrs N of SW15, Ms M of L16, Mr C of S6, Mrs R of E2, Mr M of SE6, Mr A of E8, Ms J of N19, Mrs L of CF62, Friends of Priory Park, Mrs E of SW12, Mr B of E7, Mrs R of E5, Marine Gardens , Ms M of WC1X, Mrs A of SE17, NSPCC, Mrs D of SE25, Recyke y'bike, Mrs M of S2, Ms W of E17, Mr R of CF24, Mr I of SE8, Mr M of CF11, Mrs H of BS5, Earth Watch, Mrs F of NW5, Age Uk Camden , Great Croft Community Garden , Friends of Marconi Ponds Local Nature Reserve, Friends of Spencer Park, The Lost Plot, East Oxford Community Centre, Ms R of E6, Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust , The Friends of Alexandra Park , The Guinness Partnership, Byker Community Centre, St. John's Court Sheltered Housing, Riverdale Court, Willow View, Family Friends, Train Wood, Mrs K of W13, Tylers Friends , Yellow Qube, samaritans, Level Best Art Cafe, FoodCycle Walker, Mr B of TW9, Mr G of NW6, Mrs H of E9, St Paul's United Reformed Church, All Saints Pavement Churchyard, Mrs M of SE15, Mrs L of SW14, Mrs G of SW2, Mrs T of SE5, Hobs Moat Library, Lesnes Abbey Conservation Volunteers, Mr T of SE23, Mr W of SE15, Parkview Estate, Mr H of W12, Crosby House Surgery , Coram Fields , YMCA Barnsley, Mrs C of N16, Mrs K of BS5, Mrs L of SE26, Mrs H of SE16, TEaM Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Coventry Mind, Ms A of TW3, Lorenco House, St Werburgh's Park Nursery School, FIND - Families in Need, Liverpool Irish Centre, parkview care home part of the avante care and support , Sidcup Partners, Merton Court School, Ms N of TW9, Miss A of BR1, Mrs P of YO26, Ms P of S5, Uniform Express, The Mill, St. Peter's Church, Marmalade Trust, Mrs O of PO1, Mr M of PO1, A Christmas Choir Fundraiser for loneliness charity Together Co, Ms L of SE16, Dame Emily Park, Star and shadow cinema , Somerdale Pavilion parkrun, Mr H of L1, Big Grange Local, parkrun - Eastville, Edible Rotherhithe , Love Essex - Colchester Recycling Centre, Mrs H of L11, Mrs C of E8, Mr B of YO32, Greenfield Children & Family Centre, Grapes Hill Community Garden, Marble Hill Play Centres, Heel & Toe Children's Charity, Ipswich Soup Kitchen, Ms M of SW15, FareShare London, Mr B of NW1, Mrs M of SE5, Salvation Army, St Christopher's Hospice Shop Lewisham, Mr A of SE5, Hove Park Junior parkrun, OxGrow, Mr H of SW9, The J's Hospice, West Ham Park, Mrs E of SW17, Ms E of SE13, TCV Hollybush, Ms R of N5, Mrs R of SE22, Miss M of N5, Ms C of SE6, Widcombe Residents' Association, Miss S of SN5, Mrs C of PO6, Big Yellow Bus Project, Mr K of E5, Mrs N of E5, Ms J of SE23, Ms T of SE15, Mrs G of TW8, Leazes parkrun, Thornton Heath Community Garden, Marypole & Mincinglake Allotment Association, Mrs M of SW8, Sewak Housing , Mrs S of E1, Mr C of SW17, Abundance , Mortlake Youth Centre, Brixton People's Kitchen, Community Care and Wellbeing Service (CCAWS), Mrs L of N4, Homestart, Slades Farm Community Garden, Newtown Community Association, Old Oak Community & Children's Centre, Ouseburn Trust, Mrs D of W13, Ms B of SE5, Mr S of SE1, Jesmond Community Orchard, Rotary Club of Leicester, Mr W of CF14, Ms K of N7, Mr H of W3, Essex Youth Services, Baby Bank Norfolk, Larkrise Primary School, Trafford Rape Crisis, Mr K of E8, Mr J of CF11, Ms M of SW13, Mrs M of E16, Mr T of SW9, LifeHouse, Mrs S of BS3, Mrs R of YO31, Mrs M of OX4, Bloom In' St Thomas, Friends of Fishergate Primary School, Liverpool Unitarian Church, Stretford Parkrun, Miss M of SE15, Exeter City Council, Parkside Gardening , Ms K of SE4, Mr O of W5, St Josephs Primary School, Edible Forest Kingston , Ms G of W6, Mrs B of LE2, Ferring Conversation Society , Friends of Markeaton Park , Children's Hospice South West , Positive choices, Mr W of N16, Stretford High School, Roundabout Ltd, Grow edegely, South Downs Leisure Charitable trust, Grange Pavilion, Ms S of W9, The Hut York, Clarence Gardens, Ms S of SN3, St James's Christmas Lunch, Housing and Care 21, Mrs K of N5, Belmont Court Extra Care, Poole Housing Partnership, Bath City Football Club, Abundance London, Break