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Ellinor went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

I can't help it if I'm poplar

Mon 24 Aug
Report written by Laura Williams

22 of us gathered last night for our two-task Monday extravaganza.

We spaced ourselves nicely out in front of the beautiful Cranbrook Community Food Garden to enjoy our first workout, where we whizzed through some stretches, balance moves and standing waist exercises. Limited content with no floor or surface to lean on, but the team wereexceedingly tolerant of my limited repertoire.

It was a wonderful start to the evening not just because we put the working day behind us, exchanging keyboards for courgettes, but because this was also our time to welcome Alex and Becs to our Task Force! What a time to join! We are so excited about you joining our unbelievably talented, dedicated Task Force squad. What a fit. Here's to many happy, sociable, exciting weeks ahead for us all.

And so to work.

Becky G was heading up our task de-suckering (is that a term?) the big White Poplar tree at Meath Gardens. Now you may read this and think, "What are they going on about?" but let me tell you: this was a big gardening gig. The council have threatened to take the beautiful vast tree down unless it was tamed, and so the fantastic Friends of Meath Gardens called on us to help tame this tricky tree.

Nothing to see here. Just a yellow skeleton among the trees.

A team headed to the canal, and while some cut brambles and branches, others participated in a litter-pick. And in the process, found a skeleton attached to the outside of a bridge. A yellow plastic skeleton (sorry, should have specified earlier). Which became the focus of the evening. Sorry, White Poplar.

Meanwhile, Leo was heading up the Cranbrook crew who were planting; fixing those fickle vegetable bed trellises, and scurrying around productively as usual. Janet and Eileen who head up the Community Centre and garden are so appreciative: what is great fun for us, and provides an opportunity for us to be together, helps them enormously as local resources are currently a little thin of the ground. And despite their drive and dedication, they do need a hand.

We all met by the canal after 8, and while some opted to call it a night, a few of us gathered by The Mystical Tree (an old tree trunk) at the front of Meath for a little stretching and a bit of extra breathing, to the backdrop of Massive Attack. Heaven.

And so to our shout-outs...

  • Well, always it's to our Task Force. Our truly terrific team of individuals who enable us to enjoy weekly activities (Friends of Meath Gardens sent over an eye-wateringly long list of dates to help out, and because our Task Force picked up every single one of them, we can enjoy this regular Monday night gig). Thank you tonight to Becky, in particular, who took time out from moving house to heading up this Community Mission and to Leo for Cranbrook task.

  • Thank you to Chris, our HTFM (Honorary Task Force Member) who was on hand, as always, to advise on, ahem, dubious-looking litter-pick items; First Aid, and other top bits of consultation.

  • Thank you to Isabelle for coming up with this week's pun in record time (Isabelle had little choice when faced with the option I was proposing...).

  • And a HUGE warm welcome to Conor, whose first GG outing it was. Such fun! You did so much - thank you. See you soon?

And that's it for now. Well, until next week when our Isabelle heads up a Monday mission to Hollybush where you'll be fixing netting to a fence, weeding...Ooh, it sounds like a lot to do, so do come on board.

Until then, have a good week and take the greatest care.

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Ellinor signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Two-task Monday: Clearing trees by the canal at Meath Gdns + more Cranbrook gardening! PLUS MONDAY BOOSTER WORKOUT!

Mon 24 Aug 18:45 pm
Cranbrook Community Centre, Mace Street, London, E2 0RB
We're back to these two favourite Monday night tasks

Come on board another two-task Monday where you'll get to choose from:

  • Clearing the White Poplar tree from the canal at Meath Gardens
  • OR staying at Cranbrook Community Food Garden to join Eileen and Janet as we clear leaves, fix trellises and stake tomatoes.

What's the fitness offering?

Very good question. So, Laura will be taking you through a short workout after our introductions designed to tick the following boxes:

  • 'Landing' for the day (putting our working day behind us, and stretching out before we start our tasks).
  • Getting heart rate raised in case we skipped that lunchtime sweat sesh.
  • Squeezing in a little strength work, in case our fitness routine has been lacking.

Then, you can either:

  • Head with Becky's team to run to Meath Gardens task.
  • And/or join the team around 8pm for a few laps of these exquisite gardens if you fancy it.

So, to clarify, our itinerary for the evening will look like this:

  • Meet at 6.45pm for hellos and intros.
  • Introduce you to our latest Task Force member... (we'd suggest arriving in time for this...)
  • Monday Booster Workout (see above)
  • 7/7.10pm Start tasks
  • 8-ish Cool-down running at Meath for anyone who fancies a sociable sweat to end the day

And last, very important message: Our sessions are for all, regardless of fitness levels and area! If you're new, we'll make THE biggest fuss of you!

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Ellinor went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Leaf us alone

Mon 17 Aug
Report written by Laura Williams

15 brilliant GoodGymers set out to help out not one but two of our regular tasks this evening.

We gathered outside Cranbrook Community Centre at 6.45 to start our warm-up workout. With jumping squats, wall push-ups and prisoner lunges, this was a mean way to start our evening.

