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Emma went on a mission

Thu 25th Apr at 11:00am

No sightings of Wild Geese.

Tower Hamlets Report written by Nick Moore

Ms K's partner met us at the front door with an apology. "I fear I may have brought you on a wild goose chase" he said, and then proceeded to show us the stairlift that had been installed yesterday, and which he feared would make moving the various items of furniture from the back bedroom to the front difficult as it narrowed the landing and staircase.

Emma and I, being experienced furniture shifters(...), and not to be deterred in our mission, took a look at the overall situation and confidently pronounced it was all doable. We started with the bed/mattress, which once separated proved remarkably easy to shift and we soon had that tucked up against the wall in the front room.

A heavy looking drawer unit was next and whilst this required a bit more grunt to lift it up and over the various obstacles, we soon had that done - leaving just a rather large (empty) wardrobe to bring downstairs - fortunately this was light enough to move around, and we left it outside the front door for collection as instructed.

Mr P was delighted (surprised?) with our efforts and we wished him well with the imminent return of Ms K.

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MariaSam LefevreSuzanne VostNick Moore

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Suzanne Vost
Suzanne Vost (She/Her)

Thu 25th Apr at 4:20pm

Great work, Emma and Nick!

Emma signed up to a mission.

Thu 25th Apr at 11:00am

Nick Moore
Emma signed up to a community mission.

Sun 21st Apr at 10:45am

Remove the rubble and other tasks at this Surrey Quays Community Garden

The garden is a resource for local residents and a green space in an urban sprawl.

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Emma signed up to a group run.

Wed 17th Apr at 6:30pm

Group Run: Planting hedge saplings & tidying @ Denmark Hill Community Garden

Help maintain this community garden for the residents that live on Denmark Hill

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Sam Lefevre
Emma went on a community mission

Sat 23rd Mar at 10:00am

Community spirit and leafy laughs.

Bromley Report written by Nykolette

It was good to be back at the community garden with some familiar faces. Jorge brought his family along with loads of snacks for us. (Much appreciated after parkrun).

Some of us lined the raised bed with wood chips, others assembled the strawberry planter and the rest of us planted some trees around the boundary of the plot.

Luckily the sun was shining for us and we were all smiles throughout the task.

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Sam Lefevre

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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him)

Sat 23rd Mar at 4:11pm

Lovely report. Thanks Nykolette 😊

Emma went on a group run

Wed 20th Mar at 6:30pm

La grenouille 🐸 et le triton

Southwark Report written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

On International Day of Happiness and French Language Day, Sam welcomed in Elena, Paulin, Isaac, Lindy, Katy, Nelly, Maria and Daryl into Old Spike Peckham for another group run. After his intro speech, his ice-breaker question was to do with one of the social dates...he chose to ask what everyone's favourite French word is:

From "Boh" to "pittoresque" and "bissou" to "oo la la", we had all your stereotypes and intriguing French words.

What's flyering in french?

With this being one of our longer runs, Sam opted to skip the warm-up and head to Galleywall Nature Reserve as it is a 4k run each way. We started off fast to avoid the people on Rye Lane before feeling the humidity on this warm muggy night. We all made it to the Nature Reserve just after 19:15 to find Eddie welcoming in Phil, but we did not notice until after Eddie gave a list of jobs/tasks that Sander had already arrived and was cracking on with transporting leaf mulch. Yet, we had more people than tasks, but luckily Sam had flyers from Library of Things to distribute to the neighbourhood around Surrey Quays. Staying with Eddie in the Nature Reserve:

  • Emma, Elena, Lindy, Maria, Nelly, Phil and Sander stayed behind to collect leaf mulch, saw wood and put in wooden pole signage firmly into the ground.
  • Whilst Daryl, Isaac, Katy, Paulin and Sam ran off to deliver the flyers using the 40 minutes to tackle the estates near Surrey Quays Overground.

Upon arriving back at the Nature Reserve close to 20:00, Sam noticed those at the Nature Reserve had already been done with their tasks about five minutes prior, so without further waiting he took a group photo and they said their goodbyes to Eddie, Elena(who lives closeby), Emma, Phil and Sander.

We ran back to Peckham at a slower pace as most of us were tired and the humidity was still in the air. Once we arrived back at Old Spike at 20:30, Sam opted out of a stretch and told everyone left to stretch at home.

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came out last night! Eddie always appreciates our time at the Nature Reserve to help fine tune the area and we got a shoutout from Library of Things on Instragram too. Thank you to Maria for backmarking the runs to / from Galleywall Nature Reserve.

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Sam Lefevre
Emma went on a community mission

Tue 19th Mar at 7:00pm

Helping pack away clothes at TRAID

Southwark Report written by Daryl Shaw (he/him)

5 GoodGymers met up on a Tuesday night to help pack away clothes and sort shoes at TRAID in Peckham to make space for the new season's clothes to be put out. All the team tackled taking clothes off hangers and boxing them up before Emma and John split off to help match shoes towards the end of the hour.

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Emma went on a community mission

Sun 17th Mar at 10:45am

Sam Lefevre
Emma signed up to a community mission.

Sun 17th Mar at 10:45am

Prepare the place for huge soil delivery!

The garden is a resource for local residents and a green space in an urban sprawl.

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