Charity, Sylvania Environment and Community Project , The Venue Community Centre, Mr L of E9, Bath organic group, National Careers Service, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Newington Green Alliance , John Betts Primary School, Mrs P of E5, Mr W of SN3, Mrs R of E8, Good News 4 Swindon (GN4S), Mr J of SW1P, Thames Landscape Strategy, Ms R of SE26, Mr J of CF3, Mr M of BS5, Friends of Wilthorpe Park , Ms L of N1, Ruxley Gravel Pits Nature Reserve, Barley Court, LTC Green Spaces, Mrs J of SE1, Ms R of SE5, NoFit State Circus, Mr A of TW13, Mrs B of E5, Mr A of BR1, Mrs S of SE17, Ms T of SE23, Mrs K of BS10, Ms F of SE24, Mrs A of SW2, Mrs N of SW6, Mr C of BS2, Mr T of YO26, Mr H of N16, London Borough of Redbridge, Mrs C of W12, Mr G of W3, Mrs S of E2, New Tottenham Singers, Mr R of SE5, Mrs A of N1, St John's Centre, Mrs R of BS7, Ms H of S5, Mora Primary and Nursery School , Little Deer Wood Activity Centre, Mrs P of YO30, Mrs W of N4, Colin's Nest Cafe, Ms J of SW2, St James Church, British Red Cross Newcastle, Mrs A of N2, Ms L of NW1, Glan yr Afon Primary School, Mx V of SW12, Ms S of L19, Mr N of SE17, AIM Community, Mercato Metropolitano, Mrs V of SW9, GROW, Poole Hospital Charity - Elf Dash, SAVI North West, Mrs M of N2, Mrs M of B36, Osmaston Park Allotments , Ellen Tinkham School, Exeter, Ms J of SE16, Mr K of YO23, Canal and Rivers Trust , Chelmsford parkrun, Moorlands Garden, Ms V of SW1V, Friends of Darley Open Spaces (FoDOS), Mrs S of CR0, Ms G of SW2, Mr J of CR0, Westbank, Healthy Living and Community Centre, Mrs G of BS7, Poppy Road Poppy Project, Ms J of SE6, Mrs B of S35, Mr B of SE26, Ms C of SE15, Mrs B of CF23, TRAID, Alzheimer's Society - BSGandG, Coventry Winter Night Shelter, Mr G of CV4, Mr H of SE8, Mr J of NW1, City Community Trust , Brady Arts and Community Centre, Mr K of SE17, Southsea parkrun, Remakery, Ms E of SE1, Ampthill Square TRA, Firstsite, Weir Archer Athletics and Fitness Centre, Mr F of L3, Mrs J of SL2, Longford Centre, Ms A of W5, The Hamlet Children's Centre, Mrs I of E5, Mrs M of SE12, St Mary’s Church, Lydiard Tregoze, Stompie Garden, Bexley parkrun, Growing works, Easton Salvation Army, Loughborough Community Centre, Miss D of SE23, Mr G of L15, Mr F of SW4, Miss M of SE21, Ms M of N12, Mr A of W5, Crisis at Christmas, Ms J of N7, Mrs L of N2, Clothes For Causes, Mrs J of PO1, Plogolution, Friends of Manor Park, YMCA Cardiff Retail, Plastic Patrol, Mrs B of E6, Park Hill Allotments and Gardens Society , Low Moor Allotment Association, Alexandra Palace parkrun, Mrs R of N7, Ms V of BS16, Mr G of S10, The Friends of Knavesmire Primary School, Paradise Co-operative Garden, Hubbub, Friends of Longford Park, St Luke's Church Prestonville, Salvation Army - Brighton, Suffolk Law Centre / ISCRE, Mr N of SE22, Mr D of NW5, Ruskin Community High School, The Salvation Army, Mr L of L11, Mrs N of SE5, Send a Cow, Mr A of SE23, Ms J of SW1V, Mr J of BS3, The Stroke Association, Moldgreen United Reform Church , Poole Enviroteers , Kingfield School, Gleadless Valley Litter Pickers, MySight York, Mr R of SW2, Colchester Library & Community Hub, Heworth Without Community Centre, AgeUK East London, Hilldrop Community Centre, Mr P of SE17, Aldgate Community Events, Ms L of W12, Mrs J of S2, Mrs B of NW5, Ms C of CR0, Mrs M of S10, Ms A of WC1X, Mr R of SW9, Ms A of CF63, Mx M of SW13, Myton Hospice, Heeley Green Veg , Mr D of SL2, Mr D of SE17, Mr P of SW17, Mr K of SW9, Mr A of SW18, Mr R of BS16, Miss Z of BS11, Mr A of SE14, Ms W of E9, Brighton Table Tennis Club, TRAID - Hammersmith, Gosforth Civic Theatre, Ms S of N12, Groundlings Theatre, Sustrans , Mr G of E7, Swindon Women's Aid, Mr J of N1, Pitshanger Community Association, Age UK Suffolk, Ms J of BS13, Court Lane School , Mr E of SK5, Salvation Army Grove Hill Road, Mr M of N2, Mrs J of SN1, The Brain Charity , Mrs C of BS7, Mr A of NW5, Mr G of E9, Ms M of N1, Norwich Healthy Living, Ms S of SW16, The Richmond Society , Pedal Progression, Ms G of