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Katy Hulm went on a mission

It mattress to us 🛌

Fri 28 Jan
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Katy and I met on a chilly Friday night. I had just cycled over from dog walking and Katy had just ran from Brixton. Mr. W's son, David, let us in and told us the bed had been dismantled, so all we needed to do was take it downstairs and outside. The bed came in two parts, which were light, but slightly awkward to move around. The last part was the heavier mattress, which once Katy and I had a grip of it....it was easy to take out of the flat. The task was all done in less than five minutes. Off we went into the night and into the weekend! 🙌

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Katy Hulm completed a training run • Goodgym mission / furniture moving
Fri 28 Jan
Sun 30 Jan
Fri 28 Jan
Katy Hulm went on a group run
Group run

Portico, Portico, Wherefore art thou Portico?

Tue 25 Jan
Report written by Tim Wheatley

Last night 11 of us met for another Tuesday night group run at Papas Park. we were running to the Portico Gallery in West Norwood, its one of the longest run we do at Lambeth Goodgym, a total of 8.5 km, so we were feeling a bit nervous about whether we would make it or not. 😲

Lambeth TF member and all round creative superstar Tim led the group out start to finish - awesome stuff Tim!

After a quick warm up we set off at a steady pace and started the climb up to West Norwood. The run was long, and hard work but we all made it and felt very proud of ourselves. At the Portico Gallery we met John who explained that they were painting the floor for a music video this week so needed everything on the floor moved up onto the stage. We split into two groups, half of us rearranged the stage whilst the other picked up tables, chairs, picture frames, plants, mirrors and benches and carried them over to the stage for storage.

In under 25 mins we were done and the floor was clear and ready for painting. John was very happy as it would have taken him hours to move all the furniture on his own.

As we left we said goodbye to some runners who made there own way home, the rest of us then ran back another 4k but luckily this time it was down hill.

For lots of us it was either the furthest we had run in a long time or our first time doing that distance so when we go home we felt equally exhausted and triumphant! 🤩

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Katy Hulm completed a training run • GG Lambeth GR
Tue 25 Jan
Katy Hulm signed up to a mission • Food shopping for Mr G
Sat 29 Jan
Katy Hulm signed up to a mission • Food shopping for Mr P
Fri 28 Jan
Katy Hulm signed up to a group run
Group run

Helping out at Portico Gallery - Tuesday’s Group Run !!

Tue 25 Jan 18:45 pm
Papa's Park, 10-17 Pulross Road, London, SW9 8AF
Get fit / Do Good

Sign up and join the Lambeth community on the weekly Tuesday night run.

This week's task will be to help out John and the team at Portico Gallery to prepare for band practice on Wednesday so the task will be to move the yoga mats into storage and move a few bits of light furniture. 🏋

What more could a person want for a winter Tuesday evening? Meet up with fellow GoodGymers, enjoy a social run open to all ages and abilities and do some good.

Click the link, sign up, make a difference!

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Katy Hulm completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 22 Jan
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