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Emma Warren went on a community mission
Community mission

River run and testing times.

Fri 24 Sep
Report written by Paul Salman

A few good gym members looked to help test local water sources for pollution specifically phosphate and nitrates. our results should help provide an understanding of how clean our rivers and lakes are over time.

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Community mission

Citizen science water testing for pollution

Fri 24 Sep 18:45 pm
Not Known, ???, ???
Help understand water quality

Thames WaterBlitz 24-27 September – We need GoodGym volunteers to take part in this waterblitz. It’s very simple and fun to do. Please sign up here and register with the website below. They will send you a kit to use.

Thames WaterBlitz is now open. The event will be held between 24 – 27 September. 12th event in the Thames Valley If you are available for half an hour and would like to take part during those dates, please follow these simple steps below:   1. Log in to your ( if done before)


  1. Register to take part from your profile page   If you are new and would like to take part in our WaterBlitz for the first time, please see the following link to find out more and create a new account: https://earthwatch.org.uk/waterblitz

Tell us how it went and a photo  

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Community mission

Food2You Tesco shop, Thursday edition

Thu 30 Sep 09:00 am
Tesco Extra, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, London, SE16 7LL
Help this fantastic organisation

Are you available to help our friends at Food2You on a Thursday morning in Surrey Quays? This is a fun task that will make a big difference!

What's involved?

  • Meet Food2You team at Tesco in Surrey Quays between 9-11am
  • Pick up a shopping list and head into the store to find the items
  • Bring these back to the team, where together, you will double check the items before they are boxed to go through the till


  • If you arrive and there is a queue, go to the front and tell them you are volunteering with Food2You/Age UK and they will let you in
  • Walk through the store to the far end. In between the alcohol and the bakery section there is a big double white door. Go through the door, turn left, and Terry and the team should all be in there
  • If you can't find the way, look out for shoppers in Tesco with red clipboards, that say 'I'm shopping for local older people' on the back, and they will be able to point you in the right direction!

Food2You is a shopping delivery service provided for older people through Age UK. We are excited to be able to get involved, with this task now a weekly activity on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

You will, of course, need to adhere to social distancing rules, wear a mask and gloves and take direction from the Food2You team.

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Community mission

Food Packing at Borough Food Cooperative

Fri 24 Sep 14:00 pm
St George the Martyr Church, Borough High Street , London, SE1 1JA
Supporting the local community

The Borough Food Cooperative at St George the Martyr Church acts as a subsidized supermarket, and is providing essential supplies to local households who are unable attend the shop in person.

This Friday We need 2 volunteers to join the team between 2-4pm.

On arrival volunteers will meet Adam, the Food Hub Coordinator. The task will include unloading and sorting deliveries from suppliers, and packing food for deliveries ready for the next day.

Please ensure everyone wears a mask in the distribution hub and follows strict social distancing procedures.

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Group run

Getting Rhythms of Life Homeless charity set up

Tue 14 Sep 18:45 pm
Green Park Station (park-side exit), London, W1J 9DZ
Creating a hub to help Westminster’s Homeless

We are back and moving!!

Helping a great Homeless charity get set up in their new home!

We have helped Rhythms of Life set up in a number of locations over the GoodGym years and we have another big effort to get stuck into! We will be doing everything from painting, shifting furniture, tidying, cleaning, and anything else we can fit in!

Meeting by the fountain in Green Park (just by the entrance to the Tube station) there will be the chance to walk or run to the task before we get stuck in!!

Would love to have you along so please sign up and come along!!


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Emma Warren went on a community mission
Community mission

Delivering Greggs Leftovers to BMS

Mon 19 Jul

Bright Morning Star Prisons and Homelessness Outreach(BMS) support vulnerable people at their walk-in centres by offering advice, food and a free counselling service.

We're working with them to take leftovers from Greggs and Pret stores to BMS who give it out at their clinics.

Less food waste + food for homeless people = 👍👍

Start location: Greggs, 4 Electric Avenue, Brixton @ 6pm

⬇️DISTANCE: 4km - Here's a map

End location: Chandler Community Hall, Lambeth Walk, SE11 6DU.

Please arrive by 6pm - Greggs will be closed after that. If you go in and say you're collecting food for Bright Morning Star Prison and Homelessness Outreach, they should give you the leftovers. There may be quite a lot so just take what you can. 😊

Please bring:

🎒 a backpack/panniers (and maybe plastic bags for greasy pastry bags?) to transport the food.

🤿 a mask to wear in the shop.

We ideally need 3 people to sign up to transport the food - you can either run or ride, together or separately. If there are any problems, please call Modesta from Bright Morning Star who will meet you on 07432 690877.

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Community mission

Barnet Environmental Project Tiny Forest.

Sun 31 Oct 10:30 am
Not Known, ???, ???
Helping to create new habitats for wildlife please register

Goodgym Barnet are looking to help develop several small protected plantings of trees through Barnet. ( A Micro Forest)

A Micro Forest is a dense and rapidly growing native woodland in a small area. It will provide a protected habitat for wildlife, capture carbon, filter the air of harmful particulates and reduce flooding and soil loss.

Besides these important local effects, it is symbolic of our need to protect our wider environment and it is hoped it will provide an education and emotional engagement of our community. It’s also something that we will have to physically nurture as a group. Its a great fit for Goodgym!

These initiatives are gaining popularity across the UK, with organisations like EarthWatch and The Conservation Volunteers getting involved.

The Council is interested in the project but we need as many people as possible to support the idea. For the moment please register your interest here and we will keep you up-to-date with what is happening as a rolling community mission. If you have ideas about how to promote this to the community please also get in touch. We want schools, community groups, artisans, news media and others to get involved.

Thanks to Daniel Mermelstein for introducing the idea to Goodgym Barnet.

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Emma Warren went on a community mission
Community mission

Reiki in Highgate woods!

Tue 13 Jul
Report written by Paul Salman

Ten GoodGym members gathered at Highgate woods to help the Ranger Cindy with tidying up after the torrential rain yesterday. We gathered and introduced ourselves and stated our favourite colour. I think green won out as you might expect in woodland. We also met Hannah on her first GoodGym community mission give her a shout out! (click on the red link and give her some support) We then set about raking up sticks and detritus that had been washed from the forest onto the grass. We needed to do this so that the lawnmower was not wrecked when they came to cut the grass. When we had finished Cindy took us into the woodland to chat about forest management and in particular the recent infestation of The processional moth. Cindy then lead us into a clearing where we did a little yoga focusing on posture and breathing. We hope to be back again at the end of August or September. Thanks for coming getting active ,connected and doing some good!

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