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GoodGym United

Sat 16 Jul
Report written by Sam Lefevre

More photos to be uploaded from Chi.

24 GoodGymers and a few non-GG friends gathered in Victoria Park by The People's Park Tavern to enjoy a socially competitive round robin rounders tournament.

Unlike the first tournament in Clapham Common last month, the weather showed up and brought us blistering heat and sun! One could be mistaken that we were in a park in Spain, Italy or France 😳

With the gazebo set up and rounders set laid out, all we needed to do was put on some summer tunes and wait for everyone to show up.

One by one and in groups, GoodGymers from across London (from Hammersmith & Fulham to Bromley and from Haringey to Lambeth) gathered in the predetermined spot. It was a "first come, first placed in your team area". Sam knew there weren't going to be more than 30 people, so the original idea of four teams playing semis, 3rd/4th place and a final was scratched and replaced with a round robin tournament of three teams with the third team being a mix match of GoodGymers from all areas - GoodGym United.

The defending Champions were on first. "Ninety Nine Problems but a Northerner ain't one" decided to pitch first as the "Southern Softies" fielded. In the first game, we decided to do two innings as the first innings went by in a flash. Northerners scored 3 rounders as the Southerners replied with 6 & 1/2 rounders. Yet, after a water break, the Northerners used the blaring sun to turn on the heat by going 6 rounders ahead. It was a tense and long second innings for Southern Softies as they were four players down and still needed to score 1 & 1/2 rounders to win! Marta got the first 1/2 rounder and then Sam stepped up to the plate to score and showboat the winning rounder (to umpire Jonathan dislike).

We reduced the second and third game to one innings as that second innings from the first game took forever to complete!

Southern Softies wasted no time and were on against GoodGym United who batted first and scored an unbeatable 13 rounders with half of it coming from big hitting Ed. Southern Softies reply was just a 3 rounders and 5 players were out before the ninth player Sam could even bat! 😳

GoodGym United showed us that they were the team to beat as they had a good setup in fielding and in batting.

The final game was GoodGym United against the defending champions "99 problems but a Northerner ain't one". If the defending champs won, it would have been all square for wins and losses for each team, but it wasn't to be! Fast spinner Denise, backstop Ed and first base Emma had an effective system like they did against "Southern Softies". They reduced "99 problems but a Northerner ain't one" to 3 & 1/2 rounders. So it was only time that the team made up of members from the North & South of the river plus non-GGers would hit 4 & 1/2 rounders to claim the trophy - a Prosecco shower πŸΎπŸ’¦

  • 1st: GoodGym United - 2 wins out of 2
  • 2nd: Southern Softies - 1 win out of 2
  • 3rd: 99 problems but a Northerner ain't one - 0 wins out of 2

Congratulations to GoodGym United: Laura (team captain), Emma, Bella, Denise, Vicki, Darren, Ivy, Ceiling and player of the tournament, Ed

Thanks to everyone for showing up and getting into a very social and respectful tournament of rounders! It was a pleasure to organise and until next time, take care!

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Ed Moore has completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. Sat 16 Jul 2022

Ed is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

Ed Moore went on a community mission
Community mission

We stalled politically

Sat 16 Jul
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Since Ed, Sam and Tracey were on Camberwell Green, they assisted Barbara with setting up the gazebo and the stall with merchandise.

During the setup, they had a member of the general public looking for a t-shirt, but made his political opinion known at the same time. He wasn't best pleased about the Conservatives and their "sales pitches".

Still the stall went up as we were #Ready4Customers

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Ed Moore went on a community mission
Community mission

Musical Gazebos

Sat 16 Jul
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Ed, Sam and Tracey met up with the oragnisers of Camberwell Feel Good Festival to get three gazebos up, but there were some "ummming" and "rrr-ing" about the final destinations of the gazebos, so we played musical gazebos, which was in good spirit of what the main theme of the festival was today.

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Ed Moore signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Put up gazebos for "Feel Good Festival" Weekend 4: MUSIC

Sat 16 Jul 09:00 am
Camberwell Green, London , SE5 7BT
Allows people to understand what is out there in the community and how they can manage their wellbeing.

The organiser of the "Feel Good Festival" on Camberwell Green would love GoodGym's assistance to setup 2-3 gazebos every Saturday from the 25th of June until the 23rd of July. They would need 4 people to put these up plus possibly walk five minutes to get a table or two from the church.