And so we quickly dispersed into three groups: Leo led one team of 7 to Meath Gardens, where it was a bramble-tastic task, and a full-on litter-pick. While Lieke and Rosie headed off around the entire Cranbrook Estate to leaflet for the climate awareness project.

And the remainder of Lieke's team raked leaves, planted...well, plants, and fixed vegetable trellises. The whole of the Roman Road area was just one hive of activity.

The teams were very much appreciated, with the Cranbrook crew being sent home with bags of kale and rhubarb.

And what a patient team too! Posing for endless pics ("Georgie, you look like you're made of leaves. Smiiiile!") and litter-picking instead of watering from the canal, good natured doesn't do it justice.

A huge, huge shout-out to new GoodGymers, Georgie, Emma and Mark, who were particularly understanding about ending up on a solitary litter-pick instead of the billed canal-watering (blame the rain).

So, the good news is, we're doing it all again next week!

Yep, we return to Meath for the Save the White Poplar task, and Trellis Part II at Cranbrook! Book your place here.

Thanks to you all for a wonderful evening: especially to Leo and Lieke, who committed to running these tasks which meant we were all able to get together in this lovely-sized group on a warm August evening...Thank you from us all.

Have a brilliant week everyone, and see you soon.

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Ellinor signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Two-task Monday: Watering trees from the canal at Meath Gdns + gardening at Cranbrook Garden + PLUS WARM-UP WORKOUT!

Mon 17 Aug 18:45 pm
Cranbrook Community Centre, Mace Street, London, E2 0RB
Come and join this two-task Monday and meet friends old and new

What an evening your Tower Hamlets leadership team have planned for you. This is a three-crew led evening...

  • Task Force member Leo will be leading the team to Meath.

  • Task Force member Lieke will be holding the fort at Cranbrook Community Food Garden.

  • Area Activator Laura will be there to greet you, run you through a short warm-up and help settle you at your tasks.

What will we be doing?

  • At Meath Gardens with Leo, you'll be watering all the young trees we helped plant, as they struggle to survive after weeks of glorious weather. This mission involves heading to the canal, filling buckets of water and wheeling in trolleys around the park. Fun is an understatement.

  • At Cranbrook Community Food Garden, Janet and Eileen will make the biggest fuss of you as you potter around this spacious garden, fixing vegetable trellises, weeding and clearing leaves.

What else do I need to know?

  • We will all meet together to start at Cranbrook Community Centre. It doesn't matter if you haven't been to GoodGym before - we have new faces every week and it makes our evening! We'll all soon bond like nothing else over a watering can and a tough weed.

  • Laura will run you through a quick fitness session - perfect if you didn't make that planned lunchtime run.

  • There is space to leave bags and valuables at both tasks - undercover if the weather's a bit patchy.

  • Any other Qs, just get in touch. We're here to help!

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Ellinor went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Don't Leaf Me This Way

Mon 10 Aug
Report written by Laura Williams

13 runners, yes, you read that right, gathered on this steamy Monday to help Cranbrook Community Food Garden with a big leaf-clearing effort.

"We've asked for help, but I think the services are overwhelmed!" exclaimed our task owners on arrival.

And so 13 cool, calm, highly productive GoodGymers set about clearing vast piles of leaves, bagging, and binning, while also watering crops, weeding, and contributing to huge compost piles.

It was a sight like no other. "Oh, it's a bit hot" they cheerfully agreed as I went around fanning myself with my phone, throwing myself on each and everyone of the runners' mercy for a pun. "Don't leaf me for compost," suggested Sarah. "What does that mean?" I asked. "Well we weren't expecting that reaction", said Ellinor before returning to the courgette section.

"I like it", announced Chi, coming in on the end of the conversation. "Let's do it."

And so we set up the leaf pun by the compost before returning to the original (only) task of ditching every last leaf-filled bag.

And then it was a wrap...or was it. Ah, no - no cheerios for us yet: "Who's up for a 7-minute workout?" asked Chi. Turns out everyone was. Oblivious to the 35-degree heat and the residential audience, the entire team blitzed 7 minutes of mean-ness on the prickliest grass surface we'd experienced for a while.

What an effort. Amazing work yet again from Team TH.

Unsurprisingly you've been invited back next week. Thank you all so much.

And so tonight's shout-outs: hello and welcome to brilliant Heather and Isa who contributed so much on their first visit. Thank you for settling in so well.

Thank you to Sarah and Ellinor for pun hilarity.

But the biggest thank you of the night goes to Chi who we have missed A LOT and who so generously gave the team a brilliant workout.

See you all very soon, and have a great week.

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Ellinor signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Fixing vegetable beds, clearing the paths at Cranbrook Community Food Garden

Mon 10 Aug 19:00 pm
Cranbrook Community Centre, Mace Street, London, E2 0RB
Come and play compost catch-up with Janet and Eileen!

Come and join Trusted Task Owners Janet and Eileen for a Monday night of glorious gardening.

This is one of Tower Hamlets' longest standing tasks, and so you will be greeted by Janet and Eileen who who show you around this beautiful community space, to a scattering of varied tasks.


  • Janet and Eileen at Cranbrook will be getting you started, and I will be joining late. You can contact me at any time, however, with any queries.

