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Back to St Mark's church!

Wed 25 Jul 18:45 pm
Queen Anne Building, Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, LONDON, SE10 9LS
Helping out again at this lovely church on Greenwich South Street

Hey folks!

This week we are heading back to St Marks Church to help them out again in the garden!

The run will be about 4km in total and we will do a short fitness session too.

We meet at 6.45pm at the Old Royal Naval College between the Queen Mary and Queen Anne buildings and there is a room to store bags in too.

See you then!

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Sun 29 Jul
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Shifting soil at St Lukes School

Wed 4 Jul 18:45 pm
Queen Anne Building, Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, LONDON, SE10 9LS
Going back to help out with their garden project!

Hi all

This week we are heading back to St Lukes School to shift 4 tonnes of soil! They have a huge garden project taking place and this is the next step in transforming it!

The run will be about 3-4km in total and if we have time we will also do a fitness session at the end too, although this will probably be a good workout as it is!

We meet at the Old Royal Naval College between the Queen Mary and Queen Anne buildings and there is a room to store bags and belongings in too.

See you there!

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Nina Mehmi has run a race with GoodGym for the first time. Tue 3 Jul 2018

Nina has done their first race with GoodGym. Performing on the day is a lot of pressure; Nina's dealt with the nerves and turned up on the day to make it happen.

Nina Mehmi went on a race

GoodGym Olympics 2018

Sat 30 Jun
Report written by Morag White

Well on June 30th 2018 many things were happening it was National Paddy Day of Nepal, Edmonton Royals beat Toronto Nationals by 8 wickets in the 20Twenty and the Nation sat down to watch Nick Knowles hosts the quiz for people who can't resist a list in another cracking episode of Who Dares Wins. Meanwhile in leafy Hampstead Heath Park dog walkers, parents and local residents were making reports of strange behaviour, incidents included lots of cheering, signs of red thunder, folks running with eggs on spoons and a sea of flags. Not only was the behaviour incredibly positive they were also plying spectators with these delicious homemade cakes, what these folks were witnessing was Olympic fever GoodGym style. So as reported, June 30th 2018 was the 2nd ever GoodGym Olympics. The day brought together 24 different GoodGym area, ranging from Lambeth, the South West to Colchester. The events on offer were a range of events varied from the egg and spoon, 400m to the elimination race. The events were varied but the competition was not and every race brought a bigger and bigger sea of cheers, particular highlights for me was the epic finish of the elimination mile between George Bright and Richard Dowling, Folks flipping pancakes, listening to our two wonderful commentators, the GoodGym relay madness, and human tunnel finish that welcomed the final 5,000m runners brought a tear to my eye that did. Not only were the runners being judged but we also had a torch parade before to show off each boroughs creative sides and although it was a fierce competition. All in all there were 18 different events which each borough their own brilliant moments. This year to even the field I placed the areas in two different leagues due to levels of runners from each area. So up for grabs was the Hunter-Sidhu Shield and the Kerry-Barnard Cup named after our two fantastic commentators, John Hunter and James Kerry-Barnard.

I could write about this for hours however I think picture would do a far better so I will leave some of Tom Hunters and Sarah Rajabalee fanatic shots up and will post a link to more when they come available.

These events don’t work without a band of helpers and I have to say a massive thanks to all the all members of taskforce and GoodGym who have gave up their time to volunteer, help time and marshal on the day and general mean that I didn’t have to do too much, it was amazing there are just too many of you to write down but again thank you it was really a truly lovely and special day, thank you all and here’s to next year. If you have any feedback please let me know on I will be putting together a committee of people to help out and organise next years, if you would like to be considered please drop me a email too.

Nice one, Tom

Race Results please click here on the link below. Please note we did not record heat times and some events do not have times or positions as these got put away during the tidy up. Please accept my apologies if this affects you.

