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Helping AFC Heatham Youth Centre to prepare for an event
🗓Monday 18th March 6:45pm

📍Whitton Rd TW1 1BH

Preparing for an open day for young people with additional needs

Teresa Gebski
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Teresa Gebski
Teresa Gebski went on a group run

Mon 5th Feb at 6:45pm

The Art of being Board

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

Speedy Sam led the group on the run tonight, across Richmond Bridge, along the river and around Marble Hill towards Twickenham where we headed to one of our favourite beneficiaries, Achieving for Children.

There was a lot of activity in motion when we arrived as the youths who use the centred headed in from skating for tea and groups gathered their instruments to head to the practice rooms. We get up to all kinds of tasks at Heatham House and it was great to see it in use.

Tonight's tasks were very different: one group got a real workout moving the large hoarding boards from the skate area, ready for a revamp, while another group did a bit sort out in the art room making systems, getting rid of broken bits and getting it all in order. Both groups shared a sense of achievement with big smiles around the piano for the group shot!

A final run back to Richmond town centre rounded off a satisfying 7km for a Monday Run Day!

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Leticia Bessel
Teresa Gebski
Teresa Gebski signed up to a group run.

Mon 5th Feb at 6:45pm

Helping to sort art resources at AFC Heatham Youth Centre

Preparing the centre for half term activities for young people

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Adam Stephens