If you are interested in the festival, for this Saturday (16th July), the theme is MUSIC with drop-in sessions for parents with child psychologist Dr Jen Wills Lamacq, Margaret’s Music - Kids' singing workshop with South London Songsters, EasyGym fitness class and free gym passes, Salsation with Rebeca Italiani, Skating for beginners with Landshark.

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Ed Moore has cheered 10 times. Thu 7 Jul 2022

Ed has helped keep other people motivated, Ed has noticed what others have done and cheered 10 people. We doff our caps to you Ed.

Ed Moore signed up to a party

Summer Social Rounders: Victoria Park (Away game) - North vs. South of the River

Sat 16 Jul 16:00 pm
Victoria Park, London, E3 5TB
An inclusive game(s) of social rounders in the sunshine (hopefully) - bring a picnic, BYOB and mates (if you want)

The Northerners (north of the river) won the first round on Clapham Common, but can they defend their title at home?

The second rounders social is finally here!

Who doesn't enjoy an afternoon in the park playing rounders with friends. Of course, there's always some sort of competition when it comes to any sport....even rounders. Come along to meet other GG members from across London for a picnic and a social rounders game between GG members from north of the river against GG members south of the river (we're not strict about this and if one team need more players, we can "loan" them for the afternoon PLUS don't forget we may have non-GG friends).

This is the "Away" game. There was a first "Home" game on Saturday 18th of June in Clapham Common. More detail on how that went down here!


  • What: Social Rounders (with picnic, BYOB and invite your non-GG mates)
  • Where: Victoria Park (from what3words: ///eaten.flat.prefer - near People's Park Tavern)
  • When: Saturday 16th of July from 16:00 onwards
  • Why: Enjoy an afternoon in the park, play social rounders, eat, drink, meet GoodGymers from other areas and possibly get a sun tan (not promising anything). Importantly, have fun!

Don't know how to play?

Firstly, we welcome all! Just because there's a "North vs. South of the river" narrative, it's all for fun...no one is winning any medals or prizes. If you haven't played before, not to worry, the majority of us have forgotten the rules, so the written rules are here and there is also a video. I'll explain the rules again on the day. In summary: it's a no-fuss version of Baseball.

Basic rules: We will be playing

  • 10 players per team (minimum 8 and max 12).
  • What team will you be in? It's a "first come, first selected". From North of the river: Ninety nine problems, but a Northerner ain't one (defending champions) and No Nonsense Northerners. From South of the river: Southern Softies and Southern Swingers.
  • We are aiming to have 4 teams (at least) for two semis, 3/4th place and a finals match.
  • The team fielding - need a pitcher (person throwing the ball), backstop (person behind the batter just in case they miss), players on each stump (x4) and the rest are fielders.
  • The team batting - bats according to the roster. If you hit the ball you run. If the ball is between shoulder and knee height and the umpire doesn't call a "no ball", you run!
  • Play according to the umpire's decision and be respectful of their decision.
  • During your turn (hit or no hit), if you make it to the second or third stump, this gives your team a half a rounder (1/2) and if you make it all the way - full rounder (1).
  • The batting team's aim is to rack up as many rounders (points) before 5 players are caught or run out.
  • Once 5 batting players are caught or run out, the teams switch duties.
  • The fielding team now bats to beat the score the batting team put on the board.
  • The new fielding team need to get 5 players out before the new batting team beats their score.
  • We are just playing one innings per game.

Can I still come if I can't make the start?

Have other commitments earlier or like to be fashionably late? That's fine. It's all social, so come and go as you please! We might start off with a practice hit around before our "socially competitive" game. If the rounders is all over by the time you arrive, just come and chill with a picnic. I'm sure a few of us will stay until the sun starts to set.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please put it down in the "Discussion" below and I'll get to you ASAP. Otherwise, you can email me at samuel@goodgym.org.

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Ed Moore has completed their first run in a new area. Wed 29 Jun 2022

Curious? Ed has just run their first session in another area. For that explorative spirit Ed is awarded the scout badge. A Scout is trustworthy

Ed Moore went on a group run
Group run

To go forwards, you must go backwards

Wed 29 Jun
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Eight GoodGymers on a cold June afternoon inside the warm Old Spike Roastery for the 3.3k group run to Old Alleynian Rugby Club. It was the first time Ed and Julia had joined a group run after attending a few other GoodGym sessions - community missions. After Sam welcomed them and gave his welcome GoodGym speech to the team, he then presented Lindy with the old GoodGym black cape with the 50 badge and a balloon with 50 on it to celebrate her milestone, which she achieved 10 days prior. Congrats again! With too much emotion for a small cafe, we proceed to warm-up on the green.