Here are the rest of the results we

Here were the final results

Kerry-Barnard Cup

Lambeth 1st
Wandsworth 2nd
Camden 3rd
Hackney 4th
Lewisham 5th
Islington 6th

Hunter-Sidhu Shield

Greenwich 1st
Brighton 2nd
Hammersmith and Fulham 3rd
Colchester 4th
Southwark 5th
Barnet 6th
Hounslow 7th
Tower Hamlets 8th
Haringey 9th
Croydon 10th
Bristol 11th
Brent 12th
Newham 13th
King's College London 14th
Redbridge 15th
Westminster 16th
Waltham Forest 17th
Ealing 18th

Torch winners: Big shout out to team Islington for their Stella effort combining biscuits with a fantastic touch. Highly commended goes to Tower Hamlets, Bath and Brent. Well done everyone.

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Fri 29 Jun
Nina Mehmi went on a group run
Group run

If you like piña coladas, and doing weeding again

Wed 27 Jun
Report written by Sarah Place

20 runners ran 3.5km to rip out weeds at the Christchurch Community Garden!

It was another warm summers evening at GoodGym Greenwich. We had 3 lovely new runners join us, Mani, Shelomoh and my probably one of my oldest friends Marina! Great to have you all along with us!


It was pineapple day yesterday so we went round and found out everyones favourite fruit, we posed like pineapples in our photos and a few people even went out for some post run piñas! Nice one!!

We did a little warm up and then made our way along the river to Christchurch garden. We were greeted by Kate who had lots of tools and gloves ready for us. And then it was all hands on deck, literally! Everyone took to the floor to yank out as many weeds as possible. Some of them were super stubborn but it was always really satisfying when they came out, roots n all!

After about 20 minutes, we could really notice the difference, patches of weed-free areas were growing bigger and bigger! And the buckets of weeds were filling up rapidly! By 8 o'clock it was time for us to leave. We gave the place a final sweep, had a group pic and then made our way to the park!

Hill repeats!

We had a bit of time to spare so we made the most of it with some hill repeats up One Tree Hill. We had 10 minutes to complete as many ups and downs as possible. There are quite a few steps and you soon feel the burn (I did 25 of these on Tuesday so I know how you guys felt!) but it's a great thing to incorporate into your training to build leg strength and strength endurance which will ultimately make you a faster and stronger runner!

Not sprints!

When you hear about hills you usually hear the term "hill sprints" so you often see people charging up a hill at full speed but that's not what we want to be doing! If you sprint up those hills, you will burn out and be too tired to complete more than a couple of reps, its better to just go up them at a steady speed and then recover on the downhills and do 6-10 reps rather than be completely wrecked by the time you get to the top on the first one!

So give it a go next time you're in the park. Ideally once a week you want to be getting in some kind of session like this is, whether it's hills or intervals and you will see dramatic improvements in your running fitness!

After 10 minutes, we had a nice little jog back to the uni with the sun setting ahead of us. LOVELY!

A little stretch and we were done!

GoodGym Olympics!

A few people asked me yesterday about the GoodGym Olympics, you can find all the info here and while there is no space for any events, it will be great to have as many of you down cheering and helping out as possible! It will be such a fun day with loads to get involved in! Hopefully see you there :)

Great work last night everyone! Well done for getting so stuck and for embracing those hill repeats! See you next time!

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Group run

Weeding at Christchurch Community Garden

Wed 27 Jun 18:45 pm
Queen Anne Building, Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, LONDON, SE10 9LS
Clearing the paving stones of weeds so people can enjoy the lovely garden!

Hey everyone

This week we are heading to Christchurch church garden to help out with their weed problem! There are lots of pesky ones growing between the paving stones so we're gonna help get rid of them. Christchurch church is next to The Forum in East Greenwich which is quite close by, the run in total will be about 3-4km and we'll do a fitness session at the end to help you with your running!

We meet at 6.45pm at the Old Royal Naval College between the Queen Mary and Queen Anne buildings and there is a space to store bags too.

See you then!

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