  • Cranbrook Community Food Garden have been with GoodGym Tower Hamlets nearly since the beginning!

  • Janet and Eileen work with many community groups, seven days a week, so they will be able to support you maintaining safe distance, and following strict procedures.


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Ellinor went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Super Soakers 2020

Mon 3 Aug
Report written by Leo

It was another joyous two-task Monday in Tower Hamlets as 11 of us met at Parkview where Catherine was eagerly pottering around plotting what tasks to dole out to us all, but alas half of the group under Isabelle's leadership were destined to set off to nearby Cranbrook so after a quick catch-up whilst we waited for everyone to arrive, she took Becky, Becky, Aine and Grit with her for a short run around the corner. Here's what they achieved in her own words:

"Five GoodGymmers split from the main group in Parkview to meet Task Owner Janet and help the Cranbrook Community Centre clear up their garden. Our mission for the night: getting rid of anything scattered across the plants bordering the garden, be it dead leaves, weeds or litter. Raking, digging, gathering, bagging. Soon, thirteen bag were full to the brim and the borders were finally bare again and ready for planting next week."

Back at Parkview the 6 of us split off into pairs on watering duty with Ellinor and Lieke enthusiastically leaping at the chance to water the trees along the front of the estate. Si and Emma were carefully drenching the sunflowers and other various plants that we had helped furnish the bed by the main road with, and finally Martin and I were watering the trees in the beating heart of the estate.

We were under clear instructions to not just water the trees and plants but to thoroughly drench them. Apparently this will help to really encourage them to grow their roots healthily deep into the ground rather than staying too close to the surface. So they all got a substantial soaking.

Groups gradually gravitated back to the centre of the estate where we also helped water the lavender we'd planted recently with the aid of a garden hose provided unexpectedly by a generous neighbour from his balcony.

After a wrapping up with a little weeding, we took a glorious group photo before walking/jogging/cycling off home after another successful evening.

There is plenty more to come this week with convenient food deliveries at lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, with a much appreciated leafleting for the wonderful Bablu on Wednesday evening and then finally on Friday we are back at the delightful Stepney City Farm. Do get involved!

Special welcome to Aine for her first ever (and self declared, favourite ever) GoodGym task and to Grit for her fifth task, and first of 2020 with us. It was also great to have Lieke back after an extended absence. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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Ellinor signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Two-task Monday: Come and fix the vegetable patches at Cranbrook OR dig and water at Parkview!

Mon 3 Aug 19:00 pm
The Glasshouse, Parkview Estate, 161 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9QB
Choose from two wonderful locations with Leo & Isabelle's fabulous Monday line-up!

It's another two-task Community Mission night in Tower Hamlets.

With our keen, clued-up task owners, we can bring you another safe, summer evening of group GoodGym Activity.

Our wonderful Task Force leadership team are offering:

  • Parkview Estate gardening, in a wonderful location (adjacent to Victoria Park!)
  • Gardening, clearing vegetable and fixing trellises at Cranbrook Community Food Garden


  • You'll meet at the Parkview Estate just off Old Ford Road.
  • You'll disperse into two groups, headed up by Isabelle and Leo, to head to your respective tasks.
  • If time allows, we may head to Victoria Park for a little light jog (or a speedy sprint, if the latter takes your fancy).
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Ellinor has completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym. Tue 28 Jul 2020

Ellinor has done 10 good deeds. They are a trusted GoodGym runner and are now eligible to join their local TaskForce.

Ellinor went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

It's pot rocket science

Mon 27 Jul
Report written by Tower Hamlets runner

This double bill community mission made us all feel at home on a Monday evening! We met at Keddleston Community Centre where Margaret was ready to put us straight to work. Not before our TaskForce hero Leo took a few willing volunteers on a run to another task. This team (including Chris, Polly, Amy, and Rohan) took on a speedy litter pick around Meath Gardens.

Here's what Leo had to say about the litter pick: "We were met by Tunde who equipped us all with litter pickers, bags and in some cases gloves and we set off around the gardens doing some speed litter picking so that we could be back in time for fitness after a decent run there thanks to Chris for leading the way expertly.

We focused on the area behind the basketball court and the wooded area and found some interesting treasures including a number of kids toys in various states of disrepair, a screwdriver and the handle from a kids scooter."

Meanwhile back where we started, Anna and Pauline immediately got stuck in among the plants to clear an area behind the community centre. Martin was ready for some digging and compost sorting. Sarah, Ellinor and Becky were organising mixed sizes of plant pots, while me, Johnny and Ceiling undertook some very satisfying chopping. It turned out the pot organising was more work than we expected, so towards the end we joined forces to finish this area together. We were thrilled to find a little gnome hiding amongst the plants too!

Some of the group then popped over to Middleton Green for an informal distanced fitness session. After a dynamic warm up we worked as a team running 2 laps of the green in a chain run. A fun interval exercise! Well done to everyone who stayed in spite of the unexpected rain and thank you to Chris and Leo for your help leading this session!

Special welcome to Amy for her first Towers Hamlets session. We hope to see you again soon!

More Monday evening community missions to come!

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