SE17, Mrs R of BS3, Miss K of SE15, Penny Lane Development Trust, Mrs D of S2, Ms V of N16, Mr G of SN3, Let's ride British cycling, Emmanuel Church, Oxford Hub, Kingston First, Mr C of KT2, Miss J of SW4, Socially Yours, Ms J of TW9, Mrs V of B16, Mr A of N10, Age UK Hammersmith and Fulham, FareShare North East, Mrs M of N3, Ms J of SE26, Springfield Park Baptist Church, Mrs J of BS3, Canal Club Community Garden, Whole Foods Market, Millthorpe School , Foundation4life, The Honeypot Children's Charity, Mrs R of TW2, Mr E of TW7, E17 Puppet Project , Mrs J of S20, Youth Engagement Programme , Friends of Ruskin Park, Mrs A of YO24, Mrs M of BA2, Ms A of N1, Miss J of SE15, Ms V of EC1V, Phoenix Arts Association, Mrs L of BS14, Mr D of BS11, Mr W of W6, Mr S of E8, Mrs F of SE15, Mrs J of W5, Mrs E of BS4, CCAT (Care Communities Acting Together), Mrs O of SE5, Mr K of SW2, Bedford Fields, Theatre Deli, Mr E of E9, Tenovus - Penarth , Ms R of NW2, Newcastle School for Boys, Ms D of SE16, Mr M of SE11, Mr W of SE22, Community Centre @ Christ Church, Above and Beyond, Mrs R of YO30, The Open Door Centre, Fenton Trust, Westcott Park Community Garden, Smart Works Newcastle, Mr S of W13, Fawcett Society, Mr J of N11, Manor Infant School , Ms J of SE9, Mr J of YO26, Mr W of CO2, Change, Grow, Live, Mrs P of HA8, Way Out West, The Orchard sheltered living centre, Mrs S of TW1, Mr R of NR7, Mrs P of NW9, Church Hill Road Residents Group, Mrs H of SE23, Mr A of CF5, Mr F of NE16, Mr C of NW5, Mrs J of PO5, Ms S of E1, Mrs G of E1, Ms A of YO10, Mr S of BA2, Ms B of SW15, Mrs B of SW11, South Swindon Parish Council, Mr R of W4, Our Lady of Peace Catholic School, , Ms P of BS14, Ms A of SE23, Mrs R of SE24, Mrs W of NW1, Mr T of N4, Grow Tottenham, Shop from Crisis Elephant and Castle, Ms J of SE11, Mr R of SE17, Reconnection Staging Post - St Mungos, Ray's Playhouse, Miss A of BS13, Mr E of E8, Balmoral Court Care Home, Look Ahead Care & Support, Mr A of E3, Tara Community Garden , Slough Council for Voluntary Service, FACT, Mr H of SE16, North London Cares, Mr K of SN4, Mr L of SE15, Ms S of TW4, Mr R of W7, Mrs N of SW14, Mr L of TW1, Mrs S of SE1, Mrs J of N3, Loughborough Junction Action Group, Mr J of E5, Mr W of N5, ELSH - Educational Learning Support Hub, Ms S of SE15, Belsize Community Library , Ms L of SW15, Bournemouth Community Church, Love Whitton, Miss s of BS9, Ms J of SE8, Mr B of L10, Mrs A of N19, Mr D of SE23, Mrs J of SW4, Mr A of SL2, Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group, Mrs B of PO2, Mr W of W12, Mrs E of PO5, Ms S of SE22, Mr M of CF3, The Red Box Project, Literacy Pirates, Central Swindon North Parish Council, Exwick News, The Safe Foundation, Mrs H of SE5, The Community Farm, Mr J of SW15, Mrs J of SE6, Mr D of S5, Mr L of SE18, Miss C of SE27, Mr D of BS9, Care UK, Oxfam Norwich, The Recovery Project , Stepping Stones , Byron Road Homeless Hostel , Mr M of SW17, miss M of SE4, Tabernacle Church - Penarth , Tenpin, Grangetown Community Action, Mrs D of SW1P, Mrs z of E8, Mr M of TW5, Mr R of E5, Mr P of BS14, Mr V of SW16, Barnsley Park Run, Bee Urban, Harthill Youth Centre, Mrs H of SE24, Mrs M of N12, Mrs A of SE23, Mrs M of BS4, Mrs M of SW2, Ms J of W13, Hillview Good News Centre, The Feed, Sully Primary School , Buckland Community Centre, Mr R of E3, Mr B of SE11, Ham and Petersham Association, Mr G of YO24, Mr J of SE16, Rawcliffe Bar Country Park, Mr B of BN1, Mrs A of BS7, Evolve Housing and Support, Mrs S of BS4, NHG Group , Miss C of SE12, Doorstep Library Network, Acknowledging Youths, The Homeless, Ms H of N7, Abney Park Cemetery, Mr F of L12, Kingston Foodbank, Dr A of SW15, Mr M of N16, Mr N of SL2, Kingston Environment Centre, Katherine Buchan Meadow Trust, Kingsgate Community Centre, Believe & Achieve, Mr J of SE1, Ms E of WC1E, St Monica Trust, Ms J of SW16, Mrs K of E5, Gladstone Primary School , Mr W of BS7, Mr A of BS3, Adat Yeshua, Ms M of TW4, 3rd Poole Sea Scouts , Ms M of EN4, Mrs M of HA8, Red Box Project, Ms