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Mon 6 Dec
Maena D'Auria completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 4 Dec
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Group run

Leave-ing ETNA in a great state!

Mon 13 Dec 18:45 pm
Tap Tavern, Princes Street, Richmond, TW9 1ED
Supporting ETNA Community Centre in delivering the great social activities and services for the community that they do

Starting at The Tap Tavern at 18:45, Jack will be leading a 3km run to ETNA Community Centre and Cathy will be leading a walking route with a few aerobic dance moves along the way!

The Tap Tavern have kindly agreed to let us use their upstairs venue (DJKs) as a secure locked area for bag drops every Monday session moving forwards.

ETNA is a welcoming and vibrant Community Centre in the heart of East Twickenham. The evening task includes clearing leaves from the garden (front and back areas) as well as any general litterpicking or other garden duties that support is needed with. ETNA will provide all the tools/litter grabbers/bags etc required but we recommend bringing your own gloves and a headtorch if you have one.

Jack and Cathy will be leading the respective runs and walks back to The Tap Tavern after the mission. And if anyone fancies a drink after, I'm sure there will be a few attendees happy to oblige!

First timers are more than welcome and this is a great task to see what we are all about!

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Maena D'Auria completed a training run • Lunch Run
Thu 2 Dec
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Group run

Christmas card delivery

Mon 6 Dec 18:45 pm
Tap Tavern, Princes Street, Richmond, TW9 1ED
Raise awareness of Christmas services in the local community

Tonight we'll be combining a group run with delivering Christmas cards door to door to 1250 homes in the surrounding area. A perfect way to kick off the festive season in Richmond.

Whether you're new to GoodGym or a seasoned veteran, this will be a great night offering the opportunity to get fit, chat and support the local community!

We'll be meeting at The Tap Tavern, Princes Street, Richmond, TW9 1ED. Hope to see you there!

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Community mission

Helping the Happy Ham Landers

Sat 11 Dec 10:00 am
Corner of Croft Way and Riverside Drive, 2 Croft Way, Richmond, TW10 7NB
Improving the natural habitat of the Ham Lands nature reserve

This is a repeat community mission, which takes place every second Saturday of the month, from 10.00 - 11.30am.

The Friends of Ham Lands work with local naturalists and the Council’s ecology officer to identify work that needs doing in the Ham Lands area.

Tasks will vary from week to week: sometimes we will be clearing weeds, brambles or other undesirable plants, sometimes tackling Himalayan Balsam by the river (in the summer), sometimes it will be a litter pick.

All of these tasks are aimed at (1) maintaining the sheltered open grassland areas and open woodland, to improve the habitat for flora and fauna, and particularly for the local butterfly population and (2) maintaining some of the small footpaths through the scrub that are in danger of being overgrown, to ensure people can continue to enjoy the area.

Please wear working clothes including strong and waterproof footwear. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Friends of Ham Lands are not able to provide gloves and hi-vis vest. Please bring your own gardening gloves. If you have a hi-vis vest or jacket please wear it. If you have secateurs or saws please bring them.

Children are very welcome but need to be accompanied by an adult.

We meet at the corner of Croftsway and Riverside Drive

Time: 10.00 – 11.30am

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Community mission

Traffic jam on the trunk road

Sat 27 Nov
Report written by Sam

JP became the first Richmond GoodGymmer to reach 300 good deeds with this task in the woods near Richmond Hill.

We cut down hazels and other trees to restore Turner’s View, the classic vista of the Thames made famous by landscape artist JMW Turner in 1819.

By felling them at their base they’ll be able to grow back up to 3x thicker, creating a habitat for songbirds which like to nest at low ground, as task organiser Ken of Petersham Common Conservators explained.

This landmark community mission started ceremoniously as Salwa handed a photo card with congratulatory messages to her fellow GG stalwart JP.

T,, Maena, Adam, Luis, Chris and Sam joined them and set about the task enthusiastically, cropping the excess foliage with pruning and camping saws.

Shiver me timbers it was chilly, but the physical nature of the task kept us on our toes. Just as it inspired Turner more than two centuries ago, the setting proved perfect for a snap so check out the 33 pics in the gallery above.

Afterwards we headed to Tide Tables for a warm drink.

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Maena D'Auria completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Mon 22 Nov
Maena D'Auria went on a community mission
Community mission
Hammersmith and Fulham

One glove is all it takes 🧤

Sat 20 Nov
Report written by Bethan Critchley

After 6 of us took on Fulham Palace parkrun this morning (well done all!), a group of 12 goodgymers from across London assembled and wandered over to Fulham Palace to meet senior gardener Pete. After a quick round of introductions and welcomes (especially to Katya who joined us for her first ever goodgym good deed today), we headed round to the back of the palace to a familiar tree where we had been tasked with weeding earlier in the year. This time, our job was to rake up the fallen leaves and then plant 1000 crocus bulbs. Tidying up the leaves took no time at all, and we had chance for a little break whilst Pete scattered the bulbs before we got stuck back in planting them. We chatted away as we worked, and debated whether we should plant a GG logo with the crocuses... we decided we'd behave ourselves and resist temptation - how unusual for goodgymers!! 😉😂

With 12 pairs of hands we had all the bulbs planted in less than an hour, so for the remaining 30 minutes we turned our attention to raking weeds up from beneath another tree nearby. In general we felt we had been much less successful at this task, but weed given it our best in the little time we had. No doubt Pete's apprentices or other volunteers will take care of finishing the job soon.

We grabbed a group photo before heading off for a well-earned coffee together. Thanks everyone for a great task this morning, we made light work of the planting! Hopefully see some of you back here next month - keep your eyes peeled for a listing!

All credit goes to Michelle for today's pun report title - excellent work 👏

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Maena D'Auria completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 20 Nov
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