Everyone had the chance to think about their answer for the ice-breaker question tonight, which was all to do with Sam watching "House of Gucci" and seeing some good and bad acting performances, so he asked: Which actor or actress would play you in your biopic - for looks or for acting skills?

You will have to guess who picked who, but we had Eddie Redmayne, Adam Driver, Billie Piper, Emily Blunt and Kate Winslet to name a few.

Touch, pause, garden (or the other way round)

Our steady 20 minute (3.3k) run took us through East Dulwich via Crystal Palace Road and into Dulwich Park before meeting Ian and Olive who had cycled to the task and was already getting stuck in.

Ian had a short tidying up session for us, which was to rake and bag up compost, clear back any growth (especially nettles) and to lay down sand in holes on the rugby pitches, which Ed took care of. The session lasted 20 minutes before Ian decided to call it for a night as he threw everyone into a touch rugby game - split by red t-shirts versus non-red t-shirts, which was an advantage for the red team with an extra player.

The game was simple - touch rugby - run forwards and pass the ball backwards. If you get touched, you stop running, pause and pass the ball to your teammate. After five (very loose) touches, the ball would be turned over to the opponent for them to attack and try to score a try.

After 15 minutes, we were locked in at 4-4 and with the last play approaching, Emma broke through to score a last-minute try for the red (GoodGym) team! Everyone was knackered as the rugby session was quite tiring for those who haven't played before.

Our group run was complete after making a pit-stop at Dawson's Hill to take in the views before running back to Old Spike Roastery via Peckham Rye Common.

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came out tonight! Another packed session, where I had planned to do quite a few things and luckily we could get them done in the two hours. Thanks for bearing with me and many many congrats to Lindy for hitting her 50th good deed and we hope to see you wearing the black t-shirt soon!

And as for Daryl, Emma and Nelly - the GG cape awaits you!

Thank You Ian

GoodGym is all about getting fit and doing good! We praise the runners/cyclists/walkers who come to get fit and help out, but we often forget about our task owner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian for arranging this session - a mixture of gardening and rugby. I know Ed is keen to get back into rugby again and may come and play touch on Saturdays, so your encouragement and enthusiasm to get people playing works. Keep it up and I'll be in touch soon about the next session!

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Ed Moore signed up to a group run
Group run

Gardening & fitness session @ Old Alleynian Rugby Club πŸ‰

Wed 29 Jun 18:30 pm
Old Spike Roastery, 54 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR
Tidy up the community rugby club grounds

It's Wednesday, which means GG Southwark Group Run

In this group run, we will be running from Old Spike Roastery to Old Alleynian Rugby Club to assist Ian (task owner). We will be doing a bit of gardening on the grounds to clear and tidy up the area to future projects (i.e. more space for practice, outdoor gym and/or allotments/zen garden). There will be an opportunity to do some fitness (HIIT) based workout and touch rugby (if the time allows us) before running back.

New to GoodGym Southwark?

Not to worry, it can be daunting coming to your first group run, but we are so welcoming whether you're just starting out as a runner or have been running for years. We welcome all!

Here's the important information - the "Where, When and What":

πŸ“ We meet at Old Spike Roastery in Peckham between 18:30-18:45. You can also meet us at the task: Old Alleynians RFC, Dulwich Common, London, SE21 7HA at 19:10.

⌚ 18:30-18:45 (leaving at 18:45 latest). If meeting at the task, be there for 19:10. We will be back in Peckham by 20:15 (latest).

βœ… There will be access to Old Spike Roastery, so you can drop your bags and use their toilets before we head out.

πŸƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ After a quick warm-up, we run together as a group. If there are loads of us, there will be a back marker to ensure no one is left behind. On this run, we will be running 3k each way. Running at a medium pace to get to the task in 20 minutes. We will spend 45 minutes doing the task and fitness/rugby session mentioned above (or as much as we can) before running back to finish by 20:15.

Advisable: Bring your gardening gloves 🧀.

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