l of BN2, Mrs S of SE9, mrs G of E6, Mrs Y of SW1Y, Mrs I of CR7, Mrs J of L25, Mrs I of SE15, Mrs L of SW11, Ms E of N1, Ms D of SW16, Ms M of N10, Everyone Active, Mrs S of TW4, Ms E of NE6, Mrs Z of SE9, Mrs P of SE21, Mrs L of BS16, Miss S of N1, Mrs E of CF3, Mrs J of BS13, Ms L of W4, Mrs S of SE18, Mr R of N1, Mrs B of YO31, Kingston Hospital Charity, Mrs R of SE17, Mrs W of W5, Malcolm X Community Centre, Mr J of SE10, Mr B of SW6, Mr J of SE6, Miss A of SE4, Mr D of BS15, Friends of Hove Museum, Mrs N of E6, Hull Road Park, Mrs L of S11, 51st Bath Scouts, Mrs M of N7, Ms E of YO26, Mrs G of SE23, Mrs J of BA1, Mr J of E14, Mrs T of N19, Mr P of SE2, Mr P of SE4, Central Youth Centre, Cricklewood Baptist Church, Mr A of SW1P, St John the Evangelist, Mrs G of TW1, Penn Rd Residents Association, Mr B of BS16, Doxa Deo Community Church, South West London Environment Network, Mr M of DA14, Ms M of BA1, Together Housing , H.O.P.E in community, Mr V of SW17, Mrs W of SW11, Mr A of SE22, Ms J of NW5, Friends of Handsworth Park, Ms O of E5, Crisis at Elephant & Castle, Mr D of SE5, Mr G of TW1, Mrs J of SE5, Mrs B of N22, Leeds Baby Bank, Oakdale Residents Community Association , Friends of St Mary's Church , Queens Road Baptist Church, Mr M of E14, Be Enriched, Newtown Primary School, Mrs E of SE26, Brent Council, mrs c of CR5, Ms A of E6, Mrs J of KT3, Mrs R of CF5, Mrs S of HA8, Ms C of W12, Mrs S of TW13, Fundraising for Nepal, The Florrie, Mrs I of BS5, Enableability , Mrs C of TW9, Ms J of NW1, Ms W of SW12, Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe, Deborah Ubee Trust, Miss H of CR0, Mrs V of CF24, Mrs M of E5, Royal Hill Community Garden, Ms L of N16, Ms P of SE6, Mrs V of CR5, Mr S of SE26, Miss S of SE11, Riverfront Parkrun, Mr F of SE16, Ms C of BS3, Mrs B of S74, Mrs E of YO10, Mrs M of BS5, Mr L of W6, Swindon Advocacy Movement (SAM), Mrs F of SE17, Miss C of L8, Ms R of BH1, Mrs N of S5, Middlesex association for the blind, Mr L of NW2, Newcastle Junior parkrun, Ms J of SW8, Mr M of SE27, Mrs D of BS5, St Peter in the Forest, Ms J of BR1, Ms V of SE23, Mrs D of YO31, Mrs K of N19, Ms S of BS16, Mr S of YO10, Ms D of E17, Marston Community Garden, Miss D of E12, Mrs l of N8, Ms H of SE14, Age UK Sheffield , MS D of SE15, Ms I of KT4, Ms K of SW15, Ms H of SE23, Mr P of N11, GDT, Mrs L of SE25, Clean Up Bristol Harbour, Mr I of N16, OMEGA (Oxfordshire ME Group for Action) , Mrs H of S2, Mr F of L18, Sufra NW London, Ms D of NR1, Mrs U of SE14, Marlpit Community Centre, Bristol roughsleepers, Mrs T of N1, Mrs S of SE10, LCC - Saffron Lane Sports Centre, Mrs P of KT9, Mrs A of TW12, Mr B of E15, Mrs J of N4, Mr M of BS13, Portsmouth Deaf Centre, Mrs v of N3, Ms C of SE4, Exhibition Park Trust, Mrs D of CR0, Mr M of SK6, YMCA Shop - Goodge Street, Millthorpe School, Chatsworth Residents' Association (CRA), 7th - 12th Croydon Scout Group, Mrs D of SE16, Radford Family Centre, Get Cycling CIC, Mrs J of S9, Global Generation Printworks, Ms B of SE13, Mr C of SE1, Mrs P of B91, Mr M of SL1, Shelley Community Football Club, Mrs A of N4, Mrs J of PO6, Royate Hill, Mile End Junior parkrun, South Norwood Parkrun, Haringey Has Pride, Marie Curie, Your Own Place CIC, Ms L of SW11, 23rd Bath Scouts (Avondale), Miss E of KT6, Mr J of L4, Tottenham Refugee Alliance, Down Lane Studios, Mr P of SE11, Ms J of NW2, Broadstonehall primary school, Riversdale Primary School, Mrs A of N3, Mr J of SE21, Pedworth SHU Residents' Associations., Mr F of SE5, It's fun to Run to the YMCA!, Braunstone parkrun, Miss R of SE26, Mrs j of TW12, Ms R of SW2, Ms V of N1, Slough Gymnastics Club, Ms S of SE8, mrs F of SE26, Ms J of SW12, Swindon Shock Wheelchair Basketball Club, Ickle Pickles, Mr J of SE5, Swindon Food Collective, York Mind, Ms M of SE4, Newcastle Cricket Club , Everton in the Community, Mr F of SE15, Mrs J of BS6, Ms D of BN3, People keeping Well Network in Dore and Totley ( Headed up by Age UK Sheffield), Mrs C of E1, Mr A of W2, Crystal Palace Museum, Crisis , Mr R of KT2, Mrs M of W7, The Crossness Engines Trust, Ms J of BH9, Bonny Downs Community Association, Cardiff Rivers Group, Ms A of BS16, Mrs M of SW9, Mrs C of SW15, Strawberry Lane Allotments, Mr G of SL1, Mrs D of YO32, Ms H of N1, Mrs N of S20, Mrs M of N19, Putney Vale Allotments, WWF/ Earth Hour, Clean Green Rose Hill, Mrs D of TW3, Ms G of BS9, Mr V of BS4, Mrs A of SW9, The Red Box Project - Oxford City, Ms M of E5, Wales Millennium Centre, Mr M of TW13, Friends of South Park, Donnington Doorstep, Mrs S of CF11, Ms L of N22, Miss I of SE6, Friends of St Botolphs Church , Ronald Mcdonald House , TimeBuilders, West Oxford Community Centre , First Steps Bath Opportunity Playgroup BOP, Mr P of TW1, Plastic Free Exeter, Colchester Half Marathon, Headway, Mrs B of NW11, Arundel Court primary academy & nursery , Transition 2 , Children services - Essex County Council, North Primary School, Suffragette Kitchen Garden, Acknowledging Youths CIC , Next Chapter, Oxford Poetry Library, Open House Oxford, Mr B of L6, Mrs M of SE22, Ms A of SW2, Globe Community Project, Mrs A of L11, Seven Fields parkrun, Hogsmill Community Garden, Crewe Parkrun, Ms A of NW11, St Mary Redcliffe Nursery School, Mrs U of SE3, Mrs V of SW17, Mr K of SE15, Mrs C of SE27, That's A Wrap , Bluebell Wood, St Marys Church Finchley, Mr P of SW9, Keep Splott Tidy, Ms R of SE15, Mr L of N16, STAR Hub, Reach South Sheffield, Mr J of W9, Miss J of SE6, Rothley and Soar Valley Lions, Haxby Road Primary Academy, Campsbourne Food Garden, Oxfam, Ms A of SW16, Ms J of SW9, Ms M of BR1, Ride On, Mr K of SE21, Mr M of N5, Ms J of BR2, Miss S of SE17, Mini Mermaid Running Club UK, Mrs M of SW1P, Mr R of N5, Mrs K of TW14, Ms M of SK3, The Syrian Kitchen, Mr F of SE13, Mr B of CF14, Malago Greenway Bedminster, Ms M of E8, Mr D of NW1, Coryton Primary School, Cardiff, Ms E of SE5, Notting Hill Genesis Christmas Gift & Food Appeal, Mrs F of E1, Mrs K of BR1, Miss G of E8, Jamie's Farm - Oasis Farm Waterloo, Mrs T of BS4, Mr G of YO32, Mr J of YO10, Miss L of S5, Mr E of SW12, Telegraph Hill Under 5s Playclub, Mrs E of YO32, Army Welfare Community Centre , Mr E of SE27, 7th Portsmouth Brownies, Laser Quest Swindon, Leam Trash Friends, Ms R of SE23, Ms R of SW15, Mr O of N1, WWF Cymru, Christchurch Peace Garden, Ms I of SE15, Ms M of SE3, Mr D of E5, Mr W of SW16, Mr B of NE7, Friends of Clifton Backies, Bridlewood Primary and Nursery School, Bathscape, Miss H of SE19, Ms M of NW10, Ms C of W6, Mrs I of NW6, Mrs E of SE17, Miss C of BS4, Ms D of CR2, York Pride, Oxford Direct Services, Mr E of N16, Mr E of DA6, Mrs M of SE3, RHILC, Ms M of SW9, Mr D of SW2, Mr D of YO32, Mr B of SE5, Ms I of SE1, Hyde Park Source, Active Essex, Ms N of N1, The Vassall Centre, Mrs I of SW12, Burghley Road Centre, Richmond & Putney Unitarians Church, Mr B of TW4, Friends of Knavesmire Primary School, Mr S of KT5, Miss M of SW4, Miss O of NW5, Ms N of E9, Mrs A of SE6, Mrs J of L11, Mrs B of PO4, Mrs M of N4, Ms H of SW2, Mrs I of CO2, St Anthony’s Church , Burgess Parkrun, Mr J of NE3, The Brink Cafe, Action on Addication, Mrs l of KT9, Mrs N of L11, Cricklewood Library, Mrs P of SE16, Mr E of SW11, Mrs J of NW2, Mrs G of GU21, The Markfield Project, North Liverpool Foodbank, St Gemma's Hospice, Whipton and Beacon Heath News, Poets' Corner Community Garden, TRAID Peckham, Feelgood Factory, Kuumba Centre, Mrs F of SE22, Ms+ S of W3, Ms G of SW15, Miss F of SW4, Ms S of N6, Saffron Central, Springfield Lodge, Ms K of CF23, Pop Farm, Sharrow Community Forum, Lewisham Library, Beach House Gardens , Ewart Road Club House, The Bridge Community Centre, New Greenwich Scouts, Salvation Army - Croydon, Clocktower Market, Ladywell Fields Environmental Education Centre, De Quincey Road Allotments , REACH Homes, Mr R of BS3, Miss R of SE14, St. Mark's Primary School, Denton Gardens , Miss G of N16, Mr G of BA5, Mr F of SW16, Mrs A of E3, Faithworks, mr O of E9, Transforming Lives for Good, Mrs B of SE16, Mrs C of S75, Streatham Wells Primary School, Ms S of S9, Mr D of SW9, Mrs V of SE4, Mrs J of TW12, Mrs K of E14, Big Local, Mr D of BS5, St Barnabas Hospice , Rookery Gardens, Miss P of SE15, Mr S of SE15, Mr T of BS4, Mr l of SW8, Mrs M of SW15, Mrs F of SW17, Mrs D of SE5, Mr F of SW6, Mrs R of EC1R, Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, Mrs K of SW18, Mrs G of SE13, Mrs F of NW6, Mrs M of CR0, Ms T of BS10, Mrs P of SE9, Mrs F of S12, Mrs N of SE8, Ms L of N4, Mrs A of SW16, Ms M of CR7, Mr W of TW7, Mr G of SE23, Ms E of E14, Mrs A of CR0, Ms A of E7, mr s of N1, Shepherds Bush Housing Group, Mrs Y of N1, Mrs S of CF15, Mr B of BS2, Growing Support, Miss K of BH12, Mrs V of SE1, Mrs P of N7, Miss i of SW18, Miss N of SE15, Mr C of N19, Mrs S of SW17, Mrs K of S11, SMART, Ms B of CF3, Ms S of CR0, Mr E of BS16, Mr E of SW16, Miss A of CR0, TBC, Ms D of CR4, Mrs B of NW6, Ms Y of E8, Forward, Mrs I of YO23, Mencap - Worthing , Mrs C of S5, Ms G of BN15, Miss B of BH10, Ms M of DA1, Mr V of E13, Mr E of DA1, Miss S of SE27, Mr R of CF14, Mr C of E6, Mr M of CF24, Ms T of SE8, Mrs T of SW17, Mrs J of SE9, Ms G of SE19, Mr C of NW4, Mrs B of CR8, Miss J of SW19, Mrs R of SW11, Mrs C of N1, Mrs H of BS3, Ms B of NW6, Miss a of SW17, Mrs T of SE17, Ms P of CF62, Zinthaya Trust, Activ Gardens, Miss S of NW5, Mrs L of SE24, Mr T of CR0, Ms R of SE3, Miss C of NW5, Mrs L of SW4, Mr A of YO32, Miss O of SE4, Mr N of N16, Walking for Health - Croydon, Ms P of SE10, Ms W of SE19, Mr S of SE4, Lewisham Irish Centre, YMCA Suffolk, Waddon Youth Centre, Joseph's Other Coat Charity Shop, Women Connect First, Build on Belief, Miss D of SE1, Mrs M of CR2, Ms F of SE26, Ms D of E1, Ms B of BS13, Mrs M of SE27, Penny Pie Park, MRS J of UB5, Mr P of SW11, Avenues to Zero 'Heart of Sharrow - Save Mount Pleasant' Project, Besson Street Community Garden, Grace Eyre Foundation, miss Y of SE12, Burgess Community Sports, Mrs M of CO2, Mrs C of SE26, Changing Tunes, Mr S of WC1X, Mrs B of HA8, Mr G of E3, Mr J of BS6, Ms V of SW8, Mrs S of NR6, LCC - Prebend Gardens/Bede Park, Woking Lions Club, Fern Grove Community Garden, Riverand canal trust, The Great Hospital, Bowthorpe Heritage Community Garden, Sheffield Church of the Nazarene, Ms B of SW9, Highfield Nursery School , Portland & Brunswick Association, The Limes, My Clubmoor, Crosslight Advice , York Nurturing Community, Miss E of BS9, Mr T of E3, Ms S of BN1, Ms E of WC1H, Mrs C of SE1, ISAAN SOCIAL SUPPORT ASSOCIATION, Friends of Brunswick Square, mr w of TW7, Mrs S of BH2, Mrs P of BS9, Mapesbury Residents Association, Ms A of BS14, Groundswell, Mrs N of SE6, Mrs S of BS11, The Grow Organisation, Norwich Farmshare, Marion Road Day Centre, Chapter Arts Centre, Mr W of BS4, Mr C of CF3, Ms G of SE4, Mrs C of IP4, Salvation Army (Hope House Hostel), Victoria Park Action Group, Providence Row, Made in Foxhill, Ms H of YO26, The Bevy, Mrs S of BS13, The Greenhouse, St Clement's & St John's Infant School, Mrs B of SW9, Ms A of YO30, Mrs M of E9, Golden Hill Community Garden, Mr B of SW4, Mr J of SW1V, JHERA (Jesus Hospital Estate Residents Association) , Julian House, London Sports Trust, Mr O of BS7, Ms A of YO32, mrs p of CF14, Miss T of SW2, Mrs P of SE26, Mr F of N15, Mrs N of SW11, Ms S of NW7, Ms D of SE1, Redbridge Food Bank, South London Botanical Institute, Severn Primary School inCardiff, Tang Hall Smart, Mrs J of SW12, St Clement's Church, Blackstock Triangle Gardeners, "WW1 Acomb" St Stephens Churchyard Project, Calthorpe Project, Be One Percent, Mrs J of BS7, Mrs R of BS4, Mrs B of BS11, Mrs U of SW11, Ms K of E12, Mr A of NW1, Mrs B of SW4, Mr B of BS10, Beacon House, Mrs D of BS10, Mind H&F, Fulham Good Neighbours, Mr G of SE1, Mr O of N17, Ms V of NW8, Mr C of N1, Oasis Playspace, Mrs I of BS11, Mr S of SW12, Mr. T of SW9, Cooper Lane Scout Hut, Dussindale Primary School, Age UK Norwich, Mr B of E1, St Thomas Vicarage, Mrs P of SW16, Miss A of TW7, Mrs S of YO24, Mrs V of HA9, Mrs M of S20, Mr G of W4, Mr P of BN2, Ms Z of TW9, Applefields School, Ms T of SE12, Newcastle CVS, Mrs J of SW18, Mrs J of EN4, Mr E of CF5, University of Portsmouth, Fresh Start New Beginnings, Reconnect, YMCA Surbiton- part of YMCA St Paul's Group, Lillian de Lissa School, Real Economy, West End Women and Girls, Ms O of W3, Mr B of S2, Mrs E of N7, Mr D of SW17, Friends of Blythe Hill Fields , Mrs P of E9, Mrs S of N19, Mr F of E3, Sports Disability Wales, Mrs G of YO10, Mr B of BS1, Mrs C of SW12, Ms R of SW12, St. Peter's Community Hall and Gardens, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Hightown Beach, Ms A of SE9, Miss M of SE17, Ms G of CF14, Mr M of W3, Eco Op, Mrs P of SE1, Mrs B of SW17, Mr D of BS10, Miss S of SE16, Miss Z of SE24, Mrs P of YO24, Mr J of L10, The Teapot Project, Therapeutic Art and Play Therapy Yorkshire (TAPTY), Queen's Crescent Summer Street Party, The Reader, Mrs I of SE19, Mrs U of E5, Friends of Harbourside Reed Bed (FoHRB), Mrs F of BS10, Miss Z of SE15, Ms B of NW5, Mrs M of BS14, Mr V of HA9, Mrs N of SE21, Mr L of E8, Ms S of CF63, Mr K of BS13, Mr B of SW15, Mr R of CF3, Walthamstow Toy Library and Play Centre, Mrs E of SE23, Mr T of E8, Mr A of WC2B, Cardiff Foodbank, Mrs J of S6, Mind, Ms B of SE16, Miss A of SW13, Mrs R of N12, Ms E of S75, Mrs K of SE1, Mr D of SE6, CGL Richmond Integrated Services, Ms A of WC1N, Mr T of N11, Thames Valley Housing, Miss T of BS7, Mr W of SE5, Methodist Youth Centre, Mrs C of BS4, Mr E of SE17, Ms C of SE11, Mr G of SE3, Gympanzees, Mr D of CR0, Ms A of SW11, Mrs G of BS13, Mr P of L6, Miss C of BS14, Ms L of BS9, Ms G of SW18, Mr M of SW13, Friends of Avon New Cut, Mr C of SE15, Ms J of S35, Ms B of SE2, Mrs G of S35, Warleigh Weir Gaurdians group , Bluebell South Allotments, Mrs C of SE15, St Judes Primary , Octopus Community Network, Ms J of E3, Miss J of BS4, Ms R of NW7, Mrs A of E9, Mrs S of TW5, Mr P of N7, Ms M of BS16, Ms J of BS11, Mrs R of SW13, Ms H of SW12, Body Positive, Mrs A of SE21, Ms D of SW19, Mr A of SW16, Hestia - Housing and Support, Let's Ride, Mr A of CF3, Slade Adventure Playground, Mr D of TW13, Mrs E of NW4, Mr R of SE1, Mrs V of SW8, Mrs P of SW11, Ms I of NW8, Filwood Community Centre, Holly Lodge Centre, Ms S of SW15, Mr H of SE1, St Wilfrid's Centre, Mrs D of E7, Mr D of N8, Mrs R of SW6, Mrs M of CF64, Mr G of SW11, Mr C of E15, Mrs S of N16, West London Mental Health NHS Trust - Hounslow IAPT, Mrs S of SE13, Mrs C of W4, Mr D of SE11, Mrs J of YO26, Certitude, Chelsea FC Foundation, Jackson Lane, Ms C of S7, Kingston Race and Equalities Council, Mrs N of BR2, The Environment Trust - Berrylands Nature Reserve, Mr J of BS14, Incredible Edible LEAP, Mrs M of CF24, Ms J of SE1, Mr J of KT5, Ms R of YO30, Mrs S of W3, Ms O of SW17, Mr L of SW16, Mrs J of S17, Portsmouth Disability Forum, Mr L of SE22, Mr J of SE12, Mr E of SE5, Mrs G of SW16, Mr D of SW13, Oshi's World, Miss A of SE16, Mr B of S13, Mr J of CR7, Mrs M of TW7, Mrs V of BS7, Miss M of SW1V, Ms B of HA8, Mrs G of CF24, Ms E of EN5, Mrs R of TW7, Mrs B of UB2, Norwich MIND, Mr M of SW14, Mr C of SE17, Mrs S of BS16, Punch and Juicy, Ms E of SW11, Mr E of W5, Mr B of SW11, Ms L of E8, Fernbank Nursing Care Home , Kori, Mr J of BS9, Scarcroft Allotments Association, Mrs L of SE1, Ms S of SE6, Relate Bournemouth, Miss E of YO24, Mr B of SW16, Energy Garden Ltd, Mr D of YO24, Mrs F of KT3, Ms B of KT1, Ms A of TW12, Adamsdown Primary School, Mrs P of W5, Mrs B of W5, Mrs S of N1, New Lodge Community Centre, Hamilton House , The Bridge , Mrs D of PO6, Mrs M of NE28, Mrs G of CR0, Mr J of E9, Kingsgate Estate, Ms D of SE21, Ms E of SE22, London Wildlife Trust, Maes y Coed Community Centre, FoodCycle, Mr A of SE9, Ms P of UB5, Ms H of BS20, Mr W of SW2, Ms S of BS5, First Steps Orrishmere Pre School, Mr K of CF14, Ms A of SE22, Ms A of SE5, Mrs J of BS15, Mr W of S4, Mrs D of BS6, Ms M of NW4, Miss B of SE1, Ms H of SE1, Mr G of BS3, Mr K of YO30, Ms O of CR0, Miss M of KT4, Mr R of NW3, Mrs C of GU22, Mrs S of GU21, Alexandra Road Community Garden , Mr F of