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Paul Woodcock completed a walk • Lunch Walk
Wed 26 Jan
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Tue 25 Jan
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Mon 24 Jan
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Group run

Every litt'er counts

Mon 24 Jan
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

The numbers game

What a wonderful turn out this evening with 14 of us. Such a great turn out that we couldn't stop talking long enough to get out of the door! So many exciting topics to talk about! This Friday we will have our delayed party with 22 of us sitting down to a festive meal together. The theme is 'dressed to impress'

We also discussed the January and took a gulp at the KM challenge we have of 3,075 km, We currently are at just over 2.000 so its going to take a massive commitment from us all to reach our goal. Get those steps in and don't forget to start and upload your strava! Dont forget you can also manually upload too. Cycling also counts too so you can also jump on the bike too !

On the plus side it looks as if we are well on track to reach our 52 good deed goal :)

Pier pressure

We headed off in 2 groups of walkers and runners and then almost ( all) met up at the pier. Thank you to John for chasing Stephen and the litter pickers down :)

Off the back of the running, we turned the session round and did the fitness first tonight. It was a partner based drill with 1 person running laps around the pier whilst the other did a variety of functional bodyweight strength exercises ( shuttle runs, press ups, tricep dips, bunny jumps, squats, burpees and squat jumps.

*Not a load of rubbish *

Tonight, I was hoping, that we could find any warmth there was, under the Pavilion end of the pier and also under the Lido. This is where the litter is often left and gathers. Getting rid of any litter on the beach is a great thing to do. On this occasion there wasn't a lot to do but now there's even less!

Star of the day

Special mention to Tamsin who did her own good deed tonight and that was sorting out our delayed Christmas meal and all the endless admin and financial complications it involves. THANK YOU Tamsin. We REALLY do appreciate it.

....Is it a cheeky question to ask if you will arrange this years too ? We could give you a title if it helps? You choose and you have the job!

See most of you Friday night in your glad rags and if not next Monday :)

Julia x

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Paul Woodcock signed up to a group run
Group run

Under the pier and Lido litter pick

Mon 24 Jan 18:00 pm
Splashpoint Leisure Centre, 60 Brighton Rd,, Worthing,, BN11 2EN
Keeping our beach clean

Meet at Splashpoint LC

Wrap up warm ( time to get that huge scarf out again Ros! )

Please bring warm / gardening gloves and a head torch if you have one.

We will head under the pier and lido to litter pick then do a fitness session. I will bring the litter pickers and bags.

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Paul Woodcock completed a training run • Morning Run
Mon 24 Jan
Paul Woodcock completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sun 23 Jan
Paul Woodcock completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Sat 22 Jan
Paul Woodcock completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 22 Jan
Paul Woodcock went on a community mission
Community mission

Barcodes and new friends

Sat 22 Jan
Report written by Sue

As ever, volunteering is a social thing to do. Fellow volunteer, Ollie, was barcoding for the 1st time, as was I. We supported each other with getting used to the new task and it turned out we’re near neighbours.

Paul joined us after the run and did his best to promote Goodgym so we may see new people on Monday tasks.

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