SW1V, Ms A of SW1W, Ms L of L15, Small Park, BIG RUN, Norwich City Table tennis Club, Singh Sabha Sports Centre, Friends of Knavesmire School Easter Fair, 999 Club, The Spitler, Live Theatre, Mrs J of NW11, Croydon Healthy Homes, Aspire Creating Communities, St Michael and St George's Church, White City, Mrs T of OX4, Layer-de-la-Haye School, Wavertree Society, Miss B of SW1W, Mrs S of DA15, Ms B of BS4, Fellside Community Primary School, Hewett Academy, Impact Theatre, Ms S of S11, Chase Meadow Community Centre & Place of Worship, Mrs A of SW11, Soul Church , Mr J of WC2B, Mr E of SW1V, Friends of Meadow Lane Nature Reserve, Mr J of SE24, Leyton Jubilee junior parkrun, Ms D of BR1, Ms M of BN1, Mrs V of W6, Christopher Grange Sight Loss Learning Hub, Haggerston Orchard, Mr N of YO24, Mrs B of S13, Mrs J of TW13, Mrs H of YO26, Ms L of CF64, Ms K of SW4, Mrs S of NW6, Ms C of CF64, Miss L of SL3, Mr I of SW8, TLC, Ham Amenities Group (HAG), Ms N of SW16, Mr P of E13, Mrs C of OX4, Ms L of NW5, Ms S of SW17, Mr E of SE24, Newsome Junior School, Hallswood Animal Sanctuary, Alley Angels, Wexham Parish Hall , New London Performing Arts Centre, Children North East Nearly New Sale, Mr T of SE1, Mr P of YO24, Mrs R of NW3, Mr P of SW18, Ms M of SW8, The Orchard Project, Mrs M of SE13, Ms H of NW7, Mr A of YO1, Mrs K of UB6, Providence House, Ms F of WC1N, Nunnery Residents Association, OXSRAD, Mr J of E16, Mr W of NW1, Mx J of W7, Mr T of UB1, Ms E of W3, Mrs T of N16, Miss H of SW16, Mr E of SW8, Ms K of N1, Ms D of N16, Mrs S of OX4, Mr E of NW6, Ms J of W5, Mr T of SE16, Ms C of YO23, Ms C of SW12, Shavington Primary School, Good Food Oxford, Ms W of YO24, Miss M of WC1H, Leeds Little Free Libraries, Glen Allotments , Mr G of SE24, Ms R of TW5, Ash Wales, Air Cadets , Curo - The Foyer (Bath), Sustrans Wildlife Champions, Lynwood Gardens , Big Red Bus Club, St Paul's Church and Community Centre, John Pounds Centre, Franklyn Orchard Project, British Heart Foundation (Portsmouth), St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School, Maidenhead Community Allotment, Miss D of N1, Cherry Tree Nursery, Mouth That Roars, Shieldfield Art Works, St Luke's Church of England School, Mrs P of NW6, Mrs B of YO24, Stretford in Bloom, Haldon Forest Parkrun, Swanswell Medical Centre, Bloom Sheffield, St. Pauls, Ms S of BS10, Columbia Road Youth Centre, Mr F of SW1P, 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts, Regency 10K, Mini Mermaids Running Club (Islington),, Mrs V of SE21, Mr K of SE14, Signals, Braywick Nature Centre, SBC Community Development Team, Mrs J of UB5, GLOW Liverpool Event Volunteers, Peppermint Children’s Centre, West Swindon Parish Council, Stroke Association's Resolution Run Leeds, River Run Raid: GoodGym X RSC Great River Clean Up, Hearsall Community Primary School, Mr T of E9, Mr F of NW1, Rose Hill / Lenthall Road Allotment, At the bottom of the garden..., Mrs S of KT3, Mrs R of CV3, Mrs U of W5, Mrs G of YO31, Miss G of S5, Mr L of E16, Mrs G of SW11, Ms E of BS7, Ms. C of SE15, Miss Z of W13, Ms V of E15, Miss M of SW12, Miss J of SW15, Ms C of YO10, Mr D of TW8, Ms R of SE16, Mr G of NW8, Mr B of W2, Ms L of SE15, Mrs B of SW15, Ms D of YO1, Mr J of BS4, Mrs M of W3, Mr J of KT1, Mrs E of BH11, Mr P of W13, Mr Y of WC1R, Mrs A of NW5, Mr D of W5, Mr C of W3, Mr L of SW1V, Mr A of CF23, Ms B of YO24, Mr D of SE3, Mrs M of W5, Mr C of SW19, Ms A of N16, Mr T of SE8, Mrs M of NW3, Mr O of UB1, Mrs U of TW14, Ms S of E8, Mr P of SE23, Mr S of BS14, Miss V of SW2, Miss A of SW18, Mr J of YO31, Ms T of W4, Miss L of SW11, Mrs H of N16, Mr R of W13, Ms S of YO32, Mr s of SW8, Mrs S of NW11, Mr R of SE26, Mr A of W13, Mr I of NW1, Mrs L of WC1B, Mr B of SE14, Ms R of NW5, Mr D of W1T, Ms S of NW5, Ms F of SE5, Miss R of SE6, Ms M of YO31, Ms P of YO31, Mrs S of W5, Ms E of UB5, Mr C of NW6, Mrs E of OX3, Mrs B of SE15, Miss R of N4, Mrs V of N17, Mr A of N7, Miss M of SE6, and Mrs